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  1. Whinging Pom

    My season just ended, and...

    Sestina's an Oyster Heritage No. 25 out of 35 built.
  2. Whinging Pom

    My season just ended, and...

    Just re-launched my cruising boat after 20 months ashore refitting, So I'll be sailing through the winter. Wretched Covid business meant I couldn't sail the Flying Fifteen either. Why can't I turn the photo round ??
  3. Whinging Pom

    My season just ended, and...

    It was a sad day when I threw out my trapeze harness.
  4. Whinging Pom

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    You can always move to the Orwell
  5. Whinging Pom

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Shouldn't the flame in the heater be blue rather than yellow? My father's boats had Taylors cookers which always burned blue, only going yellow (luminous) with inadequate pre-heat.
  6. Whinging Pom

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    You need to be a zen master to change the O-rings in a CAV filter. The little bastards just won't stay put. I've always junked them and fitted Racor.
  7. Whinging Pom

    Anchor Geekdom

    My windlass has a warping drum which is dead handy for sending SWMBO up the rig. No sweat, no fuss.
  8. Whinging Pom

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    I work on boat, caravan and house gas systems both natural gas and LPG. I think it's worth running some ducting to provide fresh air from the outside to feed the heater, to give you an idea of how much fresh air for combustion is required to prevent CO for natural gas it's 9 parts air to 1 part gas. Dunno about oily fuels, not my thing. I wouldn't run the heater without a CO and fire alarms. PM me if you want the rest of your lpg system checked out. I live in Ipswich..
  9. Whinging Pom

    Older well known IOR Boats

    DB-1 was a weapon in the light stuff. Nifty space frame too. Shame about the daft clutch arrangement, just made for friction.
  10. Whinging Pom

    H-Boat vs. Hinckley Sou'wester 30

    A contessa 26 interior is seriously small. Probably ideal for hobbits or the sort of person who can fit comfortably into the back of a 2+2 sports car.
  11. Whinging Pom

    H-Boat vs. Hinckley Sou'wester 30

    Keep the H-boat. She's an arab mare compared to a cart horse.
  12. Whinging Pom

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    That much petrol turns the boat into a floating bomb. My old First Class 8 was the same, Gallons of the stuff yet could only motor half way across the English Channel.
  13. Whinging Pom

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Don't forget to clean the fuel lines from the tank to the filters. Three times I've had trouble here, Twice on boats and once in my Landrover Defender. If you can't get a wire down, compressed air from a dive tank does the job nicely.
  14. Whinging Pom

    windvane for boats with stern clutter??

    I've been shipmates with 3 different gears on 4 boats. The Albin Ballad and later my Contessa 33 (not 32!) had the same Monitor unit fitted. Once set up and tuned it worked remarkably well. With the Ballad, whilst sailing double handed, we missed winning a RORC race, our class and overall by 40 seconds. The Monitor steered, and we trimmed the kite like demons. The unit was then fitted to the Contessa for more double handed racing and a two year Atlantic Circuit, on which it never missed a beat and held the speed record.. I've sailed a season on a S&S Swan 40, which had a Pacific Plus. Reasonable gear, but poor in light conditions; it needs 4 kts of boat speed and 10kts of wind to perform. The basic construction using bushes rather than bearings doesn't help. It acquired the nickname, The Sulky Hun. My current boat, an Oyster Heritage, long fin and skeg 37' designed by Holman & Pye came fitted with a Hydrovane. After 20,000 miles my views are: The basic problem is that getting the wind alone to turn an auxiliary rudder means it isn't very powerful. It's especially poor in a quartering sea, as the rudder doesn't have the strength to keep her running straight. Forget setting a spinnaker. The Mickey Mouse way the rudder is attached means manoeuvring in a tight marina is fraught as it can't be lifted out of the water, unlike a pendulum servo gear. Also, the people who sell it aren't very nice to deal with. I had extensive correspondence with them about the Hydrovane's poor performance. They recommended that a new larger rudder and a suitably strengthened shaft was the answer. Many photographs and accurate measurements were taken. When the new parts arrived, it was obvious that they were never going to fit.When I queried this, they said "Oh you must have the 1.25" shaft, it won't fit" Also, the new rudder was badly warped. At first they refused to take the stuff back, "you ordered it, we supplied" they said. They changed their tune when I pointed it out it was their boss that specified the alterations in the first place. Nevertheless, they refused to refund my not inconsiderable shipping costs to and from Florida. All in all, if I wasn't selling my boat, I'd remove the Hydrovane and flog it to some unsuspecting mug and fit a Monitor. Sorry for waffling on.
  15. Whinging Pom

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Interesting comments from one of Bozo's ex-colleagues. https://www.middleeasteye.net/opinion/uk-brexit-crisis-boris-johnson-