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  1. Thanks for the offer. We normally like camping and spending time at the club. You guys have a gem of a place run by such good folks. But if we ever need it for sure!
  2. We should be there for wurst. Getting around the course will be my goal.
  3. Super bummed we missed Sunday. Glad y'all got races off and good stuff from AYC! If anyone knows the 4 juniors that set their tent tragically near ours...please contribute apologizing to them for us. It was a long night of terrible noises from me and therefore a screaming baby.
  4. Mike (or anyone else with a cabin) would it be okay if we use it from 12-1:30 or so for Ellie (baby) to take a nap? My cousin who is 22 will be there baby sitting.
  5. Theo and I are signed up for austin in a chartered FJ. We are hopefully bringing some Baylor students and hopefully not getting too beat up on by some juniors. Also, the club is totally cool with non member adults chartering their FJs for I think $40. So if anyone else is boatless come on!
  6. Based on the number of people each day that ask me if we are ok...you don't all know how big Texas is. We have that same light and have most of this whole time. And I wasn't calling them greedy. Just silly that a guy in Amarillo can't buy boat insurance cause what our friends in Houston are dealing with.
  7. A video. Finally. Thanks! And glad the insurance industry is as nieve about the size of Texas as the rest of everyone else. The weather here in Dallas is nice. Too funny.
  8. Charlie got his but went to the high country to escape the heat. Brig got his but was missing a few parts so I believe is waiting on those. No word on ours yet but he cashed our check so we are thinking soon. Haven't discussed shipping details yet so we don't think it's imminent. Hoping to get it and have enough time to learn how to put it in the water so we don't drift into the committee boat at austin. If our boat arrives and stuff and anyone is interested we may take that Friday off so anyone can come early and play with it before the regatta.
  9. We are planning to see if we can mount it on the truck. Will report once I have an answer. Boat didn't make it to lake george but hoping it gets to Texas in the next few weeks. The texans are planning our first race mid September in austin.
  10. We hope to have it on Lake George NY August 20-27 then back to Texas. If anyone wants to sail it let me know.
  11. Awesome!!! Thanks so much for the update. Ours is getting pretty close. Sent our money for the boat, box $186, shipping $500, insurance $100, boat cover $230 and foil cover $90.
  12. Sweet! Both you and Brigs? I know our hull is in work but no eta yet.
  13. Geeze I think I must have sorta insulted everyone at least a little and yet no replies? Darin I am obviously just jealous of your work hours. Everyone else that's just my rough rememberance of where we finish. Could be totally wrong? Still no UFO but hoping to have it by austin.
  14. Note BAs have a lot of variance in float. Some you have to swim pretty hard to not go under, some are basically life jackets. Just get a CG approved one. I don't understand skimping on a safety device. If you want to terrify yourself go to wakeboarding forums (we also wakeboard) and read the horror stories from BAs. My auto inflate horse shoe would not work on the dinghy we sail (Johnson 18). We get very wet and a capsize is totally possible and no biggie. On like a flying scot or something I would wear an auto inflate as capsize is unlikely.
  15. I nominate Darin to figure this out. He seems to be underemployed and likes using his brain. I agree with Charlie. After paitience is applied, we sorta learn the boats, then we can look at and debate our skills levels in known handicap boats and take a starting swag at it. Darin sailing regularly is is a little faster than theo Darin and Theo pretty close when sailing sorta the same oftenness Then I think Mike Then me somewhere Then Dave and Charles who are still learning their boats Mikey normally in the mix there but seems to be a lot of variation with wind? Jenny normally wins and we can look at that too but lots of boat variation there but she's probably by far the most consistent sailor out of our group so that's helpful The canoes...your guess as good as mine that should get us within 20 points ha Let the wild insults fly- Theo and I hope to have our boat mid August sent to upstate NY so we can plan on vacation then ship it back down here!