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  1. Alaris

    Quick and easy RRS 2021 synopsis?

    Page 1 of 291... I was looking for a little bit more of a 30,000 foot view
  2. Where is everyone’s preferred summary of the 2021 changes? There are a lot of very dry YouTube videos and complete lists posted. I’d love to find a cliff’s notes version (video or text) to read and then drill down into the actual rules if I need more.
  3. Alaris

    New sail order headache

    It would probably have been better to just discuss this with the sailmaker rather than identifying them on an international sailing forum, at least until and unless they failed to make it right. Didn’t really give them a chance before airing the dirty laundry.
  4. Alaris

    Center cockpit vs aft cockpit

    I delivered a 43’ Viking from VA Beach to Hatteras and it’s the second of two times I’ve ever been seasick. And it had active stabilizers. The other time was on a Fleming 55 en route to the Bahamas, also with stabilizers.
  5. Alaris

    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    Pronouncing his keel good to go after rubbing a piece of lumber on it encapsulates the WTF of this entire project
  6. Alaris


    I believe that is correct. The J/32 and J/46 came out after the decimeter naming convention began and I think that was the justification.
  7. Alaris


    A million bucks for a 45 footer. What a world. We bought a J/44 new in 1990. I have to think even adjusted for inflation this is considerably more expensive.
  8. Alaris


    Okay I haven’t found one since 1990 unattractive the J/24 and J/30 are outliers
  9. Alaris


    That may be true, but I’ve never found a J unattractive.
  10. Alaris


    I’ve raced against them up on several occasions. Too much freeboard, too much visual mass. The visual center of gravity is too high. Superficially, sure they are similar, but the J is a better execution of the concept.
  11. Alaris

    what is it?

    Another boat that has no reason to have a reverse bow and will look dated in five years.
  12. Alaris

    Less than 30 foot daysailoor

    My father is about to be 74 and cruises his J/27 singlehanded. He did install a real head. He has had a great time with it.
  13. Alaris


    The J/160 was available with hull windows that I think are well executed.
  14. Alaris


    I truly do not understand why someone would buy a performance cruiser in 2020 and then spec teak decks. It’s not a Swan.
  15. Alaris


    I think it is much more attractive than the relatively clunky looking XP44. This doesn’t look as ungainly.