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  1. Rude Dog; The Ches bay has had several single/double handed...where have you been? This is still a participation issue...I go out on my big lead sled even with 4 people cause sailing is fun...however the designer allowed for a 1500 lb rail meat allowance and PHRF (god bless their volunteer souls - it is a GREAT rating system and a pox on all you others - your mileage may vary) says I can carry 10 people. I have not given up racing just because of crew is we are all getting older and there is more competition for time. Over the winter - petition your OAs for a short handed division, but you have to GIVE THEM BOATS! If it is just you and another guy it wont work. Right now our B and C fleets (111 on up) are combining their start cause of so few boats. At one time my local C fleet (168 and up) had 10 boats for a 30 race season, fully crewed and all withing 10 secs of each other. have fun! BTS Disclaimer: I am a PHRF Volunteer
  2. Bruce T. Shark

    PHRF SO CALIF - misconduct???

    Um, so why not call your delegate, or better yet the President and ask him? So now that you have a question, please report back to us.
  3. Bruce T. Shark

    55 Years Ago Today

    For those of us that don't remember, thanks for reminding us this is so much more important than another freakin news story about black Friday..
  4. Bruce T. Shark

    How many lines are on your boat?

    So does my bowman....but I have a line no one else has - it tows the Shark!
  5. Bruce T. Shark

    Chicago Mackinac Race drowning

    Glenn; Thanks again for providing the information.
  6. Bruce T. Shark

    Anyone using the ACR AISLINK MOB and having troubles?

    BJ, one of my crew had problems with hers and returned it to Defender. I was going to get one for the IDA Lewis this year and the Defender electronics guy (good guy) called me back and said they were not selling it any more. I bet defender would let you return yours.... Regards, BTS - waiting to buy you a drink in Hampton
  7. Bruce T. Shark

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    We roll it and it is stiff..start at just about the 2nd draft stripe (marked fold here bitch). It needs halyard tension too..
  8. Bruce T. Shark

    Serial Diaper Dumper?? That's a First

    Okay for all you guys that are dads....there are two types of dads... Those that have left that one diaper full of toxic waste that was so amazing it came from the sweet little kid (in this case my 8month old dau), that because of the time and place (in the car), you had to get rid of it. And those dads that have lied and said they have never done that..
  9. Bruce T. Shark

    Serial Diaper Dumper?? That's a First

  10. Bruce T. Shark

    Personal Epirb what to buy?

    Did the IDA Lewis this year - defender pulled the ACR as there were some problems (my crew sent her's back too). I got the MOB1 - cause it has AIS, and DSC callout, and i can re-program the MMSI number of the boat i am going to sail on at home - easily! What ever you do - make sure the boat/skipper can support your new electronics. That was the almost fatal flaw on Doghouse's boat in the Chicago Mac.. (ps I am from the same club as doghouse)
  11. Bruce T. Shark

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    Lucky; just got a 3di dacron for new main, and am impressed. halyard tension is critical. This replaced a 4yo 3DL carbon main that got a lot of use. I have a carbon 3DL #1 and a carbon 3DI #3 - it is awwesome over 14kts.. all from North. Boat is a 36.7 and we just added a flicker which has helped a lot in gybing..
  12. Bruce T. Shark

    Halloween, Fuck Off!

    I live in the Hog capital of the world, so the town closes off all 3 blocks of main street and the kiddies go there from 4-6...then they hit the neighborhoods from 6-8. I was impressed at how (almost 100%) said thank you, and all abided by the code of trick or treat and having a costume on... Of course I had my own scary outfit, just sitting still in front of a loaded bowl of candy, waiting, not moving until...I strike... Little kids "0" Bruce T. Shark - 12 Here I am looking over some yummy touristas...
  13. Bruce T. Shark

    Mega Millions Lotto Ticket mom had all her records...we loved that dad was a volunteer ff, and my mom was on the rescue squad - nothing like parents rushing out of the house at 3 am...
  14. Bruce T. Shark

    Better than the french toast girl?

    Yah, i saw the ambulance heading there on my way to work yesterday....
  15. Bruce T. Shark

    If you're having a bad day, just read this...

    You can also add inside a Nuclear Reactor, and the spent fuel dive shop owner in Hampton was one of the first ones inside a reactor.