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  1. Random PicThread

    I live down the street from there - Langley Research Center, Hampton VA.. The used that to practice landing on the moon, the final 50 feet or so..
  2. Flicker Construction

    Thanks J28, was hoping for the end fitting, but guess I am going to have to call them/email them.
  3. Boat Yard Parking 101

    I grew up at the near the intersection of Rt 80 and Rt 287...I lived in Jersey when Rt 80 was not even finished thru the state..
  4. Sometime Life Bites You in the Ass

    Soak; Hang in there buddy, and holler at us anytime you need an elbow in the gut, or a pat on the back, or a bad joke. When you decide to slow dance with the honeys, I will send you Bruce, and you can have a threesome... As for bikes and walkers..you need one designed like this:
  5. Flicker Construction

    Gonna put a flicker on the boat this year, as a trial, since the backstay is synthetic and has a heat shrunk UV cover I want to use a rolling block, anyone know a source? Would like the block/padeye to bolt to the flicker.
  6. Pearson 10 Meter

    Mom and Dad owned one brand new (traded in a 3 year Mighty Pearson 30 against it) - Tall Rig in EASTERN LI - Greenport. Loved it. Solid hull and the Atomic 4 is unbreakable and you can fix anything that breaks on it in 4 hours and for less than 100 bucks. The boats were solid hulls, and while there was a problem with the first 100 boats with the chain plates all were retrofitted by Pearson. It was on the short list before the B36.7. One thing to check is the bottom of the mast and mast step. Dan's site is still online but I don't think he is updating it, and haven't talked to him for awhile. Keel is bolted and u have a fiberglass tail on it. You will do well down in the Southern Ches Bay in the non-spin or B fleet with that boat. She loves a reach too. I talked to the guy that owned your boat, you got spinnaker gear too, draft good for around here, just add sails, or as they ads used to say: "Pearson Yachts - Instant fun - just add water" look me up and tell me you own here and I buy you a drink!
  7. Elderly fall alert services

    My mom didn't have one, but fell in the bathroom, took 2 hours for my dad to hear her yelling..she broke her leg right about the knee. Had a heart attack in rehab place 1 week later, then went to palliative care for a week and was gone..sigh..another story for another thread.. Brother bought dad one to wear on his wrist and in the shower, can self activate if he falls. The service calls me since I am only 40 mins away. We put a lock box on the outside of the house to fire/emt can come in without busting down the door. I will find out what his is..
  8. So one of the projects is to build a nice cockpit table on my 36.7, what features should I include?
  9. My personal caddyshack hell. Fukin gophers.

    Where did you get them? My freakin Brittany Springer mix can hear them little fuckers digging and you see him cock his head and suddenly dirt is flying in the back yard....cept I am tired of falling into his holes and have been unable to get my wife or dog trained enough to fill in the holes..
  10. Hey buddy how you doing?

    1. Saorsa


      I'm doing good.  Just back from 5 weeks in the UK and Norway.  Will be getting a shoulder tuneup soon.  Maybe I should have put winches on Saorsas mainsheet :)

    2. Bruce T. Shark

      Bruce T. Shark

      lol good to hear that, are you still in the tampa area? if so how did you do?


  11. What Superyacht is this from FP

    Can't you see the guys on the pushpit seats? there is a port/stbd gybe helmsman and then there is a port/starbd upwind helmsman...I just pity the poor mast man trying to get the wrinkles out of the luff of the main by hand..
  12. Musical Anarchists Thread?

    sigh...I envy you guys...I come from a musical background, but just call me spock. Grandmother: Julliard grad, concertmistress in first all woman's orchestra in the 40's, music director for Manhasset li school system Mom: won nationwide viola competition at 15, full music scholarship to Boston Univ, member chattanogaa SO, Jersey SO, her god mother was Carole King's piano teacher - Antonia Brica Me: son of a marine, played trombone, then string bass after I blew my jaw out, gave up sure 1st string bass in NJ HS Orchestra to run 6th in the quarter mile got suspended from band cause I cut a concert (where I played the music as a tuba player) to help dad sail a Pearson 424 in the cruising class (just the two of us). Played jazz bass in jazz band. I cannot feel a chord to save my life or do cord progressions, I read classical sheet music...sold electric bass and trombone still have string bass mom bought for me in the living room
  13. Beneteau First 36.7 - Where to attach jack lines

    ps - some people run a jackline from the mast to the cockpit (even under the dodger) so that would be good. we normally clip onto the jackline as it comes back to the cockpit. I also have a gpirb
  14. Beneteau First 36.7 - Where to attach jack lines

    I run my 36.7 jacklines inside the stays, jacklines are to keep crew on the boat, even snugged, outside they may have enough stretch to go over. I am putting eyes in the cockpit to run another line. The biggest thing about delivering off shore is if u don't have a brace in front of the wheel, every time you go aft, someone is going to grab the wheel. The other thing is everyone will clip the throttle at least once. I also put a lot of the luggage up in the bow v-berth for deliveries to keep from really pounding in waves on the nose. When you finish with jacklines make sure they are rinsed good in fresh water and dried. easy to pee standing behind the wheel, no need to stand up on the seats.. If you bought that boat and it has a dodger I hate you <grin>..brought mine back from Newport/Greenport in October 2014 to Virginia with 27 kts on the nose the first night along LI. I loved my AIS integrated into the chartplotter, and the autopilot is will up to the waves. Have fun!
  15. Hurricane Harvey - watch out, Texas

    Got a daughter and grandson that live in West Palm Beach, based on what Joe Bastardi is saying I have given her a 10 day heads up she may be sleeping with IRMA.