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  1. Bruce T. Shark

    Rescue Monday off Hatteras

    The salty dawg rally. left portsmouth VA this past week, there was a bebe - amal super but dont think the incident boat was was involved in the rally. We cancelled a delivery from NYC to Hampton last weekend due to the weather..on a 46 ft boat. This weekend looks much more better! BTW been awhile since i have been on here...but for you Ajax - Pearson's Rule! (i know you and i both don't have Mighty Pearson 30s anymore)
  2. Rude Dog; The Ches bay has had several single/double handed...where have you been? This is still a participation issue...I go out on my big lead sled even with 4 people cause sailing is fun...however the designer allowed for a 1500 lb rail meat allowance and PHRF (god bless their volunteer souls - it is a GREAT rating system and a pox on all you others - your mileage may vary) says I can carry 10 people. I have not given up racing just because of crew is we are all getting older and there is more competition for time. Over the winter - petition your OAs for a short handed division, but you have to GIVE THEM BOATS! If it is just you and another guy it wont work. Right now our B and C fleets (111 on up) are combining their start cause of so few boats. At one time my local C fleet (168 and up) had 10 boats for a 30 race season, fully crewed and all withing 10 secs of each other. have fun! BTS Disclaimer: I am a PHRF Volunteer
  3. Bruce T. Shark

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Glenn; Thanks again for providing the information.
  4. Bruce T. Shark

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    We roll it and it is stiff..start at just about the 2nd draft stripe (marked fold here bitch). It needs halyard tension too..
  5. Bruce T. Shark

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    Lucky; just got a 3di dacron for new main, and am impressed. halyard tension is critical. This replaced a 4yo 3DL carbon main that got a lot of use. I have a carbon 3DL #1 and a carbon 3DI #3 - it is awwesome over 14kts.. all from North. Boat is a 36.7 and we just added a flicker which has helped a lot in gybing..
  6. Bruce T. Shark

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Lost my jump drive with all my good pics. here is one at this years Leukemia Regatta in VA.
  7. Bruce T. Shark

    Random PicThread

    Dam, Bruce T. Shark and Captain James Tiberus Kirk - you go!
  8. Bruce T. Shark

    YRALIS PHRF minutes

    How about sending me a PM and I can give you the really good reason....
  9. Bruce T. Shark

    Defending an existing PHRF rating

    All good info...I am a VP of a local PHRF organization. We do make mistakes, but work thru them. +/- 3 spm hit me once when I raced a Mighty Pearson 30, my friendly sailmaker told me to stop crying and race faster...which I did...and when the hit went away (part of a baywide update to all boats), I was very fast...
  10. Bruce T. Shark

    Random PicThread

    I live down the street from there - Langley Research Center, Hampton VA.. The used that to practice landing on the moon, the final 50 feet or so..
  11. Hey buddy how you doing?

    1. Saorsa


      I'm doing good.  Just back from 5 weeks in the UK and Norway.  Will be getting a shoulder tuneup soon.  Maybe I should have put winches on Saorsas mainsheet :)

    2. Bruce T. Shark

      Bruce T. Shark

      lol good to hear that, are you still in the tampa area? if so how did you do?


  12. Bruce T. Shark

    Musical Anarchists Thread?

    sigh...I envy you guys...I come from a musical background, but just call me spock. Grandmother: Julliard grad, concertmistress in first all woman's orchestra in the 40's, music director for Manhasset li school system Mom: won nationwide viola competition at 15, full music scholarship to Boston Univ, member chattanogaa SO, Jersey SO, her god mother was Carole King's piano teacher - Antonia Brica Me: son of a marine, played trombone, then string bass after I blew my jaw out, gave up sure 1st string bass in NJ HS Orchestra to run 6th in the quarter mile got suspended from band cause I cut a concert (where I played the music as a tuba player) to help dad sail a Pearson 424 in the cruising class (just the two of us). Played jazz bass in jazz band. I cannot feel a chord to save my life or do cord progressions, I read classical sheet music...sold electric bass and trombone still have string bass mom bought for me in the living room
  13. Bruce T. Shark

    Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    I agree with Crash, not just because I lead the design team for all 4 of the prop shafts lube oil coolers (which are working great!), but as a taxpayer. As a shipyard worker I had to justify my time to the tenth of an hour..grin full disclosure, I am not under that restriction anymore. BTW as a graduate of SWOS basic - even though I graduated from the oldest Maritime College in the country, SWOS required us to use a week to go on Yard Patrol Craft (YPs) to learn about driving ships. Newport also has a bridge simulation center that we had to go thru. Once you get to the ship there is a LONG actual training and practical process as a Junior Officer of the deck and members of the navigation team so they can learn. The real power positions are the Officer of the Deck, the CIC Watch Officer (who is under the OOD when no TAO assigned). IF a TAO is assigned, then the OOD works for him as he can fire weapons for the CO. As an aside, it looks like there may be some hydronamic forces involved that may have contributed to her "loss of steering". While it is not in, you conspiracy theorists need to look at: playing chicken in the Houston ship channel (the ships actually aim towards each other to use the bow wave to push them off) and when an aircraft carrier does a full power run, while I forget the actual number, we do it in water deep enough to negate a pressure wave building up on the ocean floor to ensure we don't skid out an object the size of the Empire state building at 30 kts. Any Naval Archs here?
  14. Bruce T. Shark

    Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    LOL...that is a Victor III and at the time we didn't know what the pod did on the back. He peeled the towed array sonar off a Knox Class frigate who was 200 miles off the coast of Charleston. The V III was assigned to protect the Russian ballistic missile submarine that was in the area. The sub has counter rotating 7 bladed props with a bundle of conductors the size of your thigh wrapped in the screws. When we got there, he was ballasted down by the nose and some poor seaman ivanski was trying to chop the conductors off. There were about 10-12 ft swells so ever other wave he got washed off and had to be hauled back on the sub again. After 24 hours an AGI started trying to shoulder us away from the sub (we were reallllly close, like closer to the sub than the Russian Sub rescue ship in this this picture). The sub got towed off to Cuba for repairs, we got lots of good our reserve unit was on board. Ohh BTW, the invasion of Grenada was going on at the same time, so I guess it was sorta important to nail down where the Russian boomers were - and btw there is a US Sub in that picture if you look hard enough....this was back in the days before the internet was on the ships, so our families didn't know where we were until this pic showed up on the front page of the NY Times...grin...look mommy that's daddys ship!
  15. Bruce T. Shark

    Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    Actually, the DESRON Commander should be going if both ships were under his command. Seen people fired before, sat in on courts martials, and non-judicial punishment. As for distractions, that is all BS. To be OOD was a 1 hour oral board by all the DHs after being recommended, SWO board was a 2 hour oral exam by all the Dept Heads, with the last question a kubashayu maru question, still remember it: steaming parallel to shore, merchant ship coming at you CBDR on your port side..what do you do???? I recited the litany of "proper canned responses" radio, flashing light, we are the standon vessel etc..I knew I was screwing up and stopped. The CO thanked me and sent me outside while they deliberated. When I came back in the congratulated me, asked if I had any questions - I knew I screwed up last question and asked..the CO said "I was looking for you to say, call the Captain to the Bridge" when the shit hits the fan, the CO better be on the bridge, otherwise the OOD failed and in turn the CO has failed....never forgot that..I use the same methodology here at the nuke plant. If I think I need to tell the boss I do, just by asking the question I default to the pass the info up the chain. Hope the pic comes thru, I am on the bridge wing as the tactical communicator directing flag signals to the Russians...and we didn't even hit them!