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  1. Engine hours - how many is too many

    In my case, 4387. That's when my 34 year old Universal M25 packed it in. I've just finished installing a replacement engine. (Anybody looking for a parts engine?)
  2. Hey Pacifica. I am pretty sure I know who this is. I did some sail work on his boat and even gave him the occasional lift to or from a grocery store. He has actually been around the world a couple of times but I think health issues of late have gotten the better of him.
  3. "You can even take over the company 100%"
  4. Farymann Diesel

    Groundhog, the guy that I know with the Farymann was getting parts through the normal channel. Order from a guy in Ontario who orders from a guy in New Jersey who orders from Germany. No chance to go direct to manufacturer and everyone gets their bit. Since I first replied to your post, he has blown a hole in the exhaust manifold, is replacing with a used Yanmar, and so there is now an entire engine here in Halifax for sale for parts pretty cheap.
  5. Farymann Diesel

    Groundhog. I am in NS as well and have a friend with a farymann. I will try to track him down and find out where he gets his parts. Unless you are he, and then it's just a wasted phone call.
  6. Removing #'s from a sail

    Try Methyl Hydrate. It won't damage the sail.
  7. Newfoundland / NS Cruising?

    Hey Pom, great pictures. We spent 2 weeks cruising the SW coast of Newfoundland last summer. Not nearly enough time. You could really spend an entire season there and see only that one section of coast. In Newfoundland we visited Grand Bank, McCallum, Hare Bare, White Bear Bay, and Grand Bruit. Started with a couple of day in St Pierre (a small island of the coast that is actually part of France). Can't wait to get back again
  8. Solar panel anarchy

    Hey Max, I am looking a panel installation too. I am adding a small bimini over the helm station and plan to go with one or two (depending on size) flexible panels. The bimini will have velcro and a tab with velcro sewn to it. The panels will have velcro sewn around the edges top and bottom. The panels will then be stuck to the bimini. We did this installation on a boat last year and it has worked great. Looking at something like this for a panel and the addition of a good controller. http://www.eco-worthy.com/catalog/semi-flexible-solar-panels-c-71_60.html
  9. Circumnavigation query

    Have a look at noonsite.com. Lots of info on countries plus a fairly current piracy report
  10. VHF/licensing anarchy?

    This may not be helpful but it is the same in Canada. I have to have a Restricted Operator Certificate to use my VHF. The radio itself does not have to be licensed for use in Canada but if I travel to the U.S. I need to have the license. Not a problem limited to your locale.
  11. Old Whitbread/Volvo Ocean Race yachts

    This is news for us, good lead, thanks! She actually leaves in early November and will be sailing the RORC transatlantic race to Grenada at the end of that month.
  12. Astronomy Anarchy

    Was a bit offshore Saturday night on an overnight sail. Great show before the moon rose around midnight.
  13. Are you home yet?