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  1. Tom, The best lot of Bladeriders were X8s with sail numbers 3290 and above. There were only about 6 or 7 VRXs ever made, while in the right hands they did OK, the Mach2 is a superior product and it's not surprising that the guys who ran the VRX's all swapped to Mach2s very quickly after the Gorge worlds as Bladerider neatly collapsed in a bankrupt pile. The only VRX I'd buy is the one that Rob Gough had at the Gorge, and it's the only one in decent nick... and it's in Tasmania. Also, while mach2 does support the bladerider fleet with a trickle of spare parts, the level of factory support isn't what it used to be for BR owners. As for Prowlers, they are beautifully made (John is one of but a few in Aus who can truely be called a master in the black art of composites), but fell behind the development curve pretty quickly around the beginning of the Bladerider era... and John is only catching up now with new designs. There are at least 3 extremely good examples of the breed in WA potentially looking for new owners in the near future as they are looking to upgrade to new Fastacraft boats, all looking around the $10-14k range with new generation foils, rigs and control gear. Unfortunately, this is pretty close to mach2 money, and the mach2 track record, newer tech and factory support is probably worth the extra money. But John also looks after his clients, and their boats, very nicely. As for the occasional Assassin that comes on the market - take it from the guy who had the first one in Aus... it's just not worth the trouble. There was one in Tas recently with a new mach2 foil... if it was a deal at $4k, I would've bought it for the main foil, stripped the boat for fittings and binned the hull. That all being said, my current moth is good for 25 knots and cost me $3500. It's not as good as the boat it replaces, but bang for your buck... I'd happily put hand on heart and say it's the fastest "sailboat" in Far North Queensland at the moment when upright in one piece and one of the cheapest. Yes... there are some caveats. It's a homebuild. But, it shows that there are options around for those wanting to moth on a budget. You just need to be in the right place at the right time and be willing to deal with having a one-off and all the issues that entails. As Colin said, to replace a centreboard, it would cost me more than the initial purchase price (and it is not impossible to do a foil in... plus they're not a nice thing to try and fix) and it all adds up by the time you put a mast or new sail on, and don't really expect to take on mach2's any time soon (older foils, a few small leaks to track down and fix... whacky homebuild gearing system of my own design that is mounted on a bowsprit... you can kinda get the picture). I suggest you talk with Tom Stuchbery down your part of the world, or one of the various other melbourne-based mothies for more advice or a trial sail before you go buy one; these aren't boats that you can just step onto off a 29er. But, your boat handing skills will improve quite markedly on any other boat you sail when you get the hang of a moth.
  2. I think he meant 250. Alice is 92. Both are rocketships.
  3. With Chris' boat I think people are missing the really neat thing with his jib boom arrangement...
  4. Phil, in the light stuff, the Log is magic, especially uphill. There's just no drag and the big cat rig with that massive box head works a treat. Admittedly I'm comparing this to what I've had to sail against... namely sharpies, 5o5s, mosquitos, a b14, a nethercott IC and an i14... so I'm yet to line up against another development IC. I've also left the rig exactly how you had it bar a couple of minor repairs mostly. Heavy stuff, it's a bit of a struggle uphill and downhill I'm still working hard to plant the gybes... although I am now starting to use moth foiling gybe techniques (ie getting over early when there's no pressure on the rig) with some success. I've also found maybe some small wings to get the carriage back a bit futher might be beneficial because that nice pointy bow does like to pierce the waves and sometimes it thinks it's wonk! Gotta Run Jon
  5. I may well do that Phil... I'll check my schedule and see if I can spare a weekend to head to sydney and back. Thanks, that'd save me a lot of messing around... although I've already gone and bought the steel for the box frame!
  6. Ken, my problem is a lack of length of my pre-existing trailer. It started life as a moth trailer (or possibly an NS14 trailer... Phil?) and then wound up carrying the Log as it's main passenger for a couple of years. However I've got a moth too, and when it's just carrying the moth it's doing a bit of a number, scratching through to carbon in some places (eep... not good for a $15k+ moth!). So, my thoughts are as per the attached rendering... any thoughts?
  7. Wow Ken, nice trailer. I would copy that myself, but sadly I don't think it's able to do an enclosed trailer for both a moth and a canoe :S Maybe what I've got to do is an enclosure for the canoe and have it strong enough so the moth can be "roof racked" on top...
  8. Hayden, Speaking of boats from your house how is AUS40 coming along (I'm assuming you're keeping with the AUS 10-20-30 etc. scheme?)? I'm not sure that i'll be able to make it sadly - I bought the log with the intent of doing worlds, but there's a very good chance I will be out at sea for the greater majority of next year. So, my ability to take time off and head overseas is going to be somewhat impaired. I might be interested in doing a charter job if someone's interested and willing to do a deal in order to get it to Germany and back... current national champ boat, absolute rocketship downwind, something a bit different being una-rigged.
  9. Hmmm not really. The moth's not as bad as a mach2 for a wing platform, the stay base and angles should work a little better. As I said - good platform for it, but winging the moth is a higher priority.
  10. Well, I have a good platform for it... because it could be made free-standing and "safer", but I think i'll be too busy winging my moth to upscale it to the IC...
  11. I worked out how to gybe it eventually phil, but it in a blow it is still a bit hairy and I still find it is a long way to reach forward to grab the blocks to throw the boom. Not going to change anything yet, just thinking of potential improvements/tweaks to suit my style.
  12. Fair enough, thought that's how you did it. On the log, I've got mid-boom sheeting as per a moth so I still have to flick the extension behind the boom. That has led to me swimming on gybes a couple of times as it takes a bit of getting used to - on a moth it's easier because you at least have something to land on on the other side... I'll keep it in mind, but I'm not sure the slightly slimmer aft end on the log would work with the end-boom setup.
  13. The Log's been sitting quite lonely in my parent's shed of late - I have a few weeks off coming up and I plan to go out for a blast at least once during that period, and I may attend to it's TLC needs during that period also. The navy life kinda destroyed my sailing plans this summer, otherwise I would have probably been at the Lion Island Marathon to keep you company - as an ex-spiral sailor I know BYRA reasonably well. I plan to have it out a fair bit come August down in Melbourne (I have a 6 month posting down there starting July), but adding to that I've just bought yet another moth for Belmont, so there's a chance it might just get used for cross-training or something similar. With the mainsheet setup, you don't find it a bit awkward to throw the plank with the tiller in front of you? I'm only asking because I'm contemplating potential experiments to try on the Log.
  14. Nice photo Jethrow! How's the Magic Carpet Ride been going? I'm guessing that photo was after the round the island race up at BYRA. Just out of curiosity, how do you find tacking and gybing with your mainsheet setup?
  15. Really sorry to hear that Hayden. The important thing is you live on to canoe another day. Best of luck with the insurance claim, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with next - if AUS30 was anything to go by, AUS 40 will be a real winner.