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  1. Happy drunks, aggressive drunks, friendly drunks, mean drunks. Not however so many amorous drunks.
  2. dogwatch

    Brexit, WTF

    Parliament doesn't want no-deal either and some at least see a route to stop or pause that. Quite an interesting piece on that prospect in this week's Spectator (which editorially would be cool with no-deal). ERG has boxed themselves into an interesting corner where the only way they can eject May is to side with Labour in no-confidence and surely they won't do that. Rather oddly, it may turn out that the only way they could get what they want is by winning a 2nd referendum. May's deal is however dead. She seems to be the only one who has not long since recognised that.
  3. dogwatch

    Brexit, WTF

    It appears someone is going to have to.
  4. dogwatch

    Brexit, WTF

    It is entirely possible and the analysis exists.
  5. dogwatch

    Brexit, WTF

    Involves free movement of labour which crosses one of May's red lines.
  6. dogwatch

    Team UK

    Utter nonsense.
  7. dogwatch

    Brexit, WTF

    You can set up a new party in a few days but the history of the SDP stands as an Awful Warning to those considering splitting from a major party. Remember we have a first past the post system.
  8. Larry didn't tell SR his plans. Insofar as SR had inside information that came from Ehman, who was himself pretty much out of the loop by AC35. SR was definitely posting here up to 4Q 2018, he did change screen name from time to time but always recognisably, at least previously that was the case.
  9. dogwatch

    Brexit, WTF

    From May's perspective it wasn't a month wasted, it was turning up the heat on dissenters who might fall into line with her plan versus losing Brexit/getting hard Brexit. A bit like the last verse of this. Jim - Poem by Hilaire Belloc Who ran away from his Nurse and was eaten by a Lion When Nurse informed his Parents, they Were more Concerned than I can say:-- His Mother, as She dried her eyes, Said, ``Well--it gives me no surprise, He would not do as he was told!'' His Father, who was self-controlled, Bade all the children round attend To James's miserable end, And always keep a-hold of Nurse For fear of finding something worse.
  10. Not clear they have the $$$, not clear they have a sailing team, rumours of Iain Percy's involvement notwithstanding. Definitely the flakiest of the late entrants.
  11. I will ask a question. For years Stingray was the most prolific poster to this site. We often did not see eye to eye, especially during AC33, but I appreciated all the news stories he posted here. As of sometime 4Q 2018 he seems to have gone away. If he is posting under a different screen name, I haven't made the connection. Anyone know what's happened to him?
  12. dogwatch

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Still no word on how they plan to distribute video images? Or what in the old days were called "TV rights".
  13. dogwatch

    Team UK

    Not actually a serious question, as proponents of fracking in the UK hope to extract shale gas, not oil.
  14. dogwatch

    Brexit, WTF

    Good grief. Does she actually believe that fine tuning of the May deal would result in a different outcome?
  15. dogwatch

    Brexit, WTF

    Not really. Countries tend to have trade deals with their major trading partners.