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  1. Myouri

    Waterline J/105

    From the research I found US Watercraft started building at hull number 672. Last built one shown on class website is 685. Hull 672,681,682,683,684 and 685 are in Chile. Hull 674 and 675 are not listed. I now own hull 677.
  2. Myouri

    Waterline J/105

    What is the opinion of a Waterline J/105 vs a TPI? Same goes for sparcraft rig vs hall mast? Thanks
  3. Myouri

    C&C 99

    The 27 I had was also for about 13 years
  4. Myouri

    C&C 99

    Jason read the pm I sent you
  5. Myouri

    C&C 99

    Just sold mind that I had for 13 years want to go smaller
  6. Myouri

    C&C 99

    Okay guys what are your comments on a C&C 99 for beer can racing and daysailing?
  7. Myouri


    Has anyone whose done a sea trial, paced the boat against other boats that have well established PHRF numbers?