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  1. foredeckhell

    A-Class NAC starts next week on Tampa Bay

    I'll be there! Incredibly stoked to get on the line with some talent.
  2. foredeckhell

    Nacra 17: Kiddie Killer

    Oh boo hoo. Maybe we should all just go back to sailing Catalinas and FJs. Better yet, how about we just never leave the house. The future is now, get over it
  3. foredeckhell

    i14 rebuild

    Know of a really competitive boat for sale here in the states. Finished 10th overall at last worlds
  4. foredeckhell

    2018 I-14 Worlds

    If you line up all 6 stripes when Mars is in retrograde you unlock the powers of the great Ragoobabaa. The powers allow you to actually come fully out of the water and sail directly into the wind It's just reinforcement on the seams on both sides. Probably overkill tbh but I like the way they look and is a standard feature on our sails.
  5. foredeckhell

    DC Designs

    Eh, I cant say completely with out any failures... I had to cut a rather large access hole to fix a crush zone half way through the event. I built the seat at the pacific ave boat shop under the watchful eye of del, but kinda missed where I put the 11oz DB for said crush zone.... whoops.
  6. foredeckhell

    DC Designs

    That boat is so metal! I like it
  7. foredeckhell

    DC Designs

    wow! lookin good! doesnt look super drastic difference but the jib does look bigger!
  8. foredeckhell

    DC Designs

    Any teaser pics of the new rags??
  9. foredeckhell

    DC Designs

    first canoe to sail out of Santa Cruz in over 10 years. with a little over 6 months to go, sounds like there is to much talk of this and that, its time to go sailing.
  10. foredeckhell

    DC Designs

    it is unfair how nice your first sails are. Those things look stupid fast
  11. foredeckhell

    DC Designs

    chris, you are my hero. yet another amaizing boat!!! wow!!
  12. foredeckhell

    DC Designs

    hhmmm.... i am tempted to take a saw-zaw to the old dog... but some how that does not feel right. maybe i can hit up erich's new cnc machine... cheers fdh
  13. foredeckhell

    DC Designs

    steve! that thing is a piece of art! i want one!!
  14. foredeckhell

    DC Designs

    yea, i have... but no luck... maybe if everybody just stoped playing the lotto, and moons aligned, and pigs started to fly, i could win the lotto and string theory would be my first purchase. your new boat looks amazing chris, although it misses the beautiful clear coated carbon.