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  1. So that's true...your sheep have a brain ,not you . Go back to your screen watching your mates swimming .
  2. I already have one...Concerning my sense of humor ,i like to see Burling's mates swimming around the capsized boat . Better swimmers than trimmers...Just laugh , i admire kiwis and their sailors .
  3. Not cars ? have you driven a Ferrari ,Maserati or Lamborghini ? Fine toys...
  4. Last words are pure stupidity ,coming from an idiot . Poor insane kiwi.
  5. Am i the only one to think that FC is a master of offshore racing ,solo or with a team(Rhum ,Volvo..) ,a fantastic leader ,but perhaps not the best match racer and helmsman? Look at Ian Percy : he drives the team ,but he decided to choose an helmsman ...He should think about for the future . Billy Besson is an olympic helmsman..
  6. Je crois que tu es français ,aussi je t'épargne mon piètre anglais . Peux tu m'expliquer ce que tu dis sur l'hydro et les valves? Merci!
  7. Totally agree...add to this a bunch of stupid trolls , chauvinists and ignorant ,and you have the complete story . These guys are armchair "sailors" ! Any sailor hanging out here is arm chairing. I have to admit that ,in a sense ,you are right....shame on me!
  8. Totally agree...add to this a bunch of stupid trolls , chauvinists and ignorant ,and you have the complete story . These guys are armchair "sailors" !
  9. And good luck to the Arab team, asshole. I hope you die of cancer soon. I have a cancer. Don't wish it to anybody . it's stupid . I hope you'll never catch it ,it's too much pain . Think twice before talking .
  10. Dunno about this very boat but IME most racing boats can go upwind under jib alone as long as you don't pinch and keep the speed up. Bien dit!
  11. OK ,i'm sitting in my armchair . But two remarks : first ,the helmsman did a great mistake ,putting the tiller hard down : they are heaving ,no speed and waves on the side . He had to maintain some speed at all costs . Second : with just a small jib ,two guys can control it directly ,and maintain some speed and maneuvrability . That's said ,i was not in the boat...I'm glad they're fine .
  12. C'mon ,folks! It's a hoax , it's the first of April! But i admit it could be a damn good idea...
  13. Yes the designer is Chevalier . It's a design made to illustrate the paper ,not to submit for build ..
  14. 3 desings competing: VPLP, Finot-Conq + Sam Manuard, and Mer Forte (never heard). Mer forte is an engineering and racing projects company managed by Michel Desjoyaux