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  1. tybee

    Great Quotes

    In the words of the immortal gunny sarn't WL Johnson: "Fuck'em"
  2. tybee

    What's at your bird feeder?

    sometimes when a new bird feeder is put out, it takes the local birds a while to find it and to make it a stop on their daily hunt for food. keeping it filled aids in them finding it a reliable place to feed.
  3. tybee

    CVT Transmissions

    Name 3 famous dogs. Lassie Rin Tin Tin the Apple III
  4. tybee

    CVT Transmissions

    a bit odd in acceleration and short lived, 100k is about the max life and they don't rebuild them, you buy a new one. and the nissan flavor sucks. that tech ain't mature just yet.
  5. tybee

    College Football 2019

    war damn eagle
  6. tybee

    Random PicThread

    ketchup? JFC. what is wrong with canuckistan?
  7. tybee

    Eagle, Globe and Anchor

    and he reminded me today: eat the apple...
  8. tybee

    Eagle, Globe and Anchor

    old retired gunny i knew used to refer the corps as uncle sam's misguided children or uncle sam's motorcycle club when he was being polite. he had a host of other names that tweren't fittin' fer polite company. he also got married on November 10th.
  9. this. although a few windows apps don't run under the windows emulator.
  10. tybee

    Ric Ocasek DTS

    well, fuck. and there's worse things to come: https://theweek.com/articles/861750/coming-death-just-about-every-rock-legend
  11. tybee

    ding dong the bitch is dead David Koch dts

    one should only speak good of the dead. david koch is dead. good.
  12. tybee

    When is a Hack not a Hack

    never install the first release of anything from Bill's gang of thieves.
  13. tybee

    When is a Hack not a Hack

    your first error was installing 1903
  14. tybee

    Mid Size Trucks

    daily driver is a 2006 Nissan Frontier 4-door 6-speed manual. no complaints.