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  1. Nicer? The paperwork suns itself on the beach?
  2. It doesn't although if it doesn't indefinitely it will run out of cash. But if it does, in the UK it pays corporation tax. Calling yourself "not for profit" doesn't get you out of it.
  3. There isn't a direct equivalent of the US "not for profit". Broadly, if you are a company that isn't a charity, you pay corporation tax on net income. That applies, for example, to a "company limited by guarantee" which is a common form of incorporation for companies that don't pay a dividend. They still pay corporation tax. The main attraction of the Isle of Man is that the rate of corporation tax is zero. Your assumption that only dark motives could lead someone to want to incorporate there is not correct.
  4. Because this is not the USA. UK tax and company law historically had limited truck with the concept of "not for profit" except for charities and the definition of a charity is tightly drawn and would not include World Sailing.
  5. There's stuff around RRS and equipment rules, like training processes for race officials. But basically I don't expect and don't want WS to do anything else for me. Only the stuff that enables OAs to run events with a set of international rules. Everything else bar necessary interaction with the 3-ring circus should be down to MNAs and OAs.
  6. RRS. International class rules. For a while I was involved in a sport with multiple governing bodies, each with their own rule and it was shit. We are lucky to have a single centralised point in the sport. The way it's being run right now, not so great.
  7. It isn't the business of a world body to concentrate on the grass-roots. That's what clubs are for. Some make a better job than others.
  8. What would be an example of a dinghy class with jib sheets that long?
  9. dogwatch

    Brexit, WTF

    It can take a perceived hardliner to have the space to make the compromises. Plenty of precedents for that. Nixon and China. Ian Paisley and the GFA.
  10. dogwatch

    Top Speed: What's Your Number?

    15 knots when surfing on an IOR-type 38 footer. Fairly sure I've done more windsurfing but no instrumentation. Fairly sure I did more on flat water on a sportsboat in 30 knots+ but was too busy keeping the boat under the mast to look at the instruments.
  11. This is dinghy anarchy. Tiny boats. On a dinghy jib sheets should always be tied together or continuous.
  12. To MNAs? I expect so. Individual sailors aren't members. Last time I looked for a recent annual report on the WS website I could not find one.
  13. dogwatch

    Brexit, WTF

    That's naive. There are plenty of people who for one reason or another, want to start a new life in another town, without their old life following them. They should be free to do so.
  14. dogwatch

    Brexit, WTF

    So would I. It is foolish to believe that government is benign or even if it is, will indefinitely remain so.