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  1. Whinging Pom

    Cutter Rig Going Wing N Wing

    Here's another technique for down wind work. Main out to leeward and genoa poled out to weather as per normal. On your inner forestay hoist a heavy weather jib aka #4 and sheet it hard to leeward. Suddenly the boat stops rolling your brains out and tracks straight. Squalls? Just furl the genoa till its over. OK gybing is a bit more involved. Eddie Shougal of Oyster Yachts after-sales team put me on to this method. One of the many benefits is the fact that you don't have to find stowage space for extra sails and kit. Here's a picture of us way out in the Atlantic, you can just see the #4 peeping out.
  2. Whinging Pom

    start line questions.

    As far as clouting the committee boat is concerned, lay an inner distance mark or stream a RIB off the stern, (one of my pet hates!)
  3. Whinging Pom

    what's in a name?

    Seen on the transom of a small angling boat. 'Roger the Cabin Boy II.'
  4. Whinging Pom

    Why not more Pilot House/Solid Dodger yachts?

    Having a spray hood (aka dodger) and not lowering it on nice days is like having a convertible sports car and never dropping the roof. Do it! You'll be amazed at the visibility.
  5. Whinging Pom

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Sadly the maritime museum in Greenwich is a dumbed down travesty of its former self. As bad is the crappy display in Falmouth. Who on earth thought that it would be a good idea to hang sailing dinghies from the ceiling so it would be quite impossible to see any of the construction details? IMHO the two best maritime museums are at Douarnez, delightfully free of safety barriers and do not touch signs. The other is in Lisbon with a quite amazing array of ship models.
  6. Whinging Pom

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Looks like the sort of thing the baddie in a James Bond fIlm ought to have.
  7. Whinging Pom

    Replacing Westerbeke mounts.

    Thanks for the tips.
  8. Whinging Pom

    Replacing Westerbeke mounts.

    After 10 years and 3,000 hours I'd like to replace my 35D three's flexible mounts. I can't seem to find the shore hardness rating anywhere. All Westerbeke can do is give me their part numbers and tell me they're made of mallable iron! Which suggests that they haven't got the faintest idea what I am talking about. A virtual beer for anyone who can help!
  9. Whinging Pom

    How to make Race Committee duty easier?

    That's a bit mean. The club in question, Grafham Water SC, does some very high profile events using the same arrangement. Indeed, having spent a long time at 'high level' events trying to work out which droopy flag is flying makes one appreciate the simplified system even more. Remember the sound signals are only there to draw your attention to the flags!
  10. Whinging Pom

    How to make Race Committee duty easier?

    A club I winter race with rather than have flags uses a board system with numbers which are changed every minute. It works very well, easy to see in light winds and simple to operate. ie First horn = 0, second horn = 1 etc. Each class being allocated a start number.
  11. Whinging Pom

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    I'd rather have our quaint German royals in nominal charge than Trump and others of his ilk.
  12. Whinging Pom

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    This afternoon had a lad from the Tories canvassing. When asked for one reason why the average family would be better offf with Brexit. Umm, err, cheaper food? What about salad crops in winter, says I. Umm. Why hasn't the Russian report been released? Not relevant says he. What bribery not relevant! Gift someone 150,00. For a game of tennis, you own them. Err. Wished him luck on getting rid of the stack of leaflets in his hand.
  13. Whinging Pom

    Musto Sucks

    I can't understand why oilskins are so damn expensive. They're on a par with a bespoke suit, made to measure from quality cloth with all the neat features, plus an extra pair of trousers.
  14. Whinging Pom

    prize givings

    The worst trophies I've seen were place mats. First got a dining table size, second, side plate and third a coaster. Have to a gazillion race series to get a set.
  15. Whinging Pom

    The Zombie Fleet

    Looks like budgie and chips