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  1. drunkenSailor858

    what is it?

    From the recent nationals boat park walk. https://m.facebook.com/ukcherub/
  2. drunkenSailor858

    what is it?

    Lol. It's a boats that about 9 years old and not the one that looks most like a I14.... some even foil
  3. drunkenSailor858

    Swede 55

    the one in cape town having just ripped there head off. they still made the finish of the race while hand stiching the sail for the nexts days racing. This was pre start on the long distance down the coast.
  4. drunkenSailor858

    Swede 55

    There is one in Cape town and is sailed by a whole crew who are over 75. They have a small bow sprit and sail with A sails. they do pretty well. they won this weekends Comp. Still impressed as the bowmain is 85+
  5. drunkenSailor858

    newbie bowman tips

    I'm impressed... I thought I'd seen it all in Phuket... do u have a copy of that film??
  6. drunkenSailor858

    newbie bowman tips

    no from the top down. we normal have one person going up the leech and the other going along the foot then gathering the rest in once most of the way along the foot.
  7. drunkenSailor858

    newbie bowman tips

    well it keeps weight off the bow. and this is for an end to end pole. Dip pole i would leave on the mast. (except when it's the super long type that sticks 2 meters over the bow when on the mast.) also means you don't have to go to the bow to prep the beak can be done from teh rail
  8. drunkenSailor858

    newbie bowman tips

    On our boat(26ft end to end) we don't worry about the jib sheets at all. we leave the pole next to the jib track on the side deck on teh inside of the stays. when you get to the top mark we pull up the pole to a pre marked hight and it dangles wih just the sheet in the one side. (the lazy jib sheet goes over the pole. but can go under niether if you pull pole back and flick teh pole on top of it.{if jib sheets aren't long enough}) as we round i run forward and push it out, click it on the mast and start bouncing the spin halyard. ect. on the gybes i don't worry at all about the jib sheets. when you get to the bottom mark we alwas do float drops with out a pole (normally weather drops ready for next hoist.) once the pole is off the kite and mast we push it right back inside the teh stays and flick teh lazy sheet over the front end. and then drop teh kite. As long as you remeber to flick it over the end as you put it on the deck you will be fine. i basicly do everything forward of cockpit apart from tailing the halyards. Question: Where do poeple leave there poles while going upwind. do you clip it to the side stay or base of teh mast or lying lose in side the stay. regards drunkenSailor