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  1. The Harbor 20 owners have been sailing with family members and or single-handed in Newport Beach, we are going on week seven and averaging 25 boats each week. H20 "Nuts Series"
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    Disappointing in Southern California, NOOD, Yachting Cup, Baldwin Cup, Ensenada cancelled. NHYC just cancelled this weekends H20 racing.... What are you going to do! I sent a letter to my commodore today trying to explain this is the new normal, we can still race just cannot party at the club afterwards. Begging them not to cancel this summers twilight/beercan series.
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    Brokers - worth it? (probably)

    http://lenboseyachts.blogspot.com/2014/12/yacht-brokers-credit-where-credit-is-due.html The simple answer is "just go boating"!
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    junior thug life

    Life gets shorter, similar to a good vintage of wine. At this point of my life I am all about "Happy Hiking" with a proper podium presentation?
  5. Copy that, I would also add the CORW in June! They are perfect for the sailor that does not want to sail offshore in a carbon casket under six feet of water.
  6. Dude

    J/125 - A Real Unicorn

    I would whole heartily agree with your assessment, specifically "PHRF has no ability to adequately handicap boats that plane in moderate wind speeds." Although, I would recognize planing at any wind speed. PHRF, in my area, rates boats at 12 knots of true wind speed. Think we are saying the same thing, very difficult to rate planning boats.
  7. Dude

    J/125 - A Real Unicorn

    I am thinking more like a PHRF of -30 in winds over 15. The J 125 provides great value to point to point racing on the West Coast, similar to the Santa Cruz product. I would speculate that well built TP 52's and Rogers 46 might even do the same.
  8. Dude

    N2E changes

    I agree Tom, I had a great time sailing with a different group on a fast boat. One thing stays the same, fast boats make you smart!
  9. Dude

    get off my lawn!

    I have to disagree with the Op-Ed from the front page titled "get off my lawn". Your anonymous opinion offers no recommendations on how to improve this event and our sport. Rather than spitting on an event, you plan on participating in, become involved and let's hear how you would make our sport better? From my perspective, you could well be an intoxicated heckler in the stands with no understanding of the game? I have been a director of NOSA this past year and have leaned a tremendous amount of information that is behind the seen of this event. I am writing my column now and hope that Scott will give me equal time? For the love of our sport! Respectively Len Bose
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    get off my lawn!

    Today Friday, April 26th, 2019 is the start of the 72nd annual Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race. Over this last year, I have volunteered as a director of the Newport Ocean Sailing Association, NOSA, who is the organizing authority of the race. The race was first sailed in 1947 and had its hay days in the 1980s when 675 boats entered the race in 1983. Today, with the participation numbers at an all-time low many observers place the blame on the violence at the border, the organization authority NOSA, along with the downturn in participation in the sport of sailing. Now, I am not even going down the road to explain the decreasing numbers of participants in sailing events. What I will be trying to illustrate is the history of the Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race. Acknowledging what goes on behind the scenes and the connection between the city of Newport Beach, Ensenada and the sport of sailing. Along with the volunteers of NOSA that make this event unique to our sport. I participate in most, if not all, of the west coast offshore sailing events. What I have noticed is that most of these events have become more and more distant from the destination ports. In the early years of the Cabo San Lucas race, most of the town greeted the arrival of the fleet. Today the marina operators were unable to provide slips for the fleet. Present day Trans Pac finishes are not recognized by Hawaiian news outlets while greeting parties are becoming more difficult to find after each race. I was pleasantly surprised in the efforts that NOSA continuously exerts year after year in keeping the original connection between the two cities. For example, for the last 20 years Toni Baiunco, a NOSA director, has been in charge of all public relations with the city of Ensenada and has again organized the annual Mayor’s Reception were 16 Ensenada dignitaries will be attending a dinner aboard a Hornblower dinner cruiser with our local officials. Ensenada dignitaries included Marco Antonio Novelo, the Mayor Ensenada, Carlos Manuel Luna Herrera, Delegate of Immigration in Ensenada, Captain Daniel A. Maass Michel, Ensenada Harbormaster, David Perez Tejada Padilla, Customs and Port Administrator of Ensenada, Oscar Escobedo Carignan, Secretary of Tourism, Baja California, ALMT. C.G. Dem Jose Luis Cruz Ballado, Commander; Naval Region 2a, International Affairs Director, Jared Gutierrez Lopez. It should also be noted that since 2015, NOSA has hosted an annual fundraiser, which raises $ 7,000 to $ 10,000 dollars, for Centro de Atencion Especializada Para Autistas, or CAEPA, a school in Ensenada for autistic children being operated on a microscopic budget. Funds raised have paid for teacher and therapist’s salaries, and for them to attend specialized educational conferences; they’ve fixed the roof, repaired the beat-up van, purchased office supplies and installed their own safe water system. Today, the school’s capacity has grown from seven kids to 28, with many on a waiting list. At this point, you are probably asking yourself how does that help my rating and the division I have been placed in? Well, it’s keeping the ball rolling down the court in difficult times. I just don’t want to just play in my own back-yard, the Baja races and cruises are some of the best sailing events we have on the West coast. “ Dude I’ve caught some really great waves down the Baja coast” I don’t want to stop now! While attending the NOSA meetings this year there are many more volunteers that stand out with Toni Baiunco. Almost from the start of the Ensenada Race, there was Carlos Avila who was a past Mayor of Ensenada who took great efforts for many years in making this event happen. Today Avila wife Dolores continues to host a Sunday night dinner for the NOSA volunteers at her house and her family still plays a big part in the race. Another person that has donated more than ten years of their time is Tom Kennedy. Kennedy is known as the ambassador for NOSA and has been involved with keeping the line of communication open between the two cities for years. Then there is Susan Heinz who runs the starting line logistics. From finding the thirty volunteers to support all the race committee boats, too orchestrating the starting sequence it’s an amazing and thankless effort. There are many more volunteers who have all poured their hearts into this event over these years. What is so often missed behind the scenes is what keeps an event alive during low-tides. The Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race will continue with its low and high tides of participation with more notice needed to the volunteers that continue to make it happen. Please take notice of its great history and desire to contribute to this great event so that you will be noticed in history. "Like my one time friend, Doug J, so eloquently pointed out, this is an unedited version of my harbor column this week. Take it for what it’s worth and say what you will. It’s my view while sitting at the table while trying to help out."
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    Cabo 2019

    With the Cabo start approaching this thought runs through my head at 4:30 AM
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    Cabo 2019

    I heard that all the BIG boat owners buy their weather?
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    Cabo 2019

    True for Most of the fleet, my bad assuming that the OA took care of the slips. The same thing happened to the HaHa last year "we got it, we got it we got it, we don't got it.... sorry.
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    Cabo 2019

    Horizon is ready. Frustrated that there are no slips for us in Cabo and have to take the boat to Los Cabos shortly after the finish.
  15. Dude

    Harbor 20 Championship

    Good racing as always!
  16. Last minute I know but that's how I roll when I volunteer my time. Tonight at 7:00 PM at the Silver Gate yacht club I, Len Bose from the Santa Cruz 50 Horizon, will be giving a power point presentation on how to increase your boat speed for the Ensenada Yacht Race. The seminar is FEE and we might even have a guest speaker attending. Topics to included: Understanding VMG Watch systems Review of the new finish line Sail trim Boat preparation Wind instruments calibration It's simple yet fast information to encourage more use of your boat! The sailing vessel Horizon has won six class divisions and two overall finishes. The boat is much faster than I am which is part of the reason on why to attend tonight's seminar.
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    2019 Islands Race-Looking Sporty

    Have to agree with Hitch, with the start of a long season I really don't want to go blow shit up.
  18. Dude

    Harbor 20 Championship

    For me, it is all about tiller time, 170 races last year. Five minutes to and from the race course with 34 boats in last years fleet championships, 17 boats in A fleet with four college All Americans and one Louis Vuitton skipper. I sail with my wife, which has been a very healthy thing for the marriage. 18 boats in last years fleet championships were married couples, five were father-son teams. It works for me!
  19. Both are great boats, find the cleanest one and go for it. Odds are good there will be more Crealocks to choose from. Some of the mid-eighties Esprit might have gel coat issues. You might also consider the Nordic 40.
  20. Dude

    Harbor 20 Championship

    Do you feel comments like yours helps the sport?
  21. Dude

    Harbor 20 Championship

    Scott, I have a pretty good understanding of Newport Beach and the harbor. Not to be insulting but most would not recognize you in person, in fact, for the ones that remember you still recall your efforts to help NOSA. You are not hatted in Newport Beach and I certainly call on you often for your help. Only Scott can answer how he feels he would do in our Class Championships. Every good sailor knows the names of the people that can beat him. On a side note: Call me anytime and I would be more than willing to hand over the tiller to you in one of our fleet races. If you feel like going offshore and freezing your ass off I will open a spot for you on Horizon for the Islands race. There is some Newport Love for you! Your friend Len Bose
  22. Can someone tell me how to find the race standings, I know I have to be looking right at it.
  23. Dude

    Middle Sea Race Standings?

    Weather forecast shows some breeze last third of the race, it will be interesting to watch the planning boats get on their step?