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  1. How many coats of vc17 can or should go on before you need or should start to remove it?
  2. Myouri


    Do not know about when US Watercraft took over building the J80 but they built my J105 and it is outstanding compare to other TPI 105.
  3. Myouri

    PHRF is not run by self-interested clowns

    Well if you don’t like your PHRF rating you could do what the Farr 40 guy did in Buffalo. He held his own awards banquet and gave himself all first and boat of the year.
  4. Myouri

    J 105 Halyard

    I have my main on port and jib and spinnaker on starboard. If halyards are in good shape they no not slip. You need to make sure the clutches are fully engage by pressing down on the cam with your fingers under the handle.
  5. Myouri

    J 105 Halyard

    Behind is the general consensus. I have the drawing from sparcraft which does not show the halyard feeds. I lost my spinnaker halyard recently and drop a new one down the mast. On takedown the halyard is getting jammed and only upon release of main halyard doe it unjam. I going to re-feed it as I am thinking last time it twisted with the main halyard.
  6. Myouri

    J 105 Halyard

    Does anyone know if the spinnaker halyard goes behind the spreader bar or in front?
  7. Myouri

    J105 sheets and halyard

    Will, I have been using Todd for years he has already done the Tack line and Spin Halyard this year soon to do a main Halyard. Highly recommend him.
  8. Myouri

    J105 sheets and halyard

    Those specs are okay unless you have a sparcraft mast then you need to add 10 ft to the spinnaker halyard as it goes all the way to the top of the mast.
  9. Myouri

    phrf handicap J105

    jerseyguy I brought my 105 for the same reason. I am the only one in Buffalo and race in the one design configuration. All sails are tagged, no PHRF rule beaters. We rate at 90 and race against 3 J/35 PHRF of 72 and 2 J/33 PHRF of 84. We find the rating to be very fair. PHRF LE hits the boat with a 15 seconds if you add the 155 jib and the 110 spinnaker. We find this unnecessary and defeats many of the reasons we brought the 105 to begin with.
  10. Myouri

    jack the dull knife

    J/41 10000out sailing in Buffalo tonight
  11. Myouri

    Removing Vinyl Lettering at Mooring

    Just finished the same project. First I removed the old letters use a razor blade which went pretty quick. Then there was spots of leftover adhesive. Try goo be gone, WD4 paint thinner. Nothing really worked. My brother then gave me some Citristrip wipe it on wipe it off two areas roughly 8" by 45" with various adhesive spots done in 15 minutes. The directions said to let sit for 30 minutes did not even need to do this. After this I just cleaned the whole area with Collinites fiberglass cleaner and it is ready for the new name.
  12. Myouri

    Waterline J/105

    From the research I found US Watercraft started building at hull number 672. Last built one shown on class website is 685. Hull 672,681,682,683,684 and 685 are in Chile. Hull 674 and 675 are not listed. I now own hull 677.