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  1. mdeyoung

    "Dis is Sayula"

    Back when Watts Sails became Sobstad I called the new company "Wattstad" I'll look through my pile of old sails and sail bags for any Watts labels. Blackbeard
  2. mdeyoung

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Always thought the 43 was the prettiest production boat C&C ever built. Hey Titmouse......the 43 was built at the Custom was not a production boat....they were all different.....glad to help. The hulls were different?. The June 1971 magazine article/review stated: The accommodations of the "43" may be varied within the standard hull and deck moldings. From the September 1971 magazine C&C advertisement ...'Limited editions' (with custom designed and custom built interiors) and "one off" yachts... "Built by Bruckmann". Our 1970 C&C 43 is hull #1 of the Limited Edition series 43's. Launched as "Arieto", the interior is significantly different than the other 43's I have seen or seen pictures off. The hull, deck, and keel are similar to the early 43's however I have read that some of the 43's completed in the late 70's (maybe hull # 14 or 15) had updated keels and rudders. In the mid 70's hulls # 1 and 2 ("Arieto" and "Destination") had their sterns bobbed (looked like a C&C 39 stern) to help with the IOR ratings. To my knowledge these were the only two hulls bobbed. Hull #2 has since had its stern mostly restored with the addition of a swim step. Hull #1 is still bobbed. There are a few full custom 43's with different hull and deck designs. There is also a Landfall 43 that was designed and built for longer range cruising. Some of these newer 43's were built in the 80's. Blackbeard
  3. mdeyoung

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Here are the "then and now" photos for the 1971 C&C 43 Arieto (then Phantom, Esta Es, & Calypso): 1971 Arieto, maybe at SORC 1971 or 1972: 1980's as Phantom on the great lakes (later as Esta Es): 2009 as Calypso on Puget Sound:
  4. I'd love to see any photos of your boat that you have,if you don't mind of course.