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  1. AC36 Auckland NZ

    With Mike's support, the watermelons will hate it even more, sadly.
  2. That's Mr. President to you. You're very, very bad. Show some respect, please.
  3. The Next Boat-----2020

    Do they even need a decent hull?
  4. The Next Boat-----2020

    Well...I'm pretty sure ETNZ/LR have thrown the ball a long way out this time. What do I think? I don't exactly know. One thing though, I'm glad hull design is open, because there's a shit load of boat which is probably only there to make that water machine (dare I say boat?) look like a mono. Granted, you'll want max-beam where the foils are canted, but if we believe the designer hype, the hull won't be in the water fuck all of the time anyway. But I have to say the hull is bloody clunky for the supposed overall concept. I cannot believe Guillaume Verdier has put his optimum hull lines forward for this concept drawing. If you bolted those lizard-leg foils to the sides of Hugo Boss, I'd be slightly more convinced (but without her big wide arse of course). We live in truly interesting times.
  5. trickle down

    Not only that they work, but that they are reefed and they still work. Had it been a wing, they probably wouldn't have left the dock.
  6. AC36 Auckland NZ

    On the other hand, if rate and taxpayers don't front up, that's exactly what will happen.
  7. AC36 - The Venue

    Don't lose any sleep over it all, Stinger. I'm sure someone, somewhere is looking at the numbers.
  8. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Is that the correct airline? Just sayin.
  9. The Next Boat-----2020

    Very cool, TC. Lots of paragliders ride the thermals above the Ocean Beach cliffs at Mangahwhai Heads, Northland where I live. It looks very exhilarating.
  10. The Next Boat-----2020

    Looks like it could be another daft Phillippe Starck wet dream to me.
  11. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Just good mates. But I don't live in Dipton.
  12. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Say what? They don't allow pineapple and spaghetti on pizza. Untenable.
  13. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Family. Grand children. Nightmare traffic. Can't quite decide which is the most aggravating.
  14. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Aren't there supposed to be carbon fibre clip-on cycle and walkways about to be bolted on?