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  1. tybee


    vinegar added to dishes can also imitate the taste of salt but, as one would suspect, vinegar doesn't go with everything.
  2. tybee


    1/4 cup brown sugar 1/4 cup paprika 1 teaspoon ground cumin 3 Tablespoon garlic powder 1 Tablespoon black pepper 1 Tablespoon cayenne pepper (or a bit more) and perhaps a tablespoon of onion powder. run it through a grinder.
  3. tybee


    We have had a FoodSaver V2420 for over 5 years, use it quite a lot and it still works great. It's predecessor was also a Food Saver and was around for over 5 years as well. All the consumables (bags, seals and sealing strip) are all available via the web. I guess we're several thousand dollars ahead of that game.
  4. tybee

    Random PicThread

    and when your parents are freaked, you know you should be, too. and then the kennedy assassination shortly there after, the teachers crying in the halls - i was thinking we were all gonna die... and eventually we all will.
  5. tybee

    Random PicThread

    i remember that shit.
  6. and now it's in california? https://www.cnn.com/videos/style/2020/12/03/california-monolith-mystery-pine-mountain-orig-vsop-bdk.cnn
  7. tybee

    Random PicThread

    my 64 beetle convertible (body by karmann, last of the wolf's heads, first year with a gas gauge), the 69 beetle and the 75 superbeetle convertible all had the battery under the right rear seat. only issue i ever had with the battery was when the '64 right rear floor panel rotted out and dropped the battery on a dirt road, piled up a bunch of leaves around the terminals as i dragged it down the road and started a fire. an interesting day. beetle survived about 4 more years until 85 camaro ran through it with me in it. shoved the engine and tranny forward about a foot. i broke a wooden roof spar with my head. i'd still have it other than that minor issue. to this day the wife is still pissed about it even though it wasn't my fault.
  8. tybee


    having grown up on the gulf coast and moving to the atlantic coast, gathering my own oysters, i am of the opinion that oysters in stuffing/dressing is a waste of oysters. eat the oysters raw and eat the dressing when the oysters are all gone.
  9. tybee

    Robert Fisk

    he does indeed appear to be one hell of a reporter
  10. tybee

    turning aluminum into Nickle

    a ceiling medallion would cover the hole...
  11. tybee


    probably either Alaga or Oligo syrup but who knows...
  12. tybee

    Random PicThread

    the AMC Ambassador had the same feature. very useful.
  13. tybee

    2020 Hurricane season

    I have a friend near biloxi. haven't heard from him since late yesterday afternoon...
  14. tybee

    Rethinking the drug war

    and that's the crux of the bisquit