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  1. Myouri

    Black Widow Bottom Paint

    Can we get updates to how the Black Widow did now that boats are starting to get hauled?
  2. Myouri

    Raymarine Wind issue

    I had the same problem last year and ended up that a halyard had worn thru the cable in the mast.
  3. Myouri

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    Our own record of 15.5 on the 105 didn't last very long, hit 15.9 last night.
  4. Myouri

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    Last Wednesday 15.5 on the 105
  5. Myouri

    J/33 or J/105?

    From a daysailing prospective the 105 is so much easier than the 33 roller furling 100% jib. Wife and kids will love that. If sails are brought at fall discount they are more like $4000 each on average. You can be competitive buying just 3 or 4 . The AP jib is good for just about any range, mainsail, and kite. Your second kite is just going to be one of your old ones,. If you have the money you will buy the light jib but sailing PHRF it is still hard to win under 8. Racing one design you would need it to keep up with the others. A 105 can be competitively sailed with 5 people not so easy with the 33. I was the first boat in Buffalo 2 years ago and now we are up to 5.
  6. Myouri

    J/33 or J/105?

    I own a 105 and race against both J/33 and J/35. We race in the od configuration at 90 the J/33 is 84 and the J/35 is 72. To win in under 8 it is very hard. You need to sail a perfect race and the others to have problems. In 8-12 any of the boats could win. If it over 12 the 105 is pretty hard to beat on handicap and many times we beat them boat for boat.
  7. Myouri

    j105 class health?

    We are starting to get a fleet in Buffalo NY. 2018 1 boat 2019 2 boats 2020 5 boats
  8. How many coats of vc17 can or should go on before you need or should start to remove it?
  9. Myouri


    Do not know about when US Watercraft took over building the J80 but they built my J105 and it is outstanding compare to other TPI 105.
  10. Myouri


    Has anyone whose done a sea trial, paced the boat against other boats that have well established PHRF numbers?