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  1. ...And for all of you who think that any of the competitors will take this back to monohulls if they win - wrong! Having just spent 3-6 years and a hundred million figuring out how to be enough faster than everyone else to win, they are not going to chuck all of that and start over with a blank sheet of paper. They will not want to give up whatever advantages won the Cup for them to "level the playing field". This is the America's Cup after all...
  2. Having watched pretty much every A/C race since 1958, I can report that the real drama rarely lasts more than 20 minutes. After that it's a boring procession with a bit of sail handling that rarely effected the outcome. It only got interesting with lead changes in the last edition - which were also pretty short races. Even in that series, all the interesting passing happened two legs before the finish, with no further passing or threat of passing. So, the winner was determined within 20 minutes every time. Why drag the inevitable out, pal?!
  3. The speed changes the tactics,as do the short races. It doesn't make them go away. There are tactics in car and motorcycle racing at over 100mph, and in airplane racing at speeds well above that.
  4. That said, I don't think that the cheating is happening...but I do think that it's a bad protocol that allows the defender to sail against the challengers, And doesn't have a provision for a Defender series.
  5. All of you idiots who see America as big cheaters in this thing, please keep in mind that the "American" team is run by a New Zealander with a crew of Australians sailing the boat...who dreamed up the protocol with a group of Australians. So any and all cheating and unfairness that you bleat on about in this AC clearly flows from the minds of elite sailors from the southern hemisphere. I guanantee you that the ONLY American in authority, Larry, did not have the time or interest to sit down with the Australian challengers and hammer out the protocol, or to be involved in any in the running of Oracle Team USA. So, next time you want to natter on about Oracle's cheating, remember that you are point a finger at the New Zealand/ Australian cultures that bread the people that organized the 'cheating atmosphere'.
  6. Per the rules -They have to break the one they have in order to use another..
  7. Given that the helmsman and wing trimmer follow a very short direct path from side to side, and go no where else, why couldn't they wear safety harnesses with tethers attached to an athwartship line across the nets that was too short to let them continue off the side of the boat during a tack or gybe?
  8. They've got the right guy this time in Verdier...He's made both mono's and multi's go faster, so whichever way they choose, the boats will be an upgrade. I agree that a good example of the potential multihull is the Mod 70 or, upping the game, the foiling Mod 70 Gitana/Masarati. On the monohull side, I don't see how jacking Hugo Boss up to 75', or so, will make it that much faster or require much more crew than Alex and 3 of his buddies.
  9. There is no Australian boat entered, so this is less likely. Yes there is - it has ORACLE written on the wing. There is no American boat. I don't think these things sink...
  10. Maybe endplating the jib would slow the airflow too much at deck level, effectively moving the apparent wind acting on the very bottom section of the wing even further forward, which would reduce power low down where there is no righting moment penalty for maximizing it. Guessing, but that's pretty much the way it works on windsurfer rigs - you juice the bottom of the sail as radically as possible given the constraints of the entry angle, so anything that would move the AW further forward would be a negative. Here is your answer: 14. JIB 14.1 Jib nominal dimensions shall be as shown in Appendix F. 14.2 Jibs, jib hardware and battens shall be standard equipment, the make and model of the jibs, jib hardware and battens shall be specified by the Regatta Director prior to September 30, 2015. That's not THE answer because it doesn't explain:1) why Bar's jib is sealed, 2) why Oracle and Artemis have jib endplates 3) why Oracle has used a sealed jib in the recent past(including in the next video below). 4) why Team Japan uses a sealed jib. -- There were three jibs specified IIRC. They were one-design - and ended up all being built in one place. You can swap jibs, but you can't change your jib - if you see what I mean. Clearly one or both of the smaller ones has a raised clew. Simple really..... Your simplistic answer doesn't explain the technical rationale for a high cut jib on a boat designed with a jib endplate...... Different headsails for different wind strengths. Guys - The jib track is set up for their biggest jib. In order for the sheet to hit the track on the smaller jibs they have to raise the clew because the foot of the sail is shorter. They obviously are not going to add the weight of a 2nd and 3rd jib track and control system for each jib size. As sailors, you should understand this sort of detail.,..
  11. Reading through this forum it becomes apparent that those who see TNZ disadvantaged by the rule change might just be pessimists. As an optimist, I see the teams in Bermuda fooling themselves into thinking they are fast because they can run with the other teams on site. There's an equal chance that they are unwittingly engaged in a slow speed circle jerk. Sailing without the influence of the other teams, TNZ may be operating at a fully higher gear...and the worst thing they can do is show up early and give the other teams time to up their game...
  12. As an American, I SO hope that TNZ just smokes Oracle! They are the only team that GETS the special nature of the America's Cup. The other 5 teams are nothing more than hyenas - dragging the Cup down for a couple of meals... If they understood the Cup, not one of those challengers in Bermuda would allow Oracle to line up with them. They would set their own courses and only race among themselves to fine tune their handling and speed. Make Oracle practice against themselves. We all saw how well that worked in S.F... One of the traditions of the America's Cup is that there has always been an American team competing for the right to sail in it. As it stands, a team composed of Australians & New Zealanders has found an American corporate sponsor, whose flag they adopted to sail under. To add insult to injury, they then refuse to create the possibility of a Defender series - which would allow another American flagged yacht the opportunity to compete, possibly with a crew of actual Americans. While I get that overall American sailing skill is off the pace right now, it is not going to get better by not lining up with the top guys. Locking American sailors out of the America's Cup makes me pissed at Larry, an American, for allowing Russel to do it. So yeah TNZ , dig deep into that old Black Magic, and get the Cup out of Russel's grasp.
  13. Like this do you mean? Oh and.... The 7th crew member looks like a techo collating data... I just had to drag this picture down the thread - That is a really sexy boat!! I don't know if it's on purpose, but I love the way the backs and heads of the crew create a foil shap - If they're in that position around the course (front guy head down, etc....) that's gotta be a better aerodynamic solution than the face to face grinders on their knees...
  14. +1 - take it to the Oracle 2013 thread
  15. Yep read that and thought the same thing. Someone from within ACDUH with a chip on their shoulder has rewritten what we have seen elsewhere, even taken the ETNZ produced material - and put a cute little anti-ETNZ spin on it. That's a good sign! I've gotta say that I don't read any of the negativity you seem to think that the article is full of. It seems pretty balanced to me...but then again, I'm not a TNZ or any other team's fan-boy. If there were an American team, I'd be supporting that; but since there isn't, I'm rooting for whomever the challenger is, so there can be an American team next time...