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  1. Who said they were running without lights? A warship displays only those needed for Colregs - and unfortunately with probably her RCS and lights made her look like a little fishing boat. Allene222, our CO was very laid back in that all he had to do was say "this is the captain, I have the Conn" all back full or all ahead full, and the ship (bigger than the Fitz) would move. We could go from 30+ knts to all stop in 600 - 800 ft on a 563 ft ship. Controllable Reversable Pitch props - sorta like a turbo prop plane landing, Shaft was spinning at max rpm (north of 100 SRPMs) and 26ft of pitch on the prop, to same RPM, but minus 16 ft of pitch on the prop
  2. A couple of other things to consider (9 years of driving grey ships, including beachings). 1. We only had lights out once - in the med at 25 kts in the summer - looking for the Russians who where going to find mines in the Red Sea 2. Normal transit speeds are for PIM about 16 kts (if you don't know what PIM means then shut up) 3. We were always in fuel conservation - as when we get to 90% fuel we start looking for an unrep - gas turbines love fuel. Burkes have 4 LM 2500s: so figure they MIGHT have had 1 engine on one shaft -pitch dialed down. 4. COs sleep...whether in their cabin or in their chair - fuck u all if you think he should have been up. If in restricted nav waters,then XO is up. If in steaming execises, then u have a TAO (if you don't know who he is shut up). TAO runs the ship - not the OOD. OOD is for safe nav. 5. OOD (and rest of Bridge watch team) reads COs standing orders every month and signs...there are specific words about CPAs, COs inescapable responsibility for ship and crew safety and when to call him. My orders were to put danger on the quarter, call CO and go max speed. Was bow on to a 900 ft navy oiler one night as he turned 270 deg to new station vice 90...Took the deck and the conn from the JOOD, order hard rudder, called CO and said "I need you on the bridge now sir", and ordered Engineering to give me Max speed. CO came out in bare feet, Tshirt and belt unbuckled. Looks like CO's at sea cabin is one level down. 6. Ships in turns appear to be slower, radar will not tell you it is in a turn too soon. We used surface search radar, probably as good as your normal Raymarine, not sure if they had their Fire control radar in surface mode tracking - as it would show better. 7. If exercises were finished, probably junior guy on watch - I had to stand a combat watch after being up 60 hours after being the tactical communicator in ASW exercises (my other job was Communications officer, COMSEC Material Officer, and SAS (nuke weapons) Officer) 8. I was disappointed in Gcaptains writeup, especially since he was at Maritime when one of the original drafters for the USCG taught there (he was my sea-daddy's grandpa). 9. I agree that port starboard looks bad, but given videos of other collisions, I believe this was slow speed. We studied a lot of accidents in baby SWOS. 10. This was a ballistic missile defense ship (think korea) 11. COs bio shows about 4 years of sea time (someone peer check me) in 18 years...sigh... 12 XO is now running the ship, looks like same year-group as CO but with a LOT more seatime.. 13. If you know what a Belknap pole is chime in..
  3. No...Dad has been thru a lot these past few months..long story short, looks like my mom had dementia a while, plus dad (iaw moms living will) agreed to put her in a palliative care unit. My sister had the balls to call him (and my brother and I) murderous bastards. I took dad up the night before mom died to visit with her (an hour away). I think Dad has made his peace with his life...and it is a shame as while he is not in as good as shape as his mother (who lived to 105, and was lucid up to her last 3 months), his quality of life could be good with minimal effort.. I am more for trying to get him some predazone for his arthritis or something to help his mobility, it is a major effort to get him up out of a sitting position.
  4. Nice, my dad is 84 and has knee problems but wont go see his gp about them, says "old age" sigh...We just lost mom a month ago (2 days before their 58th wedding anniversary), his quality of life would be improved so much...my brother and I have a durable power of attorney and hippa relaease...time to start calling...
  5. He has harassed the Sandy Hook Parents too...I finally stood up and did something I have NEVER done before, told NBC I would stop watching them. I have been watching them with my dad since Huntley and Brinkley and liked they brought Tom Brokaw out for election nights. I kept my mouth shut when the screwed Willard Scott and Ann Curry, I kept my mouth shut with Brian Williams and his um fake news..but now...now????? Nope...The Japs and the German war is over, Neidermyer is dead and so is my viewership of NBC.
  6. Nice, what did the stem cell injections actually do?
  7. Me too, loved a woman in a Catsuit!
  8. Snaggy did you do this race last year? We hated the SW ledge mark...ugh!
  9. The Iron couple was on a J24 that year I thought...I was in the race in 13, but had to work this year..did our best place last year.
  10. Easy Peasy, insurance on the glasses...Mrs BTS lost hers when some fukkin asshole that sleeps with her flipped a sheet in her face...grin
  11. At least the crabs will pinch the cops, not the other way around...
  12. Bobby Troup was married to Julie London - plus she was a very good Jazz Singer - my dad was a volunteer FF, and mom was one of the first paramedics in NJ, back in um er early 70s...Dad stopped when one night fighting a house fire is air pack went off, so they backed out. As soon as last guy cleared the door, the whole floor fell into the basement and the fire - or so the story goes... I remember lots of tongues wagging as the new rescue squad bldg. was attached to the fire house..good thing most of the rescue squad wives were married to the firemen.
  13. I know a buddy in NC that has milling machines and lathes trucked...if you hit bottom shoot me a msg
  14. Hey Christian, send me a PM so I can forward your name as a volunteer to the PHRF of the Chesapeake - all their names and phone numbers are good, why didn't you call your club handicapper or club delegate? The minutes were online long before someone else told you in their weekly rag. According to the FB page, minutes of the November Annual Meeting were posted Jan 10th. By now if you hold a phrf cert, you got the Feb newsletter. New website coming in March/April. Hope to see you on the course to buy you a drink so you can tell me how you feel. Regards BTS
  15. All those lovely shirts, and he ran out by the time he got to the helmsman? grin