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  1. Best Rock Song Intros

    There are so many to choose from. Many are already mentioned above. My all-time favorites would have to be Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel or The Boxer. Not necessarily rock ballads, but beautiful, beautiful lyrics and melodies. Now for the girl that grew up in the eighties.... I would have to say the intro to INXS Burn for You is pretty damn hot
  2. Yes I will. I will be home wishing I was there...
  3. What Song is Your Guilty Pleasure Favorite

    I really like Lucinda Williams. I've heard many of her stuff. Good song Not a guilty pleasure song
  4. What Song is Your Guilty Pleasure Favorite

    Keyboards, red hair.
  5. What Song is Your Guilty Pleasure Favorite

    I have a friend from way back who is touring with her. I love it when he posts pics of the tour
  6. What Song is Your Guilty Pleasure Favorite

    That's not "guilty pleasure" that's t of great music back in the day
  7. What Song is Your Guilty Pleasure Favorite

    It's a bit (well, a lot, cheesy) but it is "guilty pleasure"... I would never admit enjoying it
  8. Dunkirk film

    Amazing movie and yes, as posted above, if you have the opportunity to see it in 70mm Imax, do so. It is well worth the extra cost.
  9. SA Approved

    The thread on FB was horrific. Absolutely horrific. At one point they posted the website addresses of all of the advertisers on here.
  10. Cervical spondylosis with radiculopathy

    So to make a long story short, started having issues a couple years ago. double round of steroids, PT and pain management aka pill doctor. I stopped taking the pills after a bit and was really really careful with my movements and activity. I was almost always in some kind of pain, but it was manageable. Fast forward to this spring, Pinched nerve again, however now with numbness and tingling of arm and hand. Second MRI was compared to the first and a couple places had severe progression, other spots stable and a couple new issues have cropped up. New doctor from old who is taking the issues seriously and has taken the time to go over and explain the options and outcomes, however his fear is that as it it getting progressively worse that surgery is the way to go.
  11. Cervical spondylosis with radiculopathy

    Surgeon is the chief neurosurgeon at the hospital.
  12. Has anyone been diagnosed with Cervical spondylosis with radiculopathy? Dr is recommending surgery. Anyone done it? Results? This is just one of the many back issues I am having, however apparently this one is too far gone for any type of PT and Dr says shots are just a band aid and won't stop it from getting worse.
  13. Wrecke's Saturday Night PUI

    Upper 60's again. Listening to a friend DJ'ing on an "oldies station" via the internet. A little reminder of home.