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  1. Mini Transat 2017

    In the Series fleet it appears that Le Draoulec has jibed to starboard, in my book it appears he is spending quite a bit of his lead over Cremer. Breaking the golden rule of not staying between his competition and the mark. My guess is he going to lose 30 miles over the next 8 hours?
  2. Make N2E Great Again

    Like any race over time the race will have it's ebbs and floods. There is no easy fix to all of a sudden having attendance increase, the race committee has done a good job by moving the event to the Coral and providing busses for the return trip. One way to sell the event is with more media coverage. If there was a way to stream the awards and interview the participants? Interviews would included just off the boat at the dock, interviews on the way home on the buss would be interesting, have a drone boat follow the race, use yellow brick, acknowledge the participant with the best onboard video. I have had the silly idea of having the cruising class pick up balloons and plastic along the way and award them some time and acknowledgement. Focus on the smaller boat classes, thats were the numbers are. Think of better ways of selling the race? Have a committee attend the different yacht clubs awards nights and sell the event, the race seminars have been a fantastic idea to close the deal with participants still on the fence. I would think that most people are considering participating in the months of December through February. Stay off the S/A forums as a means to promote attendance. The trolls and the off subject matter produces nothing of any use. Ad space on S/A is effective with after race results, race summaries, videos and photos, with easy links to the NOSA web site. Ideas are the easy part, who is going todo all the hard work is the real question?
  3. Transpac 2017

    Hitch, Would the results have changed much if the rating were based on "Time/Distance"?
  4. Transpac 2017

    Looks like my picks where at best 50/50? Div. 1 Do ratings count in this Div? Div 2. Mouse won, GI might have done better with more breeze at the end. Div 3. I missed the winner, although not far off target Div 4. I love it when a plan comes together. Div 5. This was obvious from the start. Div 6. Difficult to beat a Hobie 33. Div 7. My second picks took it, with the Cal 40's. Thats four out of seven divisions, with my back ups staying close. Observation: Top four overall winners were sailed very well, there we also planning boats. Should the next Trans Pac place the planning boats into their own division, with their own overall?
  5. Transpac 2017

    Here are our guestimates, bummed that Sweet Okole isn't racing this Transpac. Division 0: Agree. Division 0A/Multihull: Kastor Pollux, a slam dunk Division 1: It'll be a match between Comanche and Rio100, and I wouldn't discount the Canadian entry, Kinetic V. Division 2: Grand Illusion and Pyewacket, only because they're the WaikikiYC entries. Division 3: Undecided. Division 4: Oaxaca. Well, because Dee Caffari's helming. I would place my bet's on: Division 0: Pass Division1: Comanche: Difficult to bet against Honey and one of the biggest badest boats on the planet. Division 2: Have to go with the Mouse and their boat speed, very difficult to bet against O'Brien and the GI team. Division 3: Always difficult to beat a J 125, Fuller runs a well prepared boat they are going to have to catch Varuna? It will be close, Resolute for the win, both boats will do well overall Division 4: I view this fleet in aah, ten similar boats, you can almost call it the last of corinthian class/one design ocean racing? For all the 40 + year old armchair racers this year with the dream, in what other class can you have real food, with a real head and a dry bunk? Then add the exhilaration of "Fast is Fun", aboard Horizon in this years Coastal Cup we hit a new boat speed recorded of 28.8 knots. Why would you not want to join this class? It would bring us the wrong JuJu if I was to bet on this class, I might point out we did have a substantial delta on the rest of our fleet in this years Coastal Cup. To the other competitors in our class, enjoy the moment this is going to be a memorable race. Division 5: I am going to have to go with Locomotive, they have been on the race course this year and will have to assume they are the best prepared. Division 6: I do have any information on this fleet, although always difficult to bet against a Hobie 33 Division 7: How to you bet against Pearlman, 7th Trans Pac, good crew and well prepared. They will have to sail fewer miles than the Cal 40's. Lets hope for wind!
  6. N2E is the New KWRW

    Has anyone checked out the weather forecast for next weekend, from my chair it appears I need to go dust off the 6A? Aboard the SC 50 Horizon it is all about preparing for this years Trans Pac and it appears we will be getting some good practice in. "You have to play to win."
  7. Contact http://www.doublewave.com. John will take care of you.
  8. PAC 52

    To bad they just did not go with the Club Swan 50's they will have resale value, have to think that the cost of the boat is miniscule to the cost of a three year sailing program.
  9. zero the hero

    I thought merely working for a company didn't put you in group 3. However, the coach part would even if it is occasionally. I don't think this answers the OP questions. But this has been my concern with todays World Sailings definition of "Pro Sailor". I sell racing sailboats therefore I am a Cat 3 pro. I also sell Sport fisher power boats and do not know how to bait a hook. Under this example I am also a pro fisherman. This is why I feel the local fleets should define and determine the pro status.
  10. zero the hero

    How do class rules help PHRF, ORC, etc? Not everyone being paid to sail (to win) is sailing OD... I consider PHRF, ORC, and ORR a class that can be governed by their local and district boards.
  11. zero the hero

    Of the questions asked: 1. What can or should be done about people who lie about being paid to race when they register with ISAF Sailor. 2 The owners who falsely register sailors they pay as Group 1 sailors? 3. What are the flaws in the system? 4. Would there be a better system and if so what would it be? I feel strong class rules have come the closest to answering most of these questions. The definition of a professional sailor should be defined clearly in the class rules, rather than differing to an outside authority. An owner driver rule along with a crew participation rule during fleet or championship regattas might solve many of these questions. For the major regattas the owner would submit his crew list, for example the crew would have had to sailed in four regattas that season to participate in the major events. Should the owner need to fill an open spot they would petition the class board to allow the perspective crew members. This concept will increase participation throughout the sailing season by allowing the lower skilled crew members to participate in the major events and keep owners from stacking their crew. Which I feel is the flaw in the system. ​It still comes down to getting involved with your local fleets be it one-design, handicapped racing or volunteering for race management.
  12. Marine Surveryor

    A buyers survey and a "stem to stern" survey are the same thing and what the OP is looking for. The other type of survey is a limited survey often used for an insurance claim if damage has occurred. Most (maybe all) boat insurance companies will require a recent complete buyers survey if you plan on buying a boat and having it insured. A buyers survey can also be very useful for things other than to "nickel and dime" the seller, for instance uncovering big cost items which may not be apparent to either the seller or buyer who are both emotionally involved in the transaction. Buying a boat without a survey has the potential to be like dating a super hot girl who seemed so normal at first but after a while and when it's too late you realize she's bat shit crazy. Your definition of a "Buyers Survey" is different than mine. This term has been used when describing an inflated recommendation and CG violations list.
  13. Marine Surveryor

    Your description of a "buyers surveyor" just makes me shake my head in disbelief. All the best surveyors only have one way of inspecting a vessel and that is from stem to stern, providing you with the ships specifications then listing their findings and recommendations. Should you wish to nickel and dime the seller after inspections will be up to you and how much you want the boat. Best wishes.
  14. Pacific Cup 2016

    Horizon (481.0) Santa Cruz 50 Jack Taylor 16 Jul 2010 22:01:39 HST 8d 11:46:39 - 1 1 First to Finish. Winner, 2010 Pacific Cup. Navigator Award awarded to Jon Shampain. Latitude 38 Performance Trophy ETA for J World 8 days, say shit! I thought the nine day mark would be a barn burner.
  15. Pacific Cup 2016

    It appears that the SC 50 J World could set a new record to Hawaii for a SC 50. Tom what is Horizons best time?