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  1. Help me cure my polynavicular morbus

    Don't be so hard on yourself. You'll realise when you get it up and running that you find a use for it and therefore did need it after all.
  2. Fails

    I heard somewhere that the bowman was actually on the bow when that shot was taken. Can you shed any light on that?
  3. LONQR

    Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge.
  4. Say It from the FP

    Tell that to the kids today, they won't believe you.
  5. annoying use of the language

    My boss asked me to "establish the fact-pattern and circle back on that piece". I shit you not. May have mentioned this before but it still bothers me.
  6. annoying use of the language

    Her tit's what? Colour? Side? Shape? (See what I did there?)
  7. G Capt news

    Parking by touch.
  8. F@#%ing Mice in car anarchy.

    A similar question with crickets - how do they jump with balls that big? Maybe they're Australian moths and crickets, bodies in proportion to these balls; everything there is designed to kill you so the Oz moths and crickets do it by blunt force trauma to your head. To the OP: I was having a smoke (yeah, yeah) in the basement garage at the office when a colleague pulled his diesel Range Rover into a parking space beside me. After he shut down and got out, there was an unusual noise still coming from the car. We looked, puzzled, at each other for a few moments, he opened the bonnet (hood) and, lo and behold, there was a kitten sitting on his air cleaner, mewing. Turns out the little fucker came all the way from Limerick. And survived. Reckon he's your solution. Limerick is fondly referred to as "Stab City" so he'd be well hard. "A few small mice? No fuckin' problem, Boy!"
  9. annoying use of the language

    "It's a game of two halves." Really? Wow. Thanks for the information. Now I understand everything about the finer technical points of the sport.
  10. Why I Hate Little Dogs.........

    All good.
  11. PNM

    "She said that she had always wanted to fish from a boat, as opposed to from the shore. So I bought a boat from this nice guy Rusty Laru and off we went. Everything went fine for a couple of hours; the sun shone, we had a snack and even caught some fish. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a waterspout. It bore down on us and snatched my wife away before I could do anything about it. And that, Your Honour, is the case for the defence."
  12. Why I Hate Little Dogs.........

    Nice mutt. And on the right is?? Something from Star Wars??
  13. annoying use of the language

    Here's a rule I sometimes apply: Never use two words when one, or fewer, will do.
  14. annoying use of the language

    Using the word "multiple" when describing more than a single instance, in an attempt to sound all official and shit, like. FFS, just say "many", "some", "a few". I am proud that I once used the phrase "let's throw that into the think-wok and give it a stir" in a meeting and only one other person noticed the sarcasm.
  15. annoying use of the language

    Similarly, "Where are you at?" What's wrong with "Where are you?"?
  16. Is Clean gone ?

    I know a chap in a wheelchair who gets that question all the time and it goes like this: "You know you can play basketball in a wheelchair?" "No, I can't" "Of course you can." " No, I can't" "What makes you say that?" "I don't know the rules. Now fuck off and patronise someone else."
  17. Thaïlande : Boun bang fai !

    Elon Musk, eat your heart out.
  18. Ireland to get first official nude beach

    There'll be a border on it. Oh yes.
  19. The Onion

    From the Paddies - Waterford Whispers
  20. Dive, Dive, Dive!!! (Whoop, whoop, whoop in the background)
  21. Who do you think you are, being all reasonable, commonsensical and shit in this thread?
  22. Darwin award candidate?

    He had a shellfish allergy and figured it would be OK to put his dick in one? YCMTSU
  23. Quarter century

    You could have killed her twice and be out on parole by now! Kidding. Congratulations.
  24. caption contest

    Let me show you how to tie a Turk's Head in that.
  25. caption contest

    Hey, is that a hiking strap or are you just... Never mind