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  1. Sailbydate

    Corona Virus

    Ha, ha. They're a strange bunch, those Cantabrian mainlanders. I lived in Canterbury for 4 years and I definitely wasn't considered a local. ;-)
  2. Actually, it was more about not transiting that high pressure ridge as well as the others, IMO.
  3. Wow. That was a great interview. Sebastien is really hurting. Before the destruction of the foil, he thought the boat had amazing speed, even upwind, so he is happy she has plenty of potential. Lots of other interesting info about hull strengthening work too. Check it out.
  4. Sailbydate

    Is this the Figaro III?

    ^Great interview with, Phil. Interesting discussion about the cost of campaigning a Class 40 Vs an IMOCA60. 1/10th the cost over a year, including design/build and operational costs. Lots of good stuff there. Thanks to, Ed.
  5. Sailbydate

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Like bringing a box cutter to a gun fight.
  6. Sailbydate

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    And don't even get me started on their pronunciation. What a nightmare! ;-)
  7. Boris, aboard Seaexplorer - YCDM has his afterburners lit right now.
  8. Sailbydate

    Corona Virus

    Hard to delude yourself there is no serious health risk, while wearing a mask, though. Right?
  9. Sailbydate

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    What? They don't use it in America - just like correct tense, proper verbs and past participles? That's bad. Really, really bad.
  10. Sailbydate

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Bloody good pics, though.
  11. Sailbydate

    Phil Sharp

    Excellent interview thanks, Ed.
  12. Sailbydate

    Team NYYC

  13. Sailbydate

    Corona Virus

    And the ref will definitely be on notice! ;-)