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  1. What do i win? The dumbest question ever asked ????
  2. Ha Ha.... That simple... Thank you. People who have witnessed internet after the age of 40 should not be allowed to browse here in the first place.
  3. I open up SA after being away for a couple of days. A little window pops up at the bottom saying i have a new notification. A reply or a quote by so and so. While i am busy clicking away some other posts and not making a mental register, it vanishes for good. Then me wonders which thread it might be and whom it might be. If it is a thread recent enough for a day or so, perhaps i can dig them in and find it. Over two days or so it is buried so deep that i do not know how to recover. Is there a simple way to find it. ?
  4. Omer

    What's your approach to Risk Management?

    Staying at home is the best strategy.
  5. Omer

    Missing pic on Front Page?

    I couldnt find a picture taken from the same angle but this is close..
  6. Omer

    Missing pic on Front Page?

    The boat looks to me as an international Dragon with a coachroof added.
  7. Omer

    How can you resist the Temptation?

    It is not easy to be beautiful and strong. Like a diamond. Only a diamond can cut itself. Nobody else.
  8. Omer

    Diesel Engine Delete

    Being inexperienced is many times better than being stupid. At least I have room to improve as opposed to spinning wheels, being ignorant to how fast life/technology is changing as others put it so nicely. We are exchanging ideas here. There are better ways to relieve frustration.
  9. Omer

    Diesel Engine Delete

    Some day, somebody, not too distant in the future shall produce cruising sails which will produce PV (electrical) energy. And that will be the end of this discussion. When you sail, you will have more energy stored in your batteries than you will ever need. When moored in a marina, on calm days , you will hoist your mainsail, plug into the main grid and sell this energy to pay all all the expenses of your boat. Sail makers shall arrange loans for new sails and battery banks which shall pay for themselves without you paying a penny for them. All you shall need to do is to locate your boat in a relatively sunny place. Which is plenty and what we already desire anyway.
  10. Omer

    Diesel Engine Delete

    No body said it will be more efficient. But after deducting transmission losses and adding weight reduction gains possibly the margin shall be ignorable. I love people who can talk with numbers. Perhaps you can tell us what the brake horsepower a Diesel engine is quoted as tested on a dynamometer versus the actual shaft output. Meaning what are the percentage mechanical transmission losses vs energy conversion losses.Then we can compare it without making any shit. By the way, we are not talking about a megawatt power plant running 7x24 , where one percent efficiency is paramount between success and failure. How much fuel one guy can consume on a cruising boat even if he motored head on across the North Atlantic in winter. The money he would pay in excess would be far less than what he would pay in any other means :-)
  11. Omer

    Diesel Engine Delete

    I did not mean the motor would be lighter than the transmission alone. I intended to say the electric motor would be significantly lighter than the diesel engine, transmission, starting motor, clutch, starting battery etc, etc put together. Generator head included in the Gen Set is not ignored in the sense that the owner desires to have a substantial generator anyway. So on one side of the scale you have one complete Diesel Gen Set , one electric motor and cabling etc. On the other side of the scale you have two Diesel engines each with a generator head plus transmission, shafting, bearings, separate starting battery etc. I guess the former package would easily be lighter by a few hundred Lbs. One other benefit of the electric propulsion not mentioned is that it is virtually vibration free and noise free. Generators are usually built or sound proofed to be as quiet as possible. Imagine driving your boat in dead calm in the middle of the night for hours on end where two diesel engines running at two different rpms creating all sorts of harmonics acoustic or mechanical. Then imagine switching off the driving Diesel and be left with the subdued whine of the generator only.
  12. Omer

    Diesel Engine Delete

    The so called electrical to mechanical conversion has losses. But do not forget that a diesel engine transmission/reduction gears also have significant losses. So the difference may not be as large as mentioned. Also on the plus side, en electric motor is much lighter, probably requires a shorter shaft/simpler bearing which contributes to saving fuel. A diesel engine occupies a lot of space where space is usually at minimum at the rear end. On the other hand you can locate a generator basically anywhere. If I were you I wouldnt worry about increased consumption. But worry about everything else mentioned.
  13. Omer

    PVC conduit inside mast?

    I do not like the idea of leaving zip tie ends messing around inside the mast. How about splitting a bottle cork longitudinally, wrap around the wire at intervals and zip tie leaving no tails. Light, quiet and nothing to corrode. Similarly you can use bubble wrap.
  14. Omer

    Then and now

    I guess the modern one is the 'Maltese Falcon' I always wondered what happens if one or more of her sails get jammed in a gale in confined waters and you cannot control the rig and/or the boat. Is there a built in system to avoid this and how? No matter how sophisticated the technology is involved every mechanical device is prone to malfunction one day or another. There is so much camber on her sails that feathering the rig would probably shake her like a rattle snake.