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  1. Let me guess - That's a new AC75 short tacking...
  2. Team NYYC

    Regarding a helmsman, Bora Gulari seems to know a thing or two about foiling moths. Has he been claimed by a team yet?
  3. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    So, I wonder if any of the boats were in sight of Macif, as she blew past them...
  4. I think that all of those who are looking forward to the return of spinnaker sets and gybes are going to be hugely disappointed. In addition, if the boats are to be as rumored, they are not going to be anymore relatable to the average sailor than the cats were. With the knock on cats being that more sailors relate to monohulls, it seems that they are creating a class that neither multihull sailors nor traditional monohull sailors can relate to. One that certainly will not have the "style & grace" that the Italians so seem to cherish.
  5. As a designer/builder/sailor, who has spent hundreds, and sometimes thousands of hours creating a new boat, the stupidest phrase I have to deal with is "All you have to do is...". As soon as I hear that, I know that the person speaking it doesn't have a clue. It is not a phrase used by a competent designer or builder because they understand the hours that it takes to evaluate and/or execute a solution that works within the matrix of the rest of the design. If you propose a solution that you have not fully vetted in your own mind, and expect the designer or builder to flesh out the pitfalls in your poorly vetted idea, you should expect some level of impatience (that may look like arrogance) from the designer/builder because now he has to take the time to explain to you all the details surrounding the reasons that your suggestion won't work...or is too expensive for the design criteria. Something else that will become apparent when you work boat shows is that (although there exceptions - many here...) the vast majority of sailors are extremely ignorant of the finer points of boat design, building and sailing. This is not to say they aren't smart - they clearly are if they have earned the money to buy the boat. It's that they think that being smart in their profession and winning a couple of races in their local fleet, qualifies them as a a yacht designer. Just as being a yacht designer does not qualify one to perform emergency room surgery. While not equal in scope, both, done poorly, can lead to death. So, before judging the yacht designer on his arrogance, first examine whether your approach to him may have caused his disdain ...
  6. ac36 mono hull knock-on effect

    I would think that the fact that TNZ sent it's top two New Zealand sailors off for a lap around the planet lasting the better part of a year, covering thousands of miles, is a pretty good indication that the next Cup will be in monohulls - either in the 60 foot range to dovetail in size with the Volvo and Vendee, or 90' to satisfy the Italians desire for 'the grand gesture'.
  7. AC36 - The Venue

    So, if they want the land for condos, why not build the condos with boat shops on the ground floor, parking above that, and condos above that. That's a real mixed use, with the parking insulating the noise of the boat shops from the condo owners. ...and then rent/sell the condos to the sailors.
  8. Dennis Pontificates

    Exactly - if you fear the future, run to the past...
  9. Poll: Next AC Boat

    ^^^Both the 'pumping oil' and 'cats that skate around in a box' were a result of the rule, not the type of boat. So, monohulls could be perceived with the same disdain under a similar rule. As for seaworthyness, hopefully you are both experienced enough sailors that you know that there are multihulls that can handle any offshore condition that a TP52, Maxi 72, or IACC could, with better pace around the track...and fewer crew.
  10. Cats are finished

    There seems to be a fair amount of support here for returning to monohulls. However, since a traditional monohull is pretty slow, the monohull advocates seem to want a canting keels to power the boats up and make them faster. First of all, if the move back to monohulls is because more people sail monohulls, then canting keels should not be considered because, in fact, more people sail catamarans than sail canting keel monohulls. There also seems to be a desire to get rid of the human hamsters providing power. All well and good, however - if you flip back to a monohull, and add a canting keel to jack up the performance, what is going to cant the keel, a diesel engine? If so, how is running a diesel engine full time to make the boat workable more 'sailing purist' than human hamsters pumping oil?! If the AC sailors are supposed to be athletes, and the sport pure sailing, then the keels need to be canted with blocks and tackle, led to a coffee grinder. That will make a tacking duel in 60-90 footers interesting! On the other hand...If you're going to cant the keel with an engine, why not turn the winches with one too?! After all, the engine is already running?! Once you're on a roll, the next natural step after that is to put the sheets, halyards, and gennaker furlers on captive reel winches, eliminating the need for a bunch of crew positions.
  11. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Constructed in country - I guess Core builders will have to develop a traveling boat building shop...
  12. Team NZ

    Are you aware that NYYC members are having a fleet of foiling trimarans built in the Netherlands, and that either the current or a past commodore has a Gunboat? I think the 'old guard' might not do badly...
  13. Poll: Next AC Boat

    As much as I like the foiling cats, I suspect that we are going to see large, ballasted skiffs. Burling and Tuke came out of 49ers, and it fits the Italians' need for the "elegance of a monohull..." I have no idea whether it will have foils or a canting keel. I think there's a lesser chance we will see 62' cats (big enough to get the 'elegance' back), possibly with soft sails.
  14. AC36 - The Venue

    Having been to San Francisco and seen all of the races in Bermuda on video, it is clear to me that stadium racing is a waste of time. In both venues the spectators were not close enough to the action to make watching it with the naked eye worthwhile. So, in both cases the big screen monitors were watched much more than looking out at the race course, with much more satisfactory results. That being the case, why handicap the racing with headlands, buildings and other wind & wave destroyers. Put the thing out to sea in good wind and waves and use then maximize the use of the video tools developed in the last two events.
  15. Next USA Team

    +1 .... Oracle Team AUS was run by a New Zealander, had an Australian crew, and the cheating supposedly condoned by them was done by a Dutch guy ...But somehow the Americans are cheaters.