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  1. Seriously America

    Im hiding.
  2. Seriously America

    Seriously America? The big debate is whether to elect an email cheat or a liar that gropes women. Is this the biggest issue? You have a failing, trillion dollar war on drugs. You have gun issues. You have a staggering national debt. Your number one killer is obesity. Fast food kills far more Americans than guns and drugs combined. Why not declare war on McDonalds? You represent five percent of the world’s population and use seventy-five percent of the world’s prescription drugs. The biggest industry in America is making pills. Are you that much sicker than the rest of the world? You spend more per capita on health care than any other country. But, your system doesn't work. Lawyers, drug companies and the insurance industry take all the money. Poor people are turned away from hospitals. They suffer and they die. You claim to be the global defenders of freedom but you incarcerate more people per capita than anyone else in the world. Your prisons are mostly managed by private companies with a vested interest in keeping inmates in. There is no incentive to rehabilitate and release prisoners. It costs more per year to incarcerate a person than it costs to put them through medical school. You enjoy freedom behind barred windows with your shotgun handy. Freedom? Really? Here’s an idea…world peace. Not possible? Sit up and pay attention. Gun control will never solve the problem. If all Americans knew that it is fundamentally and morally wrong to take a human life, you will not have a gun problem. Full stop. People will stop shooting people. Imagine if every child was taught that it is is better to stoop to help a stranger than to shoot at them. Imagine that. You spend ten dollars on defence for every dollar spent on education. Imagine if the next generation believed in making the world better for everyone. You have race issues. There is only one race. It’s the human race. Babies can love from the beginning. It’s human nature. Hate is taught. Soon, you won’t need walls to keep people out. You will need walls to keep them in. It really doesn't matter which clown you elect. We are all citizens of the same planet. Stop fucking it up. Share and believe. Bedford out.
  3. Attacks in Philippines

    Wow, You may want to oil those, just encase you need em, They weren't mine. That was on a friend's boat. Yea, they're a bit rusty. Still, a better deterrent than my dive knife.
  4. Dee Smith

    And can you feel the love tonight...
  5. Dee Smith

    Cheers Dawg.
  6. Attacks in Philippines

    Philippine family car.
  7. Attacks in Philippines

    Philippine onboard security system.
  8. Attacks in Philippines

    Yea, as the front page says, I was there. I didn't want to say much publicly as it might have jeopardized the hostages. Now that two are dead, and the other two have been released, I guess I can talk about it. I was below with my gf around 11pm when I heard a man yelling at the top of his lungs. I recognized it as my friend, Erik. Eric is ex US Navy. He was a gunner in a Huey and one of the last guys out of Viet Nam. He lives well on the boat he built in the Philippines given the pension he gets as a result of his PTSD. Erik makes his own moonshine. When I heard the yelling, I figured that Erik was in the sauce again. In reality, he was yelling at the kidnappers and trying to warn people. I went up into the main cabin and caught a glimpse of the kidnappers heading back down the dock. As it turns out, these morons were confused looking for the way out. I grabbed my dive knife and a machete and watched through the window keeping low. If they came aboard, I wasn't going down without a fight. There's a lesson there. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, do not cooperate. I would have rather died fighting at the marina than be held captive in the jungle for months. My friends John and Robert were ultimately beheaded after what can only be describe as several months in the most deplorable conditions. When I saw the terrorists walking away, I went back to bed. I didn't know at the time that they had taken hostages. I really didn't know what was happening but they were leaving and that's all I needed to know. At the time, I thought they might just local militia or something. If i had known they were taking people, I would have started firing flares and opening scuba tanks to make noise. Then I would have jumped in the water and hid under the boat (a 55' cat). Had I been alone, I may have reacted differently but I had my gf's wellbeing to consider too. It's tough looking back wondering if I could have done something. Half an hour later, I was awakened by someone rapping on the hull. It was a group of people from the marina. They were going boat to boat doing a head count. At this point, we didn't know whom or how many people had been taken. We got everyone together and quickly realized that four people were missing. At this point, the police still hadn't arrived. Someone had already tried to call 911. The response... "Sorry, we don't cover Samal Island." As nice as the locals are there are not a lot of MENSA members in the Philippines. We huddled together waiting for help to arrive. And man, did they arrive. Local cops, national cops, the Army, the FBI, the RCMP, the Norwegian Embassy, the Canadian Embassy and, of course the media. The marina owner is a wealthy Chinese industrialist. By sunrise, there were fifty workers building guard towers and stringing barbed wire. In a week, we were living in an armed camp. If I went snorkelling, I took and armed soldier in the Zodiac with me. The security guards at the marina were in on it. I saw them escort the kidnappers back toward where their boats were. When I was being interview by the National Police Chief, one of the security fuckers was standing right there. I told the head cop what I saw and they arrested the dude on the spot. I also told him that the kidnappers had stolen an iPhone from the couple they pistol-whipped. They didn't seem to think it was important. I told them that they can track iPhone but the cops didn't seem to care. a few days later, CNN Philippines ran a story mentioning that the cops were trying to track a stolen iPhone. Thanks for that, morons! They did ultimately catch one of the kidnappers in his apartment five miles away talking on the stolen phone. Here's how it went down. John and Robert both worked for a Canadian mining company operating in the Philippines. They were targets. The other two were the marina manager and Robert's Filippina gf. So the head isis dudes put out a contract and some local goons picked up the gig. By the time the sun came up, the hostages had already been sold up the ladder. The ass-wipe that stole the iPhone was probably already at home looking at porn on it. You have to understand that this is an industry. There are many people involved in the negotiation and everyone wants their cut. On top of that, the cops and the Army are getting paid double overtime by the embassies. And, of course, the whole fucking system is corrupt. The kidnappers were not religious fanatics. They were cowardly thugs looking to make a fast buck. If they do profess to be Muslims, they are a disgrace to their faith. I was already there when the Canadian Government announced a complete travel ban in Mindanao so I stayed until we received the parts we were waiting for. We had ordered some lithium batteries from the US and they showed up two months late. Had the batteries arrived on time, I wouldn't have been there that night. After the kidnapping, my family and friends expected that I would be on the first plane home. But, as I said, I was surrounded by soldiers in an armed camp and felt completely safe. So why would anyone go there? To start with, It's a beautiful country. You can get a pack of smokes, a whole roast chicken AND a bottle of rum for less than $5. You can rent a cottage on the beach at a resort for $25 per night. The people are the warmest you will ever meet. Then there are the women. Half of the old guys in the marina had Filippina gf's living on their boats with them. A sixty year old will pay the girl's family for her to stay with him. The going rate is around $150 per month. For the record, my gf was age appropriate and there on her own free will. It's weird but that's how it works. Remember my friend Erik? He's 61 and just married a 23 year old. As a white guy in the southern Philippines, you feel like Brad Pitt. Women would come up to me at the mall and ask to get a picture with me and then hand me a phone number. Woman from 18 to 80 will hit on you. An average white guy (or Kano as they're called) is tall, rich and good looking in the Philippines. The Philippines is probably the easiest place on earth to hook up with hot, ridiculously young women. And that's why men will continue to ignore the warnings, assume the risk and visit.
  9. Dee Smith

    I just got back from Mobility Cup. My buddy's attendant didn't show up. For the week, I was his attendant and I did all those things and served as a companion sailor for the week. Kevin and I have been friends for over ten years and, on several occasions, I have had to jump in and do whatever was needed to help him out. I have even had to reattach a catheter during a race. On top of sailing, Kevin and I scuba dive and fly gliders together. I don't just ride around in the back of a Martin. I also take groups of disabled kids sailing, some are completely nonverbal. I took a guy with spina biffida out sailing in a Martin a couple weeks ago. He was completely nonverbal. As we were sailing off the dock, his nurse told me that, if he started punching himself in the face, I should bring him in. Then, as we were clearing the marina she yells, "He might have a seizure when you're out there but it's not likely!" Sometimes, it's better to considered a fool rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt. Tell me do also mock the people that volunteer their time so that you can race? Game, set and match to the Canadians!
  10. Dee Smith

    I've been involved in disabled sailing in Canada for over ten years as a volunteer coach and companion sailor. I don't know the exact extent of his injuries so I won't speculate on his eligibility. Every sailor dealing with disabilities faces a different set of challenges. We do our best to level the boats with adaptive technology ranging from electric winches to sip and puff systems. Still, it's not a perfect system. Until you've experienced the thrill of sharing our sport with disabled sailors, you can't appreciate the sheer joy they exude as they leave the dock. For many of my disabled friends, the idea of ever participating in an athletic competition was beyond their wildest dreams. Dee has had the opportunity to race all over the planet in some pretty prestigious events. Whether he qualified or not, I believe it would have been the right thing to do to let someone with more pronounced physical challenges have a shot at experiencing that same thrill. While we're on topic, a big shout out to my friends Paul Tingley, Logan Campbell and Scott Lutes for bringing home bronze in the Sonar at the Paralympics in Rio!
  11. 2016 Canada's Cup

  12. Foredeck Union- Safety First

    Looks great. I'll take five!
  13. "Hi my name is Bedford, and i'm an..."

    Dude, chill out. I was just having fun. You've been to too many interventions.
  14. "Hi my name is Bedford, and i'm an..."

    I admit the my sailing played a roll in destroying both my marriages. Not that I give a fuck but it probably did.