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  1. Jubillee clip driver (aka 7mm socket on a bendy stick) perfect for one handed clip tightening carried out by braille at the back of a locker.
  2. My family used to own a Choy Lee Offshore 40. Almost a sistership to the Reliant, but a smidgin shorter, and reversed layout. If my father hadn't decided to build a new boat, I'd probably still own her. We didn't have any dodgers; got to make sacrifices if you want to look good!
  3. The Norfolk Broads boats have to drop the mast several times a day. There is a foredeck hatch which conceals the counter weight for the mast. Also they have to tack every 10 seconds.
  4. A couple of videos from a crew that left the other East Coast and have now reached Spain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hI7z-kFrmDs&t=28s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r94pNX0J8JM&t=166s Amazing guys.
  5. My user name has changed from Whinging Pom to my log in name. How do I change it?
  6. A whipstaff could satisfy the demand for a tiller.
  7. Isn't there some patent stuff for getting rid of cat pee, (apart from a shotgun) that could be tried.
  8. Valis, next time you're heading down wind with the genoa poled out, try unfurling a bit of staysail and sheeting it hard to leeward. Here's a pic from the middle of the Atlantic, you can just see the heavy weather jib to port of the mast and in front of the forehatch.
  9. Pom, I've found that poling out the smaller headsail works better...You usually have more freedom in your angles too, as smaller sail to windward frees up your angles a bit..you can sail a little higher with a smaller jib to windward, but the larger jib to leeward still helps stabilize the boat....but I fully agree that a two headsail arrangement with a mainsail works just fine. That's interesting. There's no way I can pole out my small jib, it's too small! 80% of J and 85% of FL. I'd need a broomstick. The trade wind rig I use was suggested to me by Eddie Shougal, who is in charge of after-sales at Oyster Yachts. On my first trade wind passage the boat was 7/8 fractional and we used two headsails into the headfoil. Worked OK provided it was windy enough. Still rolled like a bastard. The Elvstrom system ain't going to work without poles/
  10. Get yourself a copy of the Seven minute rotator cuff solution. https://www.amazon.com/7-Minute-Rotator-Cuff-Solution/dp/0944831257 Did wonders for my buggered shoulders, at one time I could only move my arms like the Swedish Chef.
  11. One problem with a twin headsail rig is that unless you've got a very flat sterned boat you'll roll your brains out. The best and cheapest system I've found is to sail wing and wing. ie; genoa poled out to windward and the main set to leeward. Then set your heavy weather jib on it's inner forestay and sheet hard to leeward. Suddenly the boat stops rolling and tracks straight, works like magic. Squalls? no problem, just furl the genoa and continue on your way. Sure, gybing is bit more of a faff.
  12. It's not the shape that's the problem, its how it's attached to the canoe body.
  13. Get Dave's surveyor to take a good look at the Sweden's keel. I know of 3 boats that have had problems in that area. Having owned 3 Scandanavian built boats I am of the firm opinion that you are paying for Scandanavian worker's wages rather than any superior quality. On tonnage: ON. stands for Official Number; this is the number in the British Registry of Ships and Seamen. Nett Tonnage: The interior volume of the vessel 100 cubic feet equalling 1 ton. Less reductions for machinery etc. Registered tonnage; variation of the above. Thames tonnage. A very primitive rating rule. IIRC it is the length between stem and stern post x 3.5 beam in feet. No mention of sail area etc. Beam being heavily taxed this lead to the 'plank on edge' cutters of the 1800s. Here endeth the lesson!
  14. Why all this fuss about access over the transom? OK it's fine for swimming, but it is perfectly hopless for trying to get in or out of a dinghy. The damn thing won't lie quietly atwart the tide, it dives under the stern overhang at the slightest opportunity. Your shopping falls in, followed by your last cigarettes, whilst SWMBO complains ... The place to get on or off is midships. The way Nelson did.
  15. On minimal headroom: I went cruising with SWMBO in our first boat with a deck, which was a First Class 8. Even the Frenchies thought we were nuts. You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to pull your oilskin trousers on whilst bent over like a croquet hoop.