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  1. Watson, back to your original question of does it matter if you get a USCG approved PFD or a buoyancy aid. One important consideration nobody's touched on is what it takes to actually float you. The amount of buoyancy needed to float a person is different for everybody and is based in part on how much lean mass the person has versus fat and also his/her lung capacity. On my Viper, I have 3 crew plus me and when we tested the various kit, the results were surprising. Three of us - 5'1" woman, 5'3" woman and 5'11" tall man (all on the lean side) floated just fine with just the buoyancy aid. The smallest of us - a 4'11" tall woman (also lean) needed the extra flotation of a USCG PFD to float well. As others mentioned, if you have too much floatation, it can be a problem if you get trapped under a turtled boat so there's no perfect solution.
  2. Could I wear this shirt? Yes. Would I wear this shirt? Not sure. I'm not a fan of the assumptions and attitude shown here and am disappointed that the kick-ass Sarasota Viper Winter Series is being mentioned as part of this thread. But carry on because I'm not your target audience. Even though I'm female, I'm not crew. I own my own boat and have my own money so can buy team gear not only for myself but for the men and women who crew for me. Although all the women I sail with ask for shirts that are cut to fit us, can't recall many female sailors requesting "sexy" sailing gear. It will be fun to hear how the guys are going to handle bringing these shirts home as Christmas presents. ***Imagining conversation with 13 year old daughter..."honey, I've got you a great present - but make sure you're down to fighting weight before you wear it out in public because it's VERY fitted and nobody wants to see anything extra around your middle!" Merry Christmas. ***
  3. Stu is awesome and funny and we still miss him even though he moved away from Sarasota years ago. (Don't remember him being particularly forgetful, but I do recognize his phrase about understanding why some animals eat their young...)
  4. My team is in! And Mambo King, watch out - because we're bringing the infamous card game.
  5. It gets below 40 in Sarasota at least one time per year. The problem with wearing the Atomic Hot Top in Sarasota when it's 40 in the morning is that by lunchtime, it's usually in the 60s and at 60 degrees the top is so hot, you risk spontaneous combustion. But it's nice to have warm stuff for out of town regattas. The Viper NAs were in Larchmont NY a few weeks ago and it was pretty chilly there. The last two days of the regatta, there was ice on the cars in the morning. I don't have an ice scraper - don't need them down here - but I was very grateful for the Atomic Hot Top then.
  6. I have both a one piece Zhik microfleece suit and separate Zhik pants. Both are nice, it's really more of a personal preference thing. We may have some different criteria because I'm a girl so things fit differently. Although I started out with the one piece suit, now that I have the separate pants I find that the separate pants are my absolute favorite and I almost never wear the one piece suit. Was a little worried at first about the pants because I thought they might slide down and either flash people or let in the cold air; found there is no need to worry because the pants stay up nicely without ever sliding or rolling down. The pants just offer much more flexibility in layering and dressing/undressing and for girls - going to the bathroom. For cold sailing like you're describing, I'd wear the warm pants as a separate and 2-3 layers on top, with the topmost layer being a thermal spray top. I like the Rooster spray tops because they have a soft collar and aren't as claustrophobic as the others, but also have a great older Gill thermal spray top that is so hot we call it the Atomic Hot Top - can't wear it until the temp is below 40. Have fun and sail fast.
  7. I just received the refund of $515 posted to my credit card account, so as far as I'm concerned, my issues have been settled.
  8. Although SB emailed me a statement that thanked me for my business and said my account has been refunded, as of noon on 2/6, no refund has yet been made on my actual credit card nor have I received any other form of refund.
  9. Still stuck in the customer service black hole getting the run around. 1/29 - Chris PMd me on SA to ask for additional info and assure me he can get the issue resolved. 1/29 - I respond with the additional info and ask again for him to simply refund the $516 he charged to my credit card back in November. 1/31 - Chris PMs that he's sending me an email "to the email on file under your order name" 1/31 - I PM him my email address to make sure he has it, since I didn't receive any email from Chris or SB 1/31 - Several hours later, I send another PM with my email address, since I didn't receive any email from Chris or SB 1/31 - Chris PMs me that he sent the email to me and will double check in the morning to make sure he sent it to the correct address. 2/1 - Still no email, contact from Chris/SB and no refund on my card. I send yet another PM saying that I don't need an email, just the refund on my credit card. Silence.
  10. Glad to hear some of the others who had issues received their product. Sound Boatworks still hasn't issued me a refund or shipped the things I ordered. No PM through SA either. I'll keep updating every week or so until I get my refund or product. Hopefully other sailors will see the thread and understand the ongoing customer service issues so they can avoid having this happen to them.
  11. Still no refund of the $500+ for the items charged to my credit card in November and never shipped. No return email with the promised tracking number, either.
  12. Add me to the list of customers with the same problem. Ordered $700 worth of equipment in the day after Thanksgiving sale, received 2 items a month later and am still waiting on over $500 worth of the equipment. The whole $700 was charged to my credit card back in November. Each time I call, I'm told that the equipment is in the warehouse being boxed to ship that day or has shipped and they just can't find the tracking number. A few days ago when I emailed that I was going to need to dispute the charge on my credit card, Chris told me that he had already given me a "provisional credit" on the card so I didn't need to do that. But also, that he'd find the tracking number that day and call me back with it. Of course, it's two days later and I still have no tracking number and I just logged onto my credit card activitiy detail and saw that there's been no credit, either. So my boat is still sitting without the needed equipment until I either receive it or get the credit back on my card so I can get it elsewhere. I'm a business owner and understand that mistakes and delays happen. It is not so understandable when a customer is lied to, which is what appears to be happening here.