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    What's your approach to Risk Management?

    It's better being in here and wishing you were out there, rather than being out here and wishing you were in there.
  2. Whinging Pom

    On a 500kg diet

    Hang her off a loadcell and find out what she actually weighs. With nothing on board like being measured for an IRC endorsed rating.
  3. Whinging Pom

    Drying out spinnaker?

    Letting it flog from the mast is one of the fastest way to wreck the sail. Many years ago at a Swan regatta at Cowes our neighbour hoisted his kite to dry it. Within a couple of seconds it had taken a turn round another boat's masthead ripped the antenna, wind wand and the tricolour off. The sail was shredded too. We could see the offending crew arguing as to who was going to tell the owner what had happened.
  4. Whinging Pom

    Boat books

    If all the sea stuff gets too much, try Heinrich Harrer's The White Spider or Seven Years in Tibet.
  5. Whinging Pom

    Boat books

    Erskine Childer's Riddle of the Sands. I re-read it every couple of years or so and one day I'll sail the Wadden Sea. There's a reasonable film version; you can feast your eyes on a young Jenny Agutter too.
  6. This sort of problem happens all the time in the furniture moving world. People order vast sofas with no idea how to get it into their home. I once was part of a team that carried a 25 x 8' table up a 20 floor fire escape. Jeez that fucker was heavy, made of MDF and black lacquered.
  7. Whinging Pom

    Running Late for the Ferry?

    Must have panicked. Should have tried tugging the wheel and rolling the thing onto its side.
  8. Whinging Pom

    Coolboats to admire

    Looks a bit like an Amel, though knowing Mr Davidson's design skills, I bet she's a darn sight quicker.
  9. Whinging Pom

    Seeking anchor light

    Those garden solar jobs look more like a street light a couple of miles away.
  10. Whinging Pom

    What custom cruiser...if money were no object?

    I'd go for something like a 12.5 Pogo but made out of aluminum to cope with the inevitable bumps. I would have lifting rudders too.
  11. Whinging Pom

    Propeller shaft- What am I seeing?

    I've never seen the slot peeping past the coupling. Can you undo the clamping bolts on the coupling and try pushing it home? A chinagraph pencil mark could prove useful. What's on the other end of the shaft? ie how much clearance on the prop.
  12. Whinging Pom

    IOR Lives!

    And windage inducing sun hats for the baldies. Harrump!
  13. Whinging Pom

    Colregs ignorance

    At night, three days out from arriving in St Lucia on the ARC, so plenty of sea room. We're sailing along on starboard gybe, Another, much larger sailing boat appears on port. It's going to be close. We stand on. He switches on his deck lights, yes he's certainly on port. A bit closer and then I bellow 'starboard' He does a sudden crash tack and we never see him again.
  14. Whinging Pom

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    A timeline of utter failure. Scroll down Led by Donkeys
  15. Whinging Pom

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    I sail in a seriously busy bit of ocean. The southern North Sea. Crossing to The Netherlands can feel a bit like being a hedgehog trying to cross the road at times. I've followed the advice of a pal who is a retired ship's master and a Thames Estuary pilot. 'Do what the Colregs tell you to do'. Having an AIS transponder and a radar target enhancer certainly helps the peace of mind.
  16. Whinging Pom

    Coolboats to admire

    Looking at those Hinckleys, why no garage for the companionway hatch? Or don't they go sailing when there's water coming over the deck. Also, those cockpits seem horribly un-ergonomic.
  17. Whinging Pom

    My sons $1 dollar boat gets a re-fit.

    24' is big enough for a centre cockpit. Wouldn't a canvas cockpit cover help?
  18. Whinging Pom

    Most egregious cheats?

    "You haven't won the race, if in winning the race you have lost the respect of your competitors." Paul Elvstrom aka God Mk1
  19. Whinging Pom

    Most egregious cheats?

    When I've had boats measured for an endorsed IRC rating the measurer took a good look for any crap on board. Empty weight means what it says! V. embarrassing he found a short length of chain hiding in a locker.
  20. Whinging Pom

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Pritti Stupid's Immigration Bill has been kicked into the long grass. Maybe the fuckwits in charge are realising we need people. Sorry if this has already been posted.
  21. Whinging Pom

    Crazy furling jib cover idea - work with me here

    I've found that the sock suffers from vortex shedding in any breeze and the whole forestay and the boat would start shuddering. The solution was to spiral wrap a spare halyard, so the air flow was broken up.
  22. Whinging Pom

    How far do people travel to club race?

    Winter sailing at Grafham Water, it's 85 miles away and takes about 1 hour 15 mins in SWMBO's Alfa, and about 1.40 in my Landrover. Boat stuck there as the whole site is closed for the foreseeable. Big boat, major refit project is less than a mile away by bicycle.
  23. Whinging Pom

    Show your boat sailing thread

    What about reverse jumpers? A bit like mini swept back spreaders, my 14 had them to hold up the top section.
  24. Whinging Pom

    Another dinghy thread

    Why do inflatable manufacturers always supply toy oars?
  25. Whinging Pom

    From Northern Med to UK - Advice Needed

    Lots of motoring up the Rhone, pretty swift current IRRC. My dad's Cheoy Lee Offshore 40 could do about 7kts flat out, and it took us ages, plus not many places to refuel. Admittedly, this was a long time ago when I was a sulky teenager. The Atlantic coast of Iberia isn't too bad when heading north, you must work the night lees, set off near sundown and go like stink, before the wind gets up with the sun. Camarinas is a good jumping off point for the Biscay crossing.