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  1. AC36 - The Venue

    Given that the fallback option is Italy, I wonder if there is a suitable defined venue there that has bases or space and permissions for bases to be built. Or is that simply a cheerful assumption? On the whole the kinds of cities where $Bs might like to hang out don't have large areas of derelict or undeveloped waterfront land.
  2. Team NYYC

  3. AC36 - The Venue

    Since ETNZ can always do more with less, doubtless they will generously grant the full-sized bases to visiting teams. It would be rude not to.
  4. Team Australia

    "He would also like to see a Bledisloe Cup style competition battle with New Zealand raced in the lead up to the Cup." Racing between a challenger and the defender prior to the Cup then. It seems uncharacteristically quiet on the ANZAC front as far as condemnation of that particular proposal is concerned.
  5. Bermuda?

    Not boring at all. I spent one day at the sailing at the 2012 Olympics, it was quite fun but not a lot more than a day's club racing. I attended the first two ACWS events in the UK but didn't bother with the third, that's how much fun those were to attend in person.
  6. Team NYYC

    I realise it is a slow news month but will someone wake me up please where there is some actual NYYC news in this thread?
  7. Team UK

    Well in a sense they are. Advertising eyeballs. It's obvious that the nationality angle is for the masses. Wealthy business-people are invested in the global economy in all senses of the word. Busy, busy, scuttling through the airports of the world. "On arriving with a third language Tucked into your briefcase, next to your toothbrush Along with a copy of the Nouvelle Observateure"
  8. Team UK

    I don't recall the nationalism drum being beaten on MW's appointment. More about the (spurious) connection between F1 technology and the AC. In any case, for 99.9% of the population, nationalism is about the boys on the boat and that is all.
  9. Team UK

    No change in direction. Outside the sailing team it was never "all Brits".
  10. Team UK

    OK Kiwis, take your ranting off to the Team NZ thread. Or better, to PA. Or better yet, to another galaxy far, far away. This thread is for discussion of LRBAR.
  11. Teams?

    Translations have been posted here.
  12. Teams?

    Seriously, you are arguing that the leader of a team knows no more than those of us who waste their lives posting on SAAC?
  13. Teams?

    Huh? PB has made press statements confirming an agreement and I don't recall GD denying it.
  14. Oracle Team USA

    So I'm an ETNZ fanboy now? I've been gently prodding at the more hysterical "ETNZ can do no wrong" posters for several months. Actually I am nobody's fanboy and that includes LRBAR. My causes for compliant as to Oracle include the shrill whine of hypocrisy during AC33, the cheating during AC34 and the "meah, so what" response from team management, followed by the sheer crushing of all the joy out of the event in AC35. I hope LE just fucks off out of sailing & he can take his money with him, he's done nothing to benefit the wider sport inside or outside the USA.
  15. Teams?

    It was only a test. I promise not to do it again.