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  1. Black Sox

    The Zombie Fleet

    The owner should be fined for littering. "... and creatin' a nuisance..."
  2. Black Sox

    Best Lyrics Ever

    "The concrete, Broke your fall"
  3. Black Sox

    Trump to visit Ireland

    "Scheduling issues", whatever the fuck that means.
  4. Black Sox

    Show your boat not sailing

    Isn't there a thread about boat names this belongs in???
  5. C'mon LB, tell us what you really think.
  6. Black Sox

    Civil kindness.

    i thought there were 10 types. those who understand binary, and those who don't. 3
  7. Black Sox

    Random PicThread

    At last, photographic evidence that the back front back front middle back front fell off.
  8. Black Sox

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Or roof racks. That'd be handy too. FB- Doug At Hyeres a few years ago, I saw an Aston Martin, (newish model, don't know which), with roof bars for his Laser. At first I wondered how someone could defile such a beautiful car. Then i wondered whether a towbar and trailer would be worse. The owner probably didn't give a toss; he was the one driving the nice car to a nice place and sailing in a good event.
  9. Black Sox

    Vitamix 750 Blender

    PB, we talked about this, remember? Always, always, always feed the bodies to the pigs. No evidence left behind.
  10. Black Sox

    Trump to visit Ireland

    What would really piss him off would be if we all just ignored the visit. And fly those blimps everywhere.
  11. Black Sox

    Trump to visit Ireland

    I'm 100% with Mad on this.
  12. Black Sox

    What Did I Ever Do to Piss Off the Gods?

    Glad you're still around Ed. Any chance you might record some of the episodes in those 124 years? Like we keep asking PB to do.
  13. Black Sox

    cooking a tough business

    Was he grumpy about it? Happy?
  14. Black Sox

    Yacht Season Series

    and dispose of them securely afterwards when fully used.