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  1. Black Sox

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Going through Limerick, I’d be more concerned for your wallet than your rig. Don’t stop, no matter what. ()
  2. Black Sox

    COVID Dreaming

    Good luck with whatever you’re getting done and try to keep in your mind when the nurse is talking to you that the three things in life you can be sure of are death, taxes and a nurse. In fact, mention it to the nurse and report back to the group???
  3. Black Sox

    COVID Dreaming

    That image made me laugh out loud. Should sustain me for the rest of the day, thanks! You didn’t stop to “smell the roses”? Or did you want to but couldn’t? Dreams can definitely be weird.
  4. Black Sox

    Caption Contest

    Entering Stealth Mode, Captain.
  5. Black Sox

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Went to the air show a few years ago. It was held off the beach at Bray, Co. Wicklow. A nice long promenade for the spectators and the aircraft doing their stuff a couple of miles out to sea, presumably to minimise casualties in the event of an unplanned catastrophe. So we travelled by boat and loitered offshore, right under the play area. All very cool and impressive, fancy manoeuvres, high-speed turns, close flying etc. A Saab Viggen (I think) came down the coast and went vertical. Right over us, so we were looking up his tailpipe. The noise was such that i could feel my whole body tremble. Spectacular. R116 goes out over my house most weekends for training around Lambay and Dublin Bay. Always brings Dara Fitzpatrick to mind. Have to say I don’t mind that noise.
  6. Black Sox

    Did You Know...

    The words one, two and three each have the appropriate number of consonants. On a digital clock, the numbers of segments lit for 4, 5 and 6 are, respectively, 4, 5 and 6. The number of segments lit for 8 is 7, 1 less than 8, and the number of segments lit for 9 is 6, 3 less than 9. Take the 6 above and multiply it by the only positive number not yet mentioned, 7,... Now tell me the universe isn’t a massive card trick. Coat, tin-foil hat, leaving...
  7. Black Sox

    COVID Dreaming

    My son had a dream in which he told a joke that was so funny (at the time) that his own laughing woke him up. That’s the kind of dream I want to have.
  8. Black Sox

    Random PicThread

    As noted in a different thread, I’m fairly sure I met her in a Galway nightclub on a stag weekend, years ago. Or maybe it was her sister. Not a great kisser but I do remember she had a great sense of humour.
  9. Black Sox

    50th Anniversary of the exploding whale

    that show is awesome LOL Thanks for the recommendation. Fair enough, will try to give it a look, so.
  10. Black Sox

    50th Anniversary of the exploding whale

    What. The. Fuck. ???
  11. Black Sox

    Coolboats to admire

    Pillows, forsooth! Kids deze daze
  12. Black Sox

    Tower Raven missing

    The raven is just off delivering a message to The Wall. ”Winter is coming.”
  13. Black Sox

    Random PicThread

    An IOR submarine? A prototype for Faziszi?
  14. Black Sox

    Santa Cruz Opti surfing

    Tow them through the dangerous part one at a time, then let them sail/paddle/drift to the beach?
  15. Black Sox

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    And what about her? Would you?