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  1. flex couple tranny to prop shaft

    "Half as much and twice as elegant"
  2. Polyurethane glue as used on exterior construction
  3. Rigging a solent stay

    Micro press 3/16 as 7 x 7 wire Looped with anti chafe sleeve above a high fitting on the mast Block for halyard attached Done
  4. I'm going with the Alado unit one piece, can be installed without removing anything other than deck level forestay turnbuckle and hase only 1 moving part and LIFETIME warranty https://www.practical-sailor.com/issues/35_2/features/Alado-Jib-Furler_5735-1.html
  5. Origami Boat Thread

    No finite stress analysis of the hull BUT Jordan Series Drogue being deployed off Easter Island....
  6. Metal Boats

    Re: Keel cooling / or in Brent's case skeg cooling.... Dare I say it CALCULATIONS are available... http://betamarine.co.uk/keel-cooling-calculations/
  7. Metal Boats

    Knock off home made design from the Naturehead http://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f115/self-designed-large-capacity-compost-head-104810-6.html
  8. I believe Sunsail accepts 200 miles and 500 miles as sailing experience ps I found charter rates in Greece to be 1/2 that of for example Vancouver BC
  9. Drop stitch tenders and kayaks

    how does the Advanced Element kayak rate against the SeaEagle?
  10. Faded anodized winch solution?

    Yes powder coating works well and is inexpensive... (Kinetic Coating in Courtenay BC charges me @ $40 per winch depending on number of winches to be coated.....) I have the winches powder coated black sandtex ( sand in the coating) Excellent job but parts have to be very clean although the coaters do glass bead blast the items before the powder coating
  11. The Corinth Canal

    On the canal's walls the cuts made by the builders hand tools are still visible.....
  12. Rattle can paint

    Clear coat rattle can clear coat on brass ports ( inside ) has held up for 6 years 100%
  13. those who use a tablet for navigation

    Google Play Android Cell Phone Navionics for West Coast North America inexpensive SELF LOADING
  14. recommend me a headsail furler.

    see Alado and Simplicity furlers (Brazil and Quebec) for one moving part furlerts with connected halyard (no top swivel to jam)
  15. recommend me a headsail furler.

    Aldo from Brazil Simplicitys from Quebec both use the same continious extruded pipe method I moving part Not much chance of a jam I'd go for the Aldo as there are 2 grooves Perhaps the home built furlers are superior in that the pipe is one piece masthead to turnbuckle with no slip joints, but difficult to ship 50 foot pipe from Brazil