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  1. The new Rapido tri's look splendid and I look forward to seeing the 40 up close. Having just finished launching a new offshore tri and knowing of two other new tri owners who faced the same predicament ( 1 UK based and 1 in Australia ), I can fairly confidently say that at the moment, one of the biggest barriers for new offshore tri ownership will be lack of available insurance. We found cover in the end but it was not an easy task, terms are paved with extra conditions and it was pretty expensive for what you are getting. God forbid you want to race. One other owner had to withdraw from this years AZAB race because he could not get any terms for his older tri. There's no doubt that trimarans are fast and fun but getting insurance companies to cover them comprehensively for offshore sailing is a major ball ache.
  2. gurok

    Hearing aids

    My father now requires hearing aids and he continues to be very active including spending time sailing with me. His current hearing aids cause him all manner of issues when sailing (and cycling) with whistling, wind noise constantly in his ears. There are a few products that claim to solve this problem but so far we’ve had no luck. Does anyone know of or use a hearing aid that works in such conditions? Thanks for your attention
  3. gurok

    VR Route du Rhum

    Ahh. Sorry about that .. ultime - Freshly Squeezed / Freshly Squeezed
  4. gurok

    VR Route du Rhum

    I’m in. It’s all I’ve been doing while I wait for the real "Freshly Squeezed” to arrive..
  5. gurok

    Carbon3 trimaran coming to Hong Kong

    What offshore events are you thinking of? If they are run using ISAF’s offshore special regs then there are minimum requirements your engine installation will need to meet.
  6. gurok

    Reliability B&G vs NKE

    I have used both systems and they are both very good. I'm in the UK and the biggest barrier to entry for NKE was/is lack of widespread support. You can get B&G support anywhere but finding good NKE expertise is a tad harder. Don't get me wrong, back when I had NKE the support I got from Joel Bars was excellent but he was one man and when I could not get a hold of him I was left scratching my head. In contrast, my latest boat was built in Knysna, South Africa and getting a full H5000 system with a local expert to install. commission and calibrate was pretty straight forward. In terms of build quality I was not alone in getting through a fair number of H5000 pilot controllers ( the early ones were made of cheese ) however that was some time ago and they seem much better now. I never experienced a failure with the NKE kit.
  7. gurok

    B&G autopilot confusion

    Taken from the B&G website.. "Note: An H5000 Hydra, Hercules or Performance CPU is required to steer wind."
  8. gurok

    B&G autopilot confusion

    Re the H5000, it has 5 levels of performance. Perf level 1 uses a traditional control algorithm ( kind of like the NAC's), Perf levels 2-5 implement an increasingly greater weighting of B&G's performance sailing algorithm (the B&G special sauce). The value of the H5000 pilot system is in the customisation of the many pilot performance settings. In Perf 1 none of the settings have any real bearing on the pilot performance and in Perf 5 everything you set counts in some way. It's worth noting also that all the good stuff also requires the H5000 processor and the really good stuff requires the Hercules software or above. On my last boat, a Sunfast 3600 with full H5000, Perf 3 was most of the time in all bar the lightest of conditions. Perf 1 was only used when things were not so full on. We along with some other 3600's were early adopters of the system. Once the bugs were ironed out the H5000 platform really performed very well and it continues to do so on my new ride too..
  9. gurok

    gyro autopilot compas heading

    B&G H5000 Hercules and above or NKE with the true wind option..
  10. I have to say that having just launched a TR36 I was dreading parking and close quarters manoeuvring however the team linked the turning of the outboard to the rudder mechanism and it's been relatively easy to park and manoeuvre.
  11. gurok

    WTB Wind / Speed / Depth Intruments / GPS

    On the advice from Peter at Osprey Technical and with help from Matt @ B&G I installed a Honeywell sensor (SPS-A100) onto Freshly Squeezed. It wires directly into an analog input port in the H5000 cpu. It appears to be the same sensor used by lcj - At under 200 euro it was by far the cheapest solution I could find and with no linkage or moving parts it seems pretty elegant. Very early days ( only launched recently ) but so far so good.
  12. gurok

    G Force 1400

    Well done Bill and team
  13. gurok

    Offshore routing software recommendations

    Sounds a tad like a circular buffer where the window size they are sampling determines the size of the buffer. I'm guessing the structures stored in the buffer represent peak and mean values for their respective data point ( TWS, BSP etc. etc.) .
  14. There are two new UK based mid sized tri's in the final throws of being built and with luck they will race this year As for MOCRA, I cannot comment on what they are ( or are not ) "getting away" with as I am relatively new to this whole multihull gig and MOCRA specifically. For me (as that multihull newbie), there seems to be way too many multihull rating rules. My hope is that one day I'll turn up on a start line and race other two handed boats irrespective of the number of hulls they have under a unified rating rule. Until that time I shall promote whatever I can and just keep banging on about a unified rating rule in the hope that someone listens.
  15. gurok

    2019 AZAB Race

    Hey Paul, My boat is coming to the end of it's build and not so long ago I asked ISAF all of the same questions as the OSR regs for Multihulls are riddled with contradictions and errors. If you read the latest regs you will note that if you are under 12m and were launched after 2002 you only need 1 escape hatch. If you launched before 2002 you do not need any. The previous years regs didn't require you to have any escape hatches if you were under 12m I went through most of section 3 of the OSR regulations with ISAF. It turns out pretty much all of what is written there is not applicable to multihulls. The ISO standard for multihulls is not yet published so you can't comply with that and for CE build ( for race boats ) you ( the builder ) only need state that you have built to meet the conditions you anticipate. I have all of this in long email threads and am happy to share it with you if that helps, please PM me if you feel the need. You can race Paul. Look forward to seeing your entry.