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  1. dogwatch

    And Now...for something TOTALLY New!

    For dinghies? Yet to be proven.
  2. dogwatch

    And Now...for something TOTALLY New!

    A 15 footer for juniors. Seriously? And how come the spec doesn't include the weight, as those juniors are going to have to pull it up the beach.
  3. dogwatch

    IOR Lives!

    When was? Somehow, and I know all their faults, the late IOR yachts just look like proper raceboats to me.
  4. dogwatch

    IOR is dead for a reason

    Oversight, no, there really isn't. The only thing that's national is a suggested list of ratings, primarily for dinghy classes. Clubs are encouraged to adjust ratings to suit their local waters and they do.
  5. dogwatch

    IOR is dead for a reason

    Not correct I'm afraid. Clubs can and do adjust the numbers.
  6. dogwatch

    Worst Case

    Sex and food. Food and sex. Same as us.
  7. dogwatch

    Worst Case

    Obviously not as there would be nobody to do the grocery deliveries. So cheer up, you'd die of starvation well before that. There will be some immunity, otherwise vaccines would have long since killed us off from some disease or other. The questions are how much and for how long?
  8. The move to London was because that's what MNAs wanted. Paddington is very accessible from Heathrow. I'm not saying I agree with the move, just that it wasn't without rationale or support from WS' "customers", which are the MNAs. As for the rent being high, no problem, just don't pay it, renegotiate. That's what everyone else is doing. Eviction, well two snags. There are no other tenants out there and the courts are barely sitting.
  9. dogwatch

    Covid-19 and liability

    Stay at home.
  10. Wrong. BoJo's "shaking hands with everyone" speech was 3 weeks after the first confirmed C19 death in the UK. He's an individual with an overwhelming sense of entitlement, including in this case immunity to C19 and for once in his life, it didn't work out for him.
  11. Broadcast pictures of appealing C-19 victims in intensive care, gasping out their stories. Plus dead healthcare workers. That's what's happening here, once an hour on the hour. It's pretty persuasive to STAY THE FUCK AT HOME. Not on Fox then?
  12. dogwatch

    Lot of critics, but when should shutdown be lifted?

    You don't "flatten the curve" by doing fewer tests. You might rescale the y-axis but that isn't "flatten". Apart from which, the statistic people mostly care about is deaths.
  13. dogwatch

    Lot of critics, but when should shutdown be lifted?

    UK isn't testing as much as it ought to be or planned to be because acquisition of reliable tests was fucked up. Not great but neither was it some dark conspiracy to look good. It baffles me in what possible way you imagine the UK "looks good in the international ranking lists".
  14. dogwatch

    US new case rate already peaked?

    What they actually said: “Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China,” See the difference?
  15. dogwatch

    Keep The Parks (and marinas!) Open

    Actually, Brockwell Park is open. So that's a crap example.