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  1. Whinging Pom

    How do you define bad crew?

    Most faults can be atoned for by turning up for your night watch 5 minutes early.
  2. Whinging Pom

    Coolboats to admire

    Variable pitch prop or throttle
  3. Whinging Pom

    Suggestions for a Maine/RI Hurricane Hole

    The Basin, 360 degree shelter and not many people.
  4. Whinging Pom

    Every kid needs one.

    Bit dull to sail compared to a 29'er.
  5. Whinging Pom

    Sailing to Halifax

    Back in 2012 you could lie alongside the public wharf during the day and take advantage of free water, power and wifi. At 17:00 we'd nip over to the anchorage behind McNabb's Island for a quiet night. If you are at all interested in naval warfare, do not miss HMCS Sackville, the last remaining WWII Flower Class Corvette.
  6. Whinging Pom

    Coolboats to admire

    IMHO Spirit Yachts are a complete pastiche. Not enough spring in the sheer, short bow overhang and an exaggerated stern. Take a look at Alfred Mylne's work on how to do it properly.
  7. Whinging Pom

    Taping rigging to prevent snags on cotter pins

    Seizing wire. No need for tape. Quick n' easy to apply or remove.
  8. Whinging Pom

    Dinghy Boots

    Thanks guys, I sail a hiking boat so I do need reinforcement over the instep area, which precludes surf shoes, those I found that type good for trap work on warm days. Keep the suggestions coming.
  9. Whinging Pom

    Dinghy Boots

    This is proabably in the wrong forum ... My venerable Agile dinghy boots have just about given up, at 30 years old I'm not complaining. Recommendations please for size 12s (flat feet and substantial ankles!) Ta.
  10. Whinging Pom

    Yacht surveyor in Netherlands

    Be very wary of the HISWA (Dutch marine surveyors assn) boat sales contract. Unless defects amounting to 10% of the contract value are found and agreed with the vendor, you have to buy the boat, or lose your deposit. Also, the standard HISWA survey is something of a tick box exercise. I got caught out a few years ago. I did not believe the structural faults found could be repaired cheaply. Keel off, bulkheads replaced, mast step rebuilt etc, so I walked away forfeiting the deposit. I've got an English translation of the contract I could send you. Doing it again, I would send a surveyor from the UK and insist on a UK type contract, were you can walk away without loss, incidental expenses excluded.
  11. Whinging Pom

    Prop Cutters

    My boat came fitted with Rope Stripper Expensive, but it works. Here's a link to an article by Yachting Monthly on prop cutters.
  12. Whinging Pom


    I bought one of those Flook things at a boat jumble. Couldn't get it to work as the drag from the rode stopped it going very far and when pulling it back it just skimmed over the deep sand surface. An idiot and his money are soon parted.
  13. Whinging Pom


    Ajax, you're right about the Chesapeake's short chop. Worst I've ever encountered ...
  14. Whinging Pom


    On my cruising boats I've always used an all chain rode. I rig a snubber in 14mm three strand nylon tied with a rolling hitch lead over the spare bow roller. Worked perfectly over two Atlantic circuits. Why complicate things unnecessarily?