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  1. DAGO NOOD ????

    Nothing like constantly getting fucked over by j70s and other slow turds. Who ever decided to put those pigs on the same course as the i14s bumped theit heads. If you were one the ass holes screaming at us, just want you to know that you are an ass clown and would love to see your old out of shape ass even attempt to sail in a straight line on a 14.
  2. I-14 US Nationals - ABYC June 10-12

    Nationals is going to be an incredibly tough event with some very good competition. Here are the odds for this weekend, get your bets in boys and girls Team Boat Location Odds Comments Gleeson/Sjostedt USA 1187 San Diego, CA USA 5:1 Previous National Champs. High chances of spacing out and not repeating Clark/Lazarro USA 1195 Point Richmond, CA USA 14:1 Never sailed a 14, bought a brand new B6 and his boat is brown Brown. Bersch/Shenstone USA 1194 Seattle, wa USA 5:1 Seoul Train is coming back around. A solid bet Puckey/Barnes USA 1193 Cardiff, CA USA 8:1 Potential for JP to have vision problems. Arnold/Gremeaux USA 1143 Santa Clara, CA USA 9:1 The Killer Bee is back, Dont F with Rand! Ruetenik/Brown USA 1161 Encinitas, Ca USA 4:1 Looking good but odds increased w/ potential crew attendance issues Rutz/Polish usa1162 TRUCKEE, CA USA 6:1 The green boat was always fast and now secret weapons coming out of Santa Cruz speed lab Caterson/Weis USA 1147 Redondo Beach, CA USA 50:1 1st regatta in a 14 - we wish you luck! Shumaker/Hamlet USA 1183 Bonsall, CA USA 10:1 They've put the time in, wait, is that wood? Clarkson/ Kivlen USA 1167 Berkeley, CA USA 20:1 No chance of going through a Dam capsized in Long Beach Bundy/Lanzinger USA 1189 Bellingham, WA USA 5:2 Won approximately 27 Nationals with Tony Hawk doing 900s on the bow, The boat to beat even with a combined age of 100+ Goodson /Dierks USA 1159 Issaquah, WA USA 6:1 They won't win the party, but they'll school everyone in 30kts Twardowski/ Roberts AUS762 Mountain View, CA USA 7:1 The all orange color scheme has gotta count for something Galvez/MacDonald USA 1168 Mission Viejo, CA USA 5:1 Cameron flew all the way out from his cave in Sydney Harbor to compete Walker/Stanton GER 26 Cincinnati, OH USA 35:1 New to the fleet, but the man is fired up Mobley/Buffaloe 1543 USA 15:1 Hes Stoked - Gets a rookie credit Henderson/ Kasler 1192 Seattle, WA USA 6:1 Will win some races, but the boat builder always seems to break down 1st Boehm/Gilmour USA 1177 Santa Barbara, CA USA 8:1 Ron is an animal. Enough said Reid/Matthieu GBR1545 Long Beach, CA USA 9:1 His boat is named after David Hasselhoff
  3. I14s at Kaneohe YC Pac Rims

    Polish, can we use this as a quote? "Sail 14's, don't be a chump!" Of course!
  4. I14s at Kaneohe YC Pac Rims

    What an amazing start to what should be one of the most competitive seasons I have sailed in. Seriously, the i14 is simply the best small boat out there. I have been fortunate enough to sail in many different classes, including other skiff classes, and nothing compares to it. Between the most technologically advanced bad ass boats and the group of very talented, easy to get along with, eccentric, smart guys who party harder then anyone else, you would be dumb not to. Not to mention the best regatta put on by the legandery Andy Bates and Clarkie and the whole Kaneohe Yacht Club. Don't be a chump, next event is in two years
  5. DC Designs

    Eh, I cant say completely with out any failures... I had to cut a rather large access hole to fix a crush zone half way through the event. I built the seat at the pacific ave boat shop under the watchful eye of del, but kinda missed where I put the 11oz DB for said crush zone.... whoops.
  6. DC Designs

    That boat is so metal! I like it
  7. DC Designs

    wow! lookin good! doesnt look super drastic difference but the jib does look bigger!
  8. DC Designs

    Any teaser pics of the new rags??
  9. DC Designs

    first canoe to sail out of Santa Cruz in over 10 years. with a little over 6 months to go, sounds like there is to much talk of this and that, its time to go sailing.
  10. AC Youth Cup

    While the international teams sat at pier 80 trying on helmets a few of us at AYSF got to go send it on a 45 out the gate
  11. AC Youth Cup

    Stingray, its going to be a huge commitment for the team. We all feel strongly about this, and we are going to be training everyday if possible, whether its physical training or sailing or both. You only get this opportunity once, and no matter what people may say, sailing for us is our life, and we all want to do our best. cheers Mikey Radziejowski AYSF
  12. AC Youth Cup

    Really? Then why can you see his hand on the tiller bar? Balance? :lol:/> Not sure what pic your looking at, but if it's the one I'm thinking of, it might just be the angle.
  13. AC Youth Cup

    Actually, there wasn't a single moment that Darren touched the helm today
  14. AC Youth Cup

    While other teams are busy sailing around with gigantic American flags, the American Youth Sailing Force was sending it on the SF city front racing the 2012 Nespresso International 18 ft Skiff Regatta.
  15. DC Designs

    it is unfair how nice your first sails are. Those things look stupid fast