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  1. Sailing My Cubicle

    The Falling Man

    That's a very spot-on recollection. I lived on the UES at the time and have similar memories to what you just described.
  2. Sailing My Cubicle

    The Falling Man

    Exactly. It was amazing to see how a large city like New York became a small town with people supporting each other and finding ways to help, even in the simplest way.
  3. Sailing My Cubicle

    The Falling Man

    Was walking to work on Rector St., two blocks south of the WTC when the 2nd plane flew over my and hit the tower. Ran from the falling buildings and was rescued from Battery Park City by a ferry and hosed off by a firefighters in hazmat outfits because I was covered in silt (for lack of a better phrase) from the buildings. No matter how many times I washed that shirt - I could never get the smell of the burning buildings out of it. I always "enjoy" this video. Boatlift
  4. Sailing My Cubicle

    Is a locator beacon worth it for the Halifax Race?

    You can rent them if it’s just a one off race and you’re not offshore all the time.
  5. Sailing My Cubicle

    crew in Newport RI

    Could email the guys at Sail Newport or even try the sailing office at NYYC or ida Lewis to see if they know of members looking for crew.
  6. Sailing My Cubicle

    Nautical names for dogs

    Our pup is called Spinnaker. Or Spin, Spinny, Spinach.
  7. Sailing My Cubicle

    Morris 454

    I raced on Firefly under her first owner and if I was ever in the market for a cruiser/racer - I'd definitely use that design as a starting point. I think one of the Morris' spent a year in Caribbean with her - I recall she did well at Antigua Race Week. She had an older and bigger sibling called, I think, Reindeer.
  8. Sailing My Cubicle

    Oyster restoration

    "The Big Oyster" by Mark Kurlansky is an awesome read about the history of oysters and America.
  9. Sailing My Cubicle

    Caribbean Racing Season 2018-19

    As a Happy 40th Bday to us, some of my friends and I chartered for Antigua Sailing Week. Since it was a moorings boat, it was like trying to race a used VW Jetta but otherwise the conditions were awesome and the parties great.
  10. Sailing My Cubicle


    Not sailing related but here's an interesting article/blog post about how Boeing is moving places out of SC to WA in advance of Florence. Boeing Bugging Out
  11. Sailing My Cubicle

    I Remember

    How can I forget? I was on my way to work and got off the subway at Wall St per usual and the sky looked like a goddam ticker tape parade. Except it wasn’t- it was the papers from someone, some poor souls, offices blown out over the city with god knows what else after the 1 st plane hit. My office was 2-3 blocks south of WTC on rector st. The second plane literally flew over my head before hitting the other tower. I thought the fire had leaped to the other building because that made more sense to me than a 767 hitting it. But then it made sense that this was an attack and the only thing I had to do was 1) not panic and 2) get north of the smoke. The wind was blowing west to east so I worked my way NNW to try and get around the WTC along the Hudson. Well that didn’t work out once the towers started falling. So, I ended up getting rescued via the boatlift. One thing I remember clearly was that those of us along the waters edge made sure to keep folks calm and to get women and children on the boats. Once on the NJ side of the river I remember being looked at like I was an alien - because I was covered in soot. I ended up getting hosed off by firefighters in hazmat suits somewhere near Jersey City (maybe it was Hoboken) and spent the night at a coworkers house in NJ. Scariest part of the day for me was knowing that my parents were flying back to NYC from Paris that day and I had no idea where there plane was or if I still had parents. Their plane was taxing to depart CDG when the pilots returned to the gate. I remember NYC the days after. It was a small town in a big city Anyhow, thanks to everyone that still remembers. Here’s a cool clip about the boatlift that rescued me.
  12. Sailing My Cubicle

    Bride asks guests to pay $1500 each to attend her wedding

    There's always been an industry built around celebrity worship - but the Kardashians has accelerated it because she's not really a celebrity (or at least was not originally). She was one of Paris Hilton's hanger ons, "released" a sex tape and then convinced E! to follow her around with tv cameras. Once she got a tv show, she can endorse things and whammy the money rolls in.
  13. Sailing My Cubicle

    Bride asks guests to pay $1500 each to attend her wedding

    She's quoted as wanting to live like a Kardashian for a day. This is how fucked we are thanks to that show.
  14. Sailing My Cubicle

    WiFi Extenders

    Yeah - clocking >100mbps (actually >150mbps) off the mesh satellite.
  15. Sailing My Cubicle

    WiFi Extenders

    Did you put the modem/router into bridge mode instead of just turning off the wifi radio? Not sure if turning off the wifi radio is the same as putting the router into bridge mode but if not, then that could be something to try.