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  1. A Boy Named Stu

    Trans-Atlantic Race

    It doesn't take much for the yellowbricks to fail. I had one fail during a lauderdale to key west race that was pretty dry... Ours also stopped working early on in the 2015 TR Do you think the rest of the boats in IRC 2 will have a chance to catch up to Aegir?
  2. A Boy Named Stu

    Trans-Atlantic Race

    posted an hour ago. Looks like the have headsails again
  3. A Boy Named Stu

    autopilot only?

  4. A Boy Named Stu

    Did ARGO MOD 70 Trip Today?

    The rig is still standing (stolen from facebook)
  5. A Boy Named Stu

    Moth Developement

    old news but i really like the commitment to endplate on this build. There are also photos somewhere of his main and vang set up. (i don't own a moth, and am FAR too big for one at 6'7 & 260 lbs. I think they are cool and follow them as much as i can).
  6. A Boy Named Stu

    what is it?

    Looks like double cam cleats in the right spot? Tough to tell though.
  7. A Boy Named Stu

    what is it?

    The Pstar moulds have been shipped to sweden. The first one came out of the mould early december.
  8. A Boy Named Stu

    what is it?

    Definitely a folli with a weird chine (gmacon is right about the shroud ramps). You can also see the hardware fore aft backstays. Maybe an old proof of concept before finalizing the pstar? easier to work on the bottom when its upside down. no mention of upside down boats in the development unfortunately https://starclass.org/news/article/seahorse-magazine-article-upping-the-stakes Any idea where in the world this is?
  9. A Boy Named Stu

    what is it?

    Star boat being faired somewhere.
  10. I guess I didn't make that clear enough. It does matter, but in a video I saw earlier mark richards said something along those lines.
  11. 11.4 Changes to Special Regulations • Special Regulation 4.09 (a): An AIS Transponder shall be carried and be switched on, such that it is receiving and transmitting. http://rolexsydneyhobart.com/media/3438679/rshyr-si-final.pdf Does anyone have a link to the interview with mark richards on the dock? I think he mentions having the tracker on but not AIS, and said something about being able to see the other boats the entire race so it shouldn't have mattered?
  12. A Boy Named Stu

    Route du Rhum 2018

    where did you find that
  13. A Boy Named Stu

    Route du Rhum 2018

    last update had Alex at 8.8 knots. Looks like he is moving on for now.
  14. A Boy Named Stu

    Route du Rhum 2018

    216 miles at 14.9 knots? (SMAs distance and 24 hour average) Thats 14.5 hours of runway even with alex parked. Hopefully he can limp in before being overtaken. assuming Alex can keep over 4 knots thats roughly 20 hours? This edition has certainly been a memorable one.
  15. A Boy Named Stu

    Route du Rhum 2018

    just about to post this.