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  1. Easy Peasy, insurance on the glasses...Mrs BTS lost hers when some fukkin asshole that sleeps with her flipped a sheet in her face...grin
  2. At least the crabs will pinch the cops, not the other way around...
  3. Bobby Troup was married to Julie London - plus she was a very good Jazz Singer - my dad was a volunteer FF, and mom was one of the first paramedics in NJ, back in um er early 70s...Dad stopped when one night fighting a house fire is air pack went off, so they backed out. As soon as last guy cleared the door, the whole floor fell into the basement and the fire - or so the story goes... I remember lots of tongues wagging as the new rescue squad bldg. was attached to the fire house..good thing most of the rescue squad wives were married to the firemen.
  4. I know a buddy in NC that has milling machines and lathes trucked...if you hit bottom shoot me a msg
  5. Hey Christian, send me a PM so I can forward your name as a volunteer to the PHRF of the Chesapeake - all their names and phone numbers are good, why didn't you call your club handicapper or club delegate? The minutes were online long before someone else told you in their weekly rag. According to the FB page, minutes of the November Annual Meeting were posted Jan 10th. By now if you hold a phrf cert, you got the Feb newsletter. New website coming in March/April. Hope to see you on the course to buy you a drink so you can tell me how you feel. Regards BTS
  6. All those lovely shirts, and he ran out by the time he got to the helmsman? grin
  7. If you gotta ask how to pronounce it, you need to go over to that other place with a front page..
  8. Parachutes prohibited as carryon luggage I thought...
  9. I LOVE IMDB - grin my wife now expects me to pull it up while we watch a movie...
  10. Tom Hanks starred and directed by Spielberg (my favorite since directing me in Jaws)... Was about the spy traded for Gary Powers the U2 pilot...Hanks played the spy's lawyer...didn't make a lot of money, but really powerful...specially at the end given his earlier in the movie scene where people were trying to get over the Berlin Wall... Watch the credits at the end...
  11. Guys and Gals...STOP - We race under the RRS, NOT COLREGS - as long as BOTH BOATS ARE RACING...okay, get that in your beer swill and swallow till it tastes good. I had a crew member injured in a collision and that was the other guys insurance company's defense...the lost...big time... The only way you can call in colregs is to put it in the SIs.. Think of it like being at Daytona and the FHP writing you up for speeding..after you get in a collision...on the track... This has been proven in court..RRS govern us...carry on
  12. Looks like a baby white skinned swamp ape..heard they had them in florida...
  13. Bob; BJ Porter has my Friegerbergerberlaufflel (at least it got to go around the world)...I loved it as it had a stop watch in the handle at one time. Could set it to the chronometer and then write down the diffs.. btw, nuclear carriers still do a days work in navigation...
  14. Actually, we do and it is a good newb question. best regards, Anymouse, VP PHRF organization
  15. I used to work for the company that made the USS Ford, my other jobs there was the trunk monkey riding the Enterprise and Stennis for 8 months after we overhauled/refueled and built them. I also headed the design team that developed the reduction gear lube oil coolers (seawater, oil interface) - my design is good.. First off, a carrier takes 10 years (Nimitz Class) and the first thing the government orders is the fuel and reactor vessel. In the case of the Stennis a couple of things Electrical Service Normal navy ships use 480 volts as the normal electrical service (distribution) Nuke carriers started using 4160 volts as normal electrical service (distribution) The Ford uses 13800 VOLTS - as the cables get bigger, you cannot bend them that well... Electrical Generators My destroyer (gas turbine) and lst (diesel) had 3 generators - about 700 kw (big amps) the Nuke Carriers used 8 generators about 12 mw (that is Mega, 1000X bigger than kw) the ford uses 4 at 25 MW EACH The biggest load on reactor steam is auxiliaries like steam catapult,and steam driven pumps, well they are all electric now, the launch gear is designed by Navy Air, not NNS that makes it tough.. The Ford is a new ship wrapped in an old wrapper, but she is also testing some things that will be the wave of the future... The Zumult was supposed to be the lead ship of 20 which is why the bullets for the guns got so expensive....she is using electricity as a weapon and Capt James Kirk (yes Virginia, it is James Kirk, just not James T. Kirk) can shift power between guns radar and engines...and soon the Navy is going to get lasers...guess what they need lots of electricity... During the 60s, the Russians would build a lot of specialized subs/ships with new weapons systems...we didn't..not new technology....it is time we did...and while expensive and having problems.. Our Spruance class was introduced in the 70s, and they made a lot of those, and they had gas turbines - the first real ship to have them... The O.H. Perry class used gas turbines also - so all the learnings were captured.. The Ticonderoga class had new SPY-1 radars - which had problems, but we built the ship in the cornfield off the jersey turnpike to help with that BEFORE we built the ship..still we found out if u fully turned off the radar, you had to spend about 100K just to repair burnt out modules. These ships also used gas turbines so the power plant was the same The Arleigh Burke class uses gas turbines and SPY radar - so no new technology either.. I aint gonna talk subs, but they were close too... We (as a Navy - as I am ex navy too) could have done better, but the time and money is well spent, both as a shipbuilder, navy man and taxpayer...