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  1. Oracle Team USA

    You fill me with inertia.
  2. AC 36 Protocol

    We might as well talk about Marian, there's fuck-all AC news and won't be until late November when there is further information about the boat. This is what I wrote after her death was announced. I still quite like it. I believe we should mourn the dead the way they'd want to be mourned, and we don't need to be too reverential about Marian. She liked a discussion. Actually she liked a bloody good argument. Like, it seems, many here, I was in PM discussion with Marian at times and I once asked her why she persisted here in the face of so much hostility. She said she wanted to present the truth as she saw it and counter the bias of this forum: ironically her own evident bias made few receptive to her arguments. Having written some nice words about her a couple of months ago following the second "retirement" of BYM News, I'd smiled as she set out on yet another "farewell tour" but alas this time it really was her final fling. I'd like to picture her right now on a cloud with George Schulyer, asking him why he made such a hash of writing the DoG. Unfortunately this time she won't be posting a link back to a BYM News article on her findings and nobody will be boasting (and lying) about not reading it. Goodbye Marian, it will be duller without you. From this thread, SAAC at its best and worst.
  3. AC 36 Protocol

    Yes she was a rogue. As I said, she just lifted stuff I wrote verbatim for her site without asking me or even telling me. I still miss her.
  4. You have, thanks. Why that gets hidden in a section titled "Initial Challenger of Record and Mutual Consent" rather than under "The Match" I am not too sure but yes, it is there.
  5. Yes to the summary. Still don't see it in the protocol. So, anyone able to prove me wrong?
  6. I do have the protocol handy and I don't see a specified number of races for the Match. You can't do a text search because it's an image but I don't see it in the obvious sections.
  7. How many races in the match, for example. It's a lovely protocol, other than not knowing the location, the class, the rules or anything about the arrangements for the racing. Given the absence of detail, it isn't too surprising that the rose-tinted glasses brigade are so enamoured. The great thing about a lack of content is the absence of much to dislike.
  8. Statements made by PB to the press, plus common sense and a reading of history would suggest that a team that has just won in a certain type of boat will prefer to defend in that type of boat.
  9. It is the least detailed protocol of recent times. Much remains to be decided or at least to be published, that could have been found, for example, in the AC35 protocol. So it is a bit early to come to conclusions about how balanced and fair AC36 will turn out to be. Your assertion that PB did not determine the choice of monohull is, frankly, risible. That GD has found reasons to describe why that is a good choice doesn't mean it would have been his decision, it means he is behaving like the team manager he is. Since I support the move to a monohull I don't feel too much outrage at this turn of events but I do prefer to see things for what they actually are.
  10. AC 36 Protocol

    Correct she was not neutral. Memorably (for me at least) she lifted a post I wrote here verbatim without attribution or permission and used it on her site. Someone here then vehemently accused me of plagiarism. I still miss her, she was a very determined individual.
  11. AC 36 Protocol

    Evenly divided certainly isn't how I remember it. As far as I remember there was a long period during AC33 when the late lamented Marianne and myself were just about the only ones who didn't see LE as a white knight. Some of OTUSA sternest critics here today were fanboys at the time, following Dalton's lead. How things change. But yes "a pox on both your houses" was my position on EB and LE throughout the AC33 shit-fight.
  12. Very similar but it spins in the opposite direction.
  13. Bye bye Artemis Racing

    Only one challenger back form AC35 would not really be a ringing endorsement for Dalton-vision or that much trumpeted injection to the Kiwi economy.