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  1. Wanda down

    Holy crap clusters, Christian! Sorry to hear this, man. Good of Wanda to take the hit so that no one else got fried, though. That was a cool boat I thought you had sold it though. Wasn't it on the market a few years back? RIP Wanda!
  2. i550

  3. Irma

    Thanks for the reports, RK
  4. Irma

    any reports from the Lower Keys? The Neph has a house on Summerland. They aren't there, but wondering if the house still is. Looked like ground zero for the eye wall blast.
  5. Irma

    Thanks tallyho, good to know. Just cancelled my order for that shed.
  6. Irma

    What happened to the lady's shed, the woman who was "overlooking Magens Bay"...did that shed survive? I saw the doors leave the structure and the thing distorting pretty wickedly. Then I had to step away from the computer. If that shed survived, I want one. That was one helluva a shed. Just curious.
  7. Irma

    MSNBC is already reporting: it's his fault. (just a joke KIS)
  8. i550

    Saw that on his FB page, Timber! Builds look impressive. I'll tell you, Geoff is one tough hombre. If you know anything about the guy at all, you have to respect.
  9. Owww! Lee shores are not your friend.

    Nonetheless, gCaptain is terrif! I subscribed about a month ago, love it.
  10. Waterspout from the front page

    I drove across KI yesterday and saw utility trucks and an arse-load of downed trees on both sides of Rt 50. I believe this was in the area where 50 and 18 cross Cox Creek. The photos, above, are from the first waterspout, a few minutes before the start of the Race to Baltimore, back on July 15th. Odd weather and nothing worse than an ADD tornado.
  11. Waterspout from the front page

    I heard this actually did make landfall at Love Pt. ! Is Kent Island becoming tornado bait? Are there a bunch of mobile homes there now?
  12. FE28R Tuning Guide anyone?

    Jon, is this you guys? Kite says #356. At any rate, boat looks very cool and if there is now another one in the area, 293, so much the better! Fun racing against you guys, looks like you already have the boat dialed in nicely.
  13. i550

    Couchalito, how you gettin' around these days, mang? You more mobile? Are you newly kneed? Hope the "prospect" is an east coaster and reacted well to your "buffing."
  14. Viper 830 for sale

    I want, but same with Ryley....wifeless....and probably homeless. Best of luck, Mike, this needs to get snatched up soon! Hmm...maybe as a live-aboard? :-)
  15. A Month and a Day- Marion to Bermuda Race Weather

    I don't know what you mean by "your sails," Rajinder. If you mean the exquisite suite of sails masterfully built by Ullman, with the Asymm design personally approved by none other than "Yoda" himself, they are locked away in a storage facility somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. You'll never find them, which means I'll probably get a few more seasons out of them. Besides, they will not fit on a Laser. Not even close. Now, back to that whacky gulfstream in the next 10 days...looks like a crap shoot.