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  1. "Viet Nam" documentary by Ken Burns

    Watched all 10 episodes. John Musgrave is far and away my favorite character.
  2. AC Qualifiers Day One (May 26th 2017)

    stupid question - why is OTUSA included in the qualifier? Edit - skimmed the thread, I guess it was not a stupid question.
  3. Team NZ

    Will the guy making the women's orgasm noises be pedaling?
  4. Logistics for AC viewing - Bermuda

    I guess I am jonesing for San Francisco. It was neither expensive or pointless. I don't think Bermuda will be pointless either. I have never been there but it does not look too bad logistically. The flights and accommodations (going fast) are expensive. I found a place on the little sound that is not extremely expensive. It seems close to the western end of the great sound and the AC village but probably not walking distance like I was in SF. I don't know anything about Bermuda as I've never been there.
  5. I am thinking about booking a trip. Where is the best place to stay to be close to viewing? I went to SF last time and stayed at Cow Hollow suites which was walking distance through the marina district to viewing near the Golden Gate Yacht Club. That was ideal and a lot of fun. Would like to be close to the AC village again and know what to expect. Maps appreciated...
  6. Check the measurement certificate. Someone smarter than me can say what to look for on the certificate.
  7. Bad Times in Mobile

    So for the audience here, what would you have done if you were the small sailboat with main up and several crew that the boat in the video passed ? Looking for a constructive response to what to do when you are caught unprepared (mainsail up) and need to ride out a major squall. e.g get sail down, point into the wind, how to keep the boat stable etc.
  8. News from SF Embarcadero...

    I saw a lot of happy Kiwis sitting in lawn chairs with picnics on the shoreline at Marina Green enjoying the free view. And of course the Chrissy Beach was free as always. There were no other beaches involved so don't get the above comments about beaches at all. Confused....
  9. On-scene in San Francisco

    Headed there tomorrow from Texas. I was just commenting to my wife that no one around here is even following the AC. Not surprised all the tourists there don't know of the regatta. It's stunning to me that LE with all his resources and experience did not pony up a strong marketing type to get this thing off the ground. It a shame for SF and for the AC.
  10. Random PicThread

    For me pot was neither an upper or a downer. It enhanced my regular state of calm introspection. Have not smoked in 25 years. I enjoyed it a lot at first until it became really strong. I was a Mexican, Columbian and Vermont homegrown fan. That Humbolt county stuff put me over the edge. Probably why I just stuck with beer and occasional Gin. Fucking light weight I am.
  11. Fucking TeamWork Video

    What kills me is the crew cannot even open a beer for the skipper. Come on Keeldragger, get a bar wench...