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  1. dogwatch

    Team NYYC

    Not really as British turkeys don't fear Thanksgiving. It is however clear that the regions that voted strongly for Brexit are also the ones who will worst affected.
  2. dogwatch

    Team NYYC

    Just a little bit pregnant then.
  3. dogwatch

    Team NYYC

    The problem with Americans is that many believe they understand the rest of the world based on what they see in the movies. Success is seen here as just fine. Here's a couple of things I don't much like about Ratcliffe. 1. He's a vocal backer of Brexit, which is an unfolding catastrophe. After telling us how great it will be for Britain, he's fucked off to live in Monaco. 2. He currently suing the National Trust to drill on land they own. That is a UK charity with 5M members, which is approaching 10% of the UK population. He's suing us all to drill on land we collectively own and want to conserve for future generations. He shows utter contempt for other people. As far as fracking is concerned, I'm not opposed in principle, it's about risk and reward. However I live in southern England where most of our water supply comes from aquifers. There is no alternative supply. For us, risking pollution of aquifers to extract marginal quantities of gas would be just stupid.The reward is not worth the risk.
  4. dogwatch

    Memory Lane

    The AC as schöpferische Zerstörung. Schumpeter's gale has passed this way.
  5. dogwatch

    Gay Test

    If SA was a restaurant, it would be one where most of the cooking is done by the customers. I see this dialogue as one for the people who post on SA.
  6. dogwatch

    AC 36 Protocol

    AC32 (and others) more challengers actually turned up. As for the wannabes, large numbers were claimed at this stage in both the last two cycles. All BS in the end.
  7. dogwatch

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Get a room guys. Nav you spent years attacking the last two defenders and "hate" was your speciality. You better get used to the idea that what ETNZ does will also now come under scrutiny. dg_sailingfan, you don't need to respond to every single post made here. HTFU.
  8. dogwatch

    Team NYYC

    Ineos' latest signing does much the same. LR has Spithill. Challengers claiming to be national champions is just BS.
  9. dogwatch

    AC 36 Protocol

    "Late entries close on November 30, 2018, however Emirates Team New Zealand have said that even this date will be extended if necessary by the Defender and Challenger making a suitable amendment to the Protocol." Desperation for more challengers.
  10. dogwatch

    trickle down

    Very impressive but I'm not sure a 30m RTW boat can be described as "trickle down".
  11. dogwatch

    AC 36 Protocol

    I wish those who want to rehash old events would take this discussion to "AC35 Protocol".
  12. dogwatch

    Who’s responsible for class rules?

    And if they are a National Class (common in the UK) then the MNA gets a say. More than a say in fact, a right of veto on proposed changes. Same goes I believe for World Sailing for International Classes. At one time I coordinated rules changes for a class association that was a SMOD national class and the RYA Technical Committee needed to agree all changes. That was more than giving a tick in the box, they'd actually review changes and sometimes suggest alternative wording. They'd also want confirmation that the manufacturer agreed any changes proposed by the class association. Actually for an all-volunteer class association committee, the RYA's input was valuable as they see this stuff all the time.
  13. dogwatch


    "Can count on" is an optimistic reading of "with a budget of" when no sponsors have been named.
  14. dogwatch

    Third(!) Italian team

    You've missed SR's point. In SR's scenario they'd have no intention of sailing in the Prada Cup. The problem with SR's hypothesis is that being a challenger doesn't get you an ACWS event. Ineos apparently being a case in point. I don't think divining the motivation is so complicated. The whole thing looks like a case of hanging out a sign "Sponsor Wanted".
  15. dogwatch

    AC 36 Protocol

    I can't see LR choosing to give up power again, whether the class rule could be changed or not. It also seems there is no love lost between LR and BA, which is another reason not to cede power.