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  1. May be because the photo is not taken from sea level. Or perhaps the boom is not horizontal in the top picture above that it looked higher than it is.
  2. What is that thingy hanging off the bow?
  3. Bob, is the boom slightly higher than we are accustomed to? And If yes, is there a specific reason for that?
  4. The upper right boat is interesting. The bottom half of the mast is still there with the boom, whereas the top half is gone. even if she collided with another boat drifting past, i would expect to see a buckled mess of mast and rigging.If she lost the forestay and all that first, you would still have a mast buckled but somewhat attached to the stays. Her mast and rigging seems to be cut by a razor. The force of the wind must be such that the windage of the mast rips it of clean where it is buckled together with all the rigging. Truly amazing. Any other ideas as to how this had happened?
  5. Are there any videos showing how those big catamarans are flipping over and flying hundreds of meters? I would love to witness the strength of the wind from that angle.
  6. No chance for self insurance. There are not enough items and not enough time to accumulate that fund. Unless you have 50.000 of a specimen to insure for, and 10 years between mean time failure, you cannot match the current system. It is all about theory of large numbers. İmagine you have a fleet of 1.000 boats, each worth 100.000 dollars. You have an exposure of 100.000.000 dollars. If you have a risk of loosing 50 percent of them in just catastrophic risks in ten years (which is highly optimistic) you need to create a 50.000.000 dollars fund in ten years. Which corresponds to 5.000 dollars per boat per year. This may not seem unreasonable at first sight. But do not forget that this is only for cathastrophic losses. You need just as much for mundane losses. And if this is not scary enough, imagine you got cought five years from now and loose 50 percent of 100 M dollars, where your funds barely reach 25.
  7. The future of the charter industry not only depends upon how they recover from the current disaster but also on how the insurance companies shall react to it in the future. I do not have the chart at hand to show you the increse of claims paid in Billions of Dollars since hurricane 'Andrew' some 25 years ago. But believe me it is definately more than double if not triple. And it is steadily rising. Some of these Dollars are attributable to increse of sums insured over these years. But a larger portion is due to increased frequency and severety which in all likelyhood shall continue to rise. Insurers couldnt give a damn about salvaging an industry. They just have to recover their losses and make sure they are not going to make a loss going forward. This means two things. They either charge an exhorbitant premium with an unreasonable deductible, or simply they do not provide coverage. Either way the chartering industry is facing a very hard time.
  8. Bob I definately want a really dark blue. how about white- green like oxidised copper for wale and stripe and slightly off white tops. I also have a question. Speed wise- All other things being equal, how would you compare this boat with one with a conventional GRP hull but with a fin keel? i.e. more weight but less wetted area.
  9. Bob, will they all be white? I guess a darker colour would also be very nice.
  10. Precisely... There are enough nuisances already. So why add another one. Storing it to one side is ok. but with the boat pictured above, where would you tie it to? There arent any stanchions. Shrouds are miles away, the only cleat you have is too far forward. Unless it is dead calm, you have a massive object constantly swaying around.Maybe it wouldnt bother most. But i hate loose objects moving around the boat with every little motion of the boat. like having a tiller you cannot lift or detach.
  11. What about when not sailing? Do you jump over it, duck underneath, go before the forestay or take a longer route across the cockpit each time you need to attend to something on either side of the foredeck? I guess i would find that a bit of a nuisance after a while.
  12. Wet / Damp sail and very little wind scenario. The darker the colour the faster it dries and fills up.
  13. Ha Ha Ha......If that is really a stern nav light, it must be one of the biggest jokes...Imagine it is coming on and off every time the rudder moves. Then what is that black plasticky bit mounted on an offset wooden block?
  14. Lots of interesting items attached to the stern. What is that vertical stick with a rope attached to it? What is that shiny chrome dome on top of the rudder?
  15. That was the first thing which came to my mind. But they tend to be more of a square shape than a strip.