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  1. Multi-hulls have ALWAYS been quicker than monos. This is not a new revelation. And now it's irrelevant too. The new ACC boats will not be slow. They will be bloody quick - for monos. And if they're contained in a Box Rule, developments will make them still quicker. With regards your last statement TC, LE/RC/JS didn't expect to get their arses kicked by the Kiwis either. But they did.
  2. Do you think the hired help aboard the J's, followed by 12 Metres were asked whether they'd like to make the switch? And similarly, followed on by the IACC's? More importantly, Did LE ask the hired help if they'd rather race multi-hulls? JS is struggling for relevance. He's even suggested PB and BT owe their AC success to LE, for fucks sake.
  3. He's for real. But only in his imaginary world of sporting ethics. A bit like politicians, really - as in do as I say, not as I do.
  4. Are they like some sort of metallic condom?
  5. Hell, we'll even eat pizza and drink Chianti, if it means a successful defence, Stinger. PS: But hold the pineapple!
  6. ^ Not fast, but a whole lot of traditional sailing going on.
  7. Faster? If you really care about ultimate speed, you'll dump the wind thing altogether.
  8. No, JS. It's when you keep your smart gob shut.
  9. GD is on record as having said, "Winning the America's Cup will NEVER be cheap".
  10. Godforsaken? Hardly. In fact not even close. More like heaven-sent. No stadia seating though.
  11. Or not...
  12. Somebody prolly said that about International Moths not so long ago too.
  13. Can't see why JuanK is out of this new AC36 picture. His monos are slippery. Botin will be in there too. Carkeek and VPLP too, I don't doubt. We'll soon see - on the back of the ACC Rule.
  14. Hmmmm. We all said that about AC72's during AC34. The thing about new technology is that it ain't new for long. Watch and learn, is my advice.
  15. Wow. She's looking sweet, Bob. Such a classy looking boat.