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  1. Larry's AC50 Circus

    Yourself and your playmates have the Oracle thread to yourselves. Please don't shit over all the threads too. It's gone way past amusing.
  2. Larry's AC50 Circus

    I'm not sure it does. J-class can accommodate family (or lovers) and corporate entertainment. AC50s do none of that and never will.
  3. Larry's AC50 Circus

    OK, interesting point.
  4. Larry's AC50 Circus

    Really? You think the owner-drivers playing the RC44 game see themselves as AC50 helms?
  5. Larry's AC50 Circus

    Meh. Sometimes it stands for "Ageing Carbon".
  6. Are You Tougher Than Me?

    Helmet, no. Entire torso, yes. At least they weren't about to fall.
  7. Larry's AC50 Circus

    Fine by me. There is far too much looking backwards on SAAC.
  8. Larry's AC50 Circus

    Stood for. Past tense.
  9. Larry's AC50 Circus

    "Hull" and "hull appendage" are defined terms in the Equipment Rules of Sailing. "Foil" is a defined term under "hull appendage". A "foil" is not a "hull" as defined in our sport, consequently the Jesus Lizard is not a multihull.
  10. trickle down

    ^ Funny. It's a lot of years since I did any water-skiing but that really sounds like shit!
  11. Are You Tougher Than Me?

    I have climbed off-widths, I know what they are thank you. Climbers don't particularly fear off-width because they hurt to climb. They fear them because they are insecure. The cracks that hurt most to climb are fist-sized.
  12. Are You Tougher Than Me?

    Really? Are you a climber? I climbed for a few years and I have never heard of the dry-heaving bit. Climbers who expect to fist-jam also tend to tape their hands to minimise damage. In any case, it is not about liking pain, it is about liking climbing.
  13. Larry's AC50 Circus

    If a sailing vessel uses two points with air in between them for stability, what is it? That depends on what the "points" are. A foil is not a hull.
  14. trickle down

    ^ Amid all the crap, sometimes there's something here that teaches us something. Thanks.
  15. Artemis?

    Somewhat to my surprise, I think they probably are. The signs are the team is holding together for something and I have difficulty believing it would just be for the AC50 circuit (if indeed that happens).
  16. Youth evolution in sailing

    "We all" don't know anything of the kind.
  17. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Generally, not a lot.The history of CoRs in the last two cycles was not a happy one.
  18. Youth evolution in sailing

    Victor Kovalenko, Ukrainian. Whether Ukraine is part of Europe is a matter of opinion.
  19. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Well, get mores familiar! The DoG specifies a single challenger at any one time. CoR is a device to allow selection between multiple challengers without the need to change the DoG,
  20. flying in pro Race Officers

    ^ No. It's raising money for the club, there's no reason for club volunteers to be paid. It is normal around here for club members to have to contribute a few days a year to help run club activities. Some clubs allow you to pay an additional membership fee if you don't want to do that.
  21. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Ah, skamway, OK.
  22. flying in pro Race Officers

    Running a major international regatta is a business. Clubs do it for the revenue and sailors who are expending a lot of holiday time and money to attend expect a professional-quality event. The vast majority of the team running such events remain unpaid club volunteers and I've found it an interesting viewpoint to be a small cog in such a team. It is not the same as running the club's weekend racing or even a national championship.

    What, you think Kim and Donald will be pressing buttons in 3 years? Not really a cheerful analogy.
  24. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I have no idea what you are talking about? Dalton warns others to speak politely and mind their manners. Oh the irony. FFS does winning the Cup cause everyone to lose their mind?