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  1. Sailbydate

    Some Old Design Clippings

    Great story of Improbable's design evolution. And who could forget Gary's, beautiful Chico 30 design?
  2. Sailbydate

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Hmmmm. Loving your optimism, T. I'm thinking maybe it's Italy's time to shine this time around. There's only so much looking and acting like winners, before it becomes a self-fulfilling philosophy. If you add Challengers to that list, it may paint a slightly supporting picture, no? Perhaps the opposite to, Ground Effect - The Stratospheric Effect. ;-)
  3. Sailbydate

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

  4. Sailbydate

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Ha. Back to the old Rule-cheating centreboarders, eh? Who'd have thunk? ;-)
  5. Sailbydate

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Might as well remove the foreground too, for a bit more clarity. ;-)
  6. Sailbydate

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Ha. Very good. ;-)
  7. Sailbydate

    Women with the America's Cup

    So. Not only are there physical (strength and aptitude) and mental barriers (as relates to ambition and resilience) there are societal and environmental ones too. No wonder it's tough at the top, regardless of gender.
  8. Sailbydate

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Unsurprisingly, TC, the foils don't provide lift when they surface. ;-)
  9. Sailbydate

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I remember crossing on this in my Poppa's Morris Minor, before the coat hanger opened in '59. ;-) Bumper to bumper - much like traversing the harbour bridge today, but a lot less fun. Thanks for posting.
  10. Sailbydate

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    How that shitster hasn't thrown prop shaft bearings is beyond me. It shudders like the worst apex axel tramp imaginable.
  11. Sailbydate

    The Transat CIC 2020

    ^Thanks for the update, JB. She definitely was quick as, St Michel/Virbac, with Jean-Pierre. Transat Jacques Vabre winner, IIRC.
  12. Sailbydate

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Looks like any kind of seaway is going to be troublesome for these beasts...and spectacular. Ferry wakes included. Pic. RG
  13. Sailbydate

    X41 vs J/122

    Congratulations and well done.