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    Halifax, Nova Scotia
  1. Front Page - Single-Handed Star

    Acording to Google translate he wants to cross the Atlantic singlehanded. http://www.starinoceano.com/
  2. Marblehead to Halifax 2017

    And another edition goes by that I will not be doing. See you all in Halifax!
  3. New Version - Official Issues/Comment Thread

    Mobile version does not track where I left a thread like the old one. Having to start on page one of a 40 page thread is not very convenient.
  4. Halyard lock with fibre line?

    On another note what would be the benefit of having a halyard lock without the wire at the end?
  5. J/35 Mast Unstepping

    -Remove boom -Disconnect all electronics, ensure they will run freely from the boat -Go up and grab windex, vhf and other wind gear if possible (can get broken / bent by crane) -remove all halyards except one from the jammers -de tape all pins and ring dings -wind down shrouds, uppers last... ... Then pay a professional to do the rest. Don't damage your boat, electronics, mast or some civilian / Crew member who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Things do not fall up. Don't waste hours trying to organize a team to show up I'm a little biased because I have worked for a guy who pulls masts but a lot of things can go wrong. Too many to describe in a single forum post. Observe, let someone who does this for a living handle it. They also know what they are looking at as far as wear and tear goes once the rig is down on horses Bonus points for bringing coffee
  6. Halyard lock with fibre line?

    i wonder if you would be able to build a hook and ramp situation that would be able to hook with an eye splice. maybe a more gradual ramp than the normal one for your boat. i think locking the halyard would be harder than unlocking it. what type of boat?
  7. Annapolis to Newport 2017

    Sounds lovely... Hoping to do it this year
  8. Spliced eye is smaller than expected

    +1 Bonus points for having a rigging kit on you / in your car.
  9. You people REALLY need to take better care of your bow men

    "custom bow seating"
  10. J120 in classifieds

    At least the end result looks good and looks to be good workmanship. We've all seen far worse, but damn, wouldn't it have been cheaper to just build a new boat? $150k boat + $300k in mods? could have found a boat without a rig, or trashed bottom. Its not like they need any of the old J120 stuff. still doesn't make any sense to me.
  11. J120 in classifieds

    Instantly thought of this photo... you beat me to it
  12. Newport-Bermuda Wx- The Good, The Bad and the Ugly...

    Stu,Why don't you name the navigator? This is what is wrong. I've never seen such bad info punted around. The latest forecasts from professional weather forecasters have the system moderating. You are talking out of your ass adding panic. Call us whenStan Honey tells you what he thinks. EB +1. Not trying to add panic or talking out of my ass. Just saying what I have heard around newport.
  13. Newport-Bermuda Wx- The Good, The Bad and the Ugly...

    Quote from a navigator off of a TP52 "This thing will have a name by Saturday" Also all of the kings point boats have dropped out as well.
  14. lighter for the toolbox

    http://www.amazon.com/Iroda-MJ-300-MICRO-JET-Cordless-Refillable/dp/B005GYRN3W This guy has been in my box for 3 years, Watch your fingers.
  15. 2016 Miami Star Worlds

    So tomorrow augie needs to beat negri by two points or ruin his race and make sure that negri comes in 6th or worse. If they both have their drop races tomorrow augie will have 14 points and negri will have 16 points. Going to be tight and they are both very deserving to win this event (augie said that about negri in his interview today). No matter what happens Ledbetter/Revkin are in third, even if they pack up tonight, they aren't moving up or down. 4th and 5th are still up for grabs, vessella/trinter have been really inconsistent this week which is weird after how well they have been sailing all winter. Go Augie go.