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  1. Omer

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Why bother to race all that distance. Waste of time, effort and money. The race re- starts around the corner anyway. The next S2H should be from the corner to the finish line. :-)
  2. Forget about the women. What kind of a boat is that. Is that a mizzen mast or the companionway hatch put the wrong way, facing the bow. If it is a ketch, I wonder how they steer it. As there is no wheel or tiller in sight.
  3. I completely agree. Too much effort put into it to make it sleek. Resulting in a house not man enough for the boat. Looks like a piece of slab, not in harmony with the rest of the curves around it.
  4. My eye is begging for a cove line starting just behind and alingned with the bow sprit , following the sheer and ending before the stern.
  5. Owning any good looking 70 foot sexy boat is like putting your arm around the waist of a good looking tall women of equal proportions regardless of age. It has nothing to do with cost or up keeping her. If you can afford it, do not worry your pretty little head , go for it and enjoy the hell out of your life. Spending much more and decorating your ego corner with silverware that you have won wears off much quicker than whom you love, be proud to be with her and enjoy her with her.
  6. Omer

    50% chance of thunderstorm...sail?

    From the short video of lightning striking the boat, i am surprised that there seems to be little or no damage to the mast and rigging. And the boat itself seems o.k. Would you not expect the mast coming down or the bolt punching a hole through the hull?
  7. Omer

    Caption Contest

    Traditional method of checking speed. Only the instuments differ.
  8. Do not under estimate where inexperienced people take their boats to and under what conditions. Especially for those who needed this question to be answered. Under the right conditions, and under the right person helming, (breaking steep waves like a wall) even in relatively sheltered seas like the Meditteranean you can roll her over easily without a single sail being set.
  9. Basically a monohull on its ear have chance to right itself. A multihull on its ear... it is game over.
  10. Omer

    Carnage at the Bol D'Or

    Did they have to go DDW? Why not make a slght course change, ease the main fully and sacrifice the sail, rather than loosing the rig.
  11. Omer

    Carnage at the Bol D'Or

    Nowhere in the video i see the main ripping through the spreaders. And the sheeting angle looks to me to be half way. Also nowhere in the video the vang is eased. Anyway thanks for your comments. What would we do without a professional like yourself.
  12. Omer

    Carnage at the Bol D'Or

    Looking at the flag, and the main sheeting, it is apparent that the main is under full pressure. But quite some room left to ease the main. If they eased the main to its full extent to spill some pressure, would it save the rig and the day?
  13. Omer

    Carnage at the Bol D'Or

    It is not about winning the race. It is all about challenge. Having come that far to enter a boat race like this takes years of learning, patience,courage, and a sportive heart. Cuore Sportivo as Alfa Romeo cars carry as their amblem. So when you are confronted with a situation like that, what kicks in, is not the desire to win but the desire to be able to control the elements and come out on top. Everything about sailing whether racing or not, in any patch of water, on any boat, at any experience level is all about putting yourself against the elements. Winning in this context has nothing to do with winning against your competitors. It is all about beating youself against yourself. Thats why we love this sport. The unpredictability factor not found in many other sports makes us that little bit more special.
  14. Omer

    Carnage at the Bol D'Or

    God they were fast. but not fast enough. It was a mistake to get the spinnaker down. If they held onto it and made 50 knots, they would outrun the wind :-)