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  1. Agreed. It is however an encouraging day all around with the performance against Artemis at highish wind speeds, and a promising line up with Oracle. Hopefully the man on the ground comes through with some footage today so we can over analyse more then 10 seconds of footage.
  2. ETNZ looking fast there at the start and then Oracle looking good towards the end. I wonder how much of that was due to a change in Oracles angle bringing them closer to the camera or a puff. Certainly looked good for ETNZ initially tho.
  3. 3rd or 4th on the limited evidence we have seen sounds about right, I'm still pretty surprised how people are seemingly writing SB off tho. If Oracle are "the fastest" then surely SB are right in the mix, and possibly better then AR when it's not breezy which was where AR really shone. Im not gunna be surprised to see ETNZ in fourth unless it's quite light conditions after the first round or two.
  4. Does anyone know of somewhere doing betting on individual races ?
  5. It's Dalton being Dalton. He does a great job behind the scenes but never has been the most tactful in front of the media. A few things that stuck out for me in the interviews with him and Burling. They both suggested pretty strongly that ETNZ have plenty of upgrades up our sleeves and are waiting for the right time. Dalton hinted to suggest ETNZ may not look particularly great at the beginning of the regatta, in this and another recent interview where he said seemingly jokingly "we may not be one of the teams that look good at the start" but it sounds to me that is part of their plan - and more to do with the "San Fransisco effect", which eases my mind a little after not being massively impressed with them so far. I can't remember his exact line but that was the jist of it. Another interesting comment was when Dalton brought up legalities, and "fighting fire with fire". It makes me wonder if what is up their sleeve could potentially be open to challenge, although he seemed pretty confident they "were ready for anything". It almost seemed to me they think its likely there will be a protest. So many possibilities spring to mind already: the technicalaties of the daggerboard damage and repairs, the wing manipulation, or maybe secret game changing weapons still waiting in the shed. After both interviews I do feel a little more confident, they can obviously say what they want, but their tone and delivery are more telling to me, and neither seemed particularly uptight or over stressed. Like the majority of the supporters here I do get the sense we have plenty of performance to come, and I'm more comfortable that there is a certain degree of sandbagging going on. I did like hearing Dalts comparing this campaign to 1995 for sure. Anything but 2003!
  6. I completely agree. Sir Peter was a great man indeed but Sir Russell is on another level achievement wise. Not only all his world titles and immense success with Team New Zealand, Alinghi, and Oracle in a sailing capacity but his management success is far too often glossed over. CEO of Oracle for both their victories, and now trying to bring the Americas Cup forward with the ACEA. We all may not agree on the direction but I fully believe he is trying to move things forward into a sustainable and successful event. I think this event in Bermuda looks to be shaping up to be a big success, I think that the facilities and cup village look fantastic, I think the push for more exciting TV coverage is probably necessary in this day and age, and overall I think he is doing a fantastic job even though I'm not %100 behind all of his vision, he surely is Mr Americas Cup and is doing his best to bring it to the masses. I want to hate on him for being a "traitor", when him and Butterworth were my heroes growing up, I want to hate him for his apparent dislike for the current ETNZ, I want to hate on him for soo many things but if I take my one eyed NZ glasses off I see a man without peer achievement wise, and someone we don't celebrate nearly enough.
  7. Puhlease. Sailing Illustrated's "informed opinion" is anything but, as summed up by this nonsense. "Why SBTJ could win: Only if they make a quantum leap in speed and handling, and then only if extreme bad luck hits everyone else. The only team they will beat is the struggling Groupama Team France." As an ETNZ supporter I am more concerned with SBTJ then AR after their recent form, and I was already pretty afraid of AR. If anything its wing reliability issues for SBTJ but most certainly not speed/handling. What a bunch of arse SI.
  8. Ffs fuck off. Didn't need to see that shit you fucking arsehole sail today. Someone mentioned another americas cup forum, is it filled with morons like this one? Pm me if it's not.
  9. I'm not sure what footage some of you guys are watching but to me SBTJ have looked the best recently. Not sure if if this has been linked yet: http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/92563183/team-nz-keen-on-practice-racing-but-warns-its-all-a-phony-war "Really don't, look at the racing as a real indication of what's going to be on the cards in two weeks time. It will be a great learning experience but it certainly won't be a true indication of where everyone is at."
  10. \o/
  11. Yeah I can't imagine torpedo7 is gone, but there is a large yellow patch on the hull where their logo used to be so /shrug. Would be surprising considering tindalls involvement as has been said.
  12. Looks like he went over perilously close to that rudder.
  13. I feel like I may be a bit of a broken record at this stage with the "ETNZ don't look great to me" message, so i'm going to stop saying it. There are so many things wrong with what you have just said, and not just grammatically, but I'm going to leave it for now.
  14. http://www.portbermudawebcam.com/