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  1. Yes, she has been weighed at a hair over 7 metric tonnes. You can see more pics at the link below.
  2. Fujin has a rotating mast with a chord of about 17" so not really a wing mast, but still a fair bit of windage. When anchored we usually just let it rotate. In moderate winds, the boat will sometimes sail back and forth a bit. A bit more than monohulls anchored nearby, but not a big issue. When we're anchored with boats nearby, we've kept it rotated so it stays off to one side and this reduces the swing a bit. We've tried it fixed in the middle but that seemed to be about the same or a little bit more swing. If we were to leave the boat, we would let it rotate so if the wind came up, it wouldn't get crazy. We've anchored with gusts up to 25 or so, nothing substantial. The mast rotates about 50 degrees to either side with the main up. A bit more with no main on.
  3. Irma

    I keep seeing that video of the wiped out cottages at BEYC but haven't seen images of the main restaurant, shops and marina which are around the corner from the cottages and not visible in that video. Are there images of the main buildings?
  4. Thanks guys. Sometimes the stars align. It was an awesome ride in ideal conditions. We had long stretches doing 20-23 knots and hit 27 knots at one point. The lightest wind was at the start, then it built into high teens, low 20s at great reaching angles (90-120) for most of the race. Only one jibe for the whole race at Buzzards Bay.
  5. What is being changed between races

    They never stop tweaking.
  6. What is being changed between races

    Oracle came in, lifted the boat, then changed their rudders to go out and test them.
  7. Transpac 2017

    In 2015 on the J/125 Hamachi, we had a well known router helping us before the start. There was a tropical storm down south that the models showed might positively influence the weather to the south but it would require a big dive south. The morning before the start, we had a call with him and he was saying the routing was 70% in favor of the big dip to the south, but if the Tropical storm altered course, it could fall apart. Our own Expedition routing also suggested going south. The alternative was a far northern route (like the one above) but it didn't look that great. So after he was saying 70/30 N/S with more risk on the southern route, we asked him which route he would choose. He said "I would start on the rhumb line and see what happens." Which we did and it turned out great for us. The southern boats got killed. The models evolved to favor a northern route and we ended up heading gradually north after the 2nd day and it paid off. After 5 days, Hamachi and Varuna were the northernmost boats and ended up in a horse race to the finish. The boats that dove south at the start got hammered (Timeshaver among them). Resolute was on a similar route to us staying close in the light air for the first 2-3 days but they were sailing double handed and when we finally got into the trades and saw steady 18-22, they couldn't push the boat as hard. Sadly, Fujin had to pull the plug on Transpac this year. In late April, we were in St Martin getting ready to leave for the canal but our Canal agent told us the delays were 25-30 days for pleasure craft. So we lined up shipping from West Palm Beach to Ensenada. We had a signed deal and headed for WPB. After 1000 miles, we arrived WPB with a few days to spare before loading. Two days before loading in early May, the shipper (SevenStar) tells us they miscalculated their load and there was no room for us so we got bumped. There were late May shipping options but the schedule was getting too tight so we pulled the plug.
  8. 2017 Race to Alaska

    I just noticed FreeBurd is transmitting AIS so you can see them on Marinetraffic.com (and the cruise ships).
  9. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Close encounter with the Cruise ship. From AIS and Race Tracker within the last couple minutes side by side:
  10. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Wind reports all around the Ketchikan area show significant dropoff over the last couple hours with several zero reports. They are about to hit the windless wall. Given the lighter weight of FB, I think they have an advantage in a pedalfest. We'll see. They have around 20 NM to go. My money is on FB FTW finishing around 1430 PDT (1330 Ketchikan time).
  11. 2017 Race to Alaska

    FB is inside Campania island. Plenty of depth there and in the channel just north where they will have to turn left. That east/west channel north of Campania is a mile wide at the narrowest with plenty of water. Their only issue is that BB will be sailing a shorter distance so chance for a big gain.
  12. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Around 10:30 PM PDT, P&W/FB has about 16 miles to go before Seymour narrows moving at 8 knots down the rhumb line. As they get closer their positive current will accelerate. Max ebbs is just after midnight. Door closes around 3AM. It looks good that they will make it. But it is currently blowing 25 out of the northwest about 10 miles north of the narrows. It continues to be super narrow along there so that is a lot of tacking in a big breeze. Bad Kitty/Big Broderna are about 8 miles behind P&W, moving much slower. They will not get the same level of positive current until they get closer to the narrows. If they get into the same wind the P&W guys appear to have, I think they will make it.
  13. 2017 Race to Alaska

    From the tracker it looks like none of the boats still out there can make headway west to reach the entrance to Victoria. Hein Bank is reporting 27 knots gustig to 34. I imagine the waves are pretty gnarly and with a 1-2 knot flood at Trial Island (max flood is around 4PM), it is going to be a long day for these guys. Forecast is for the wind to moderate over the next couple hours so hopefully conditions allow most of them to get in before dark if they don't quit.
  14. Boat and Container from Spain To US

    Check Sevenstar: http://www.sevenstar-yacht-transport.com
  15. BVI spring regatta

    For the serious multihull junkies, you can watch the BVI racing via AIS (marinetraffic.com). I have no idea what happened in the first race, but race 2 is in progress and Extreme and Elvis are very close with Extreme holding a small lead. Nala is a mile or so back. Race started just north of Peter Island and they are just rounding the Dog Islands. Not sure where the next leg takes them.