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  1. zzarganas

    homemade foiling tri

    There is a video (the first one) of Jim Gallant's hydrofoil trimaran. I follow Jim's projects since his very first and i really like them. This one is about a surface piercing foiling tri that he build out of a Supercat 20 hull as Vaka and plywood amas. The result is pretty neat and very close to the original design of the 1/3 scale Hydroptere back in 1993.
  2. zzarganas


    a lot of fun Tom...i really enjoy your videos with this boat.
  3. zzarganas

    Sea Force One foiler

    At this video it looks like they have some foiling time
  4. zzarganas

    Sea Force One foiler

    I found this foiling trimaran, and i think is interesting, even at this very early stage. .......and here is the web site.....http://www.archi-delion.com/fr/voiliers/V03_mer-force-one.html
  5. zzarganas

    Astus 20.5 new VPLP trimaran

    A new video from Düsseldorf boat show. A more detailed review from ahoy- boats.
  6. zzarganas

    Astus 20.5 new VPLP trimaran

    Tom is the official astus expert.
  7. zzarganas

    Astus 20.5 new VPLP trimaran

    Tom in fact this is a stretched 16.5 with a small cabin. The akas slides as 16.5 does and the whole package looks pretty simple and cost effective but also practical and easy to use. The price though will be the critical point for future sales.
  8. Astus presents the big brother of 16.5, the all new 20.5 trimaran. This is the replacement of the old 20.2. The design is also by VPLP and it looks awesome. There is a link for more informations http://www.astusboats.com/astus-20-5-100.html ......and a teaser video
  9. zzarganas

    Corsair Pulse 600

    New video from Polynesia. Nice footage.
  10. zzarganas

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Watch before DL steal it lol https://youtu.be/va_soDgpEiQ
  11. zzarganas

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    42.9 knots full foiling....just amazing https://youtu.be/j2y2az8A124
  12. zzarganas

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Sounds like fun! Frustrating that some sailors are so competitive that they'd have a collision just because they can. One nice thing about even a small multihull boat like this is that there's not a Catalina on the water of any size or shape that will see anything other than your stern as you pass them. The reason I asked was that - at least to me - price is a huge factor in whether a boat is something I'll own or not. Thank you for the kind words. When I started building my trimaran there simply wasn't anything on the market between the Weta and the F22/Sprint. I even tried to buy a 30 year old Tramp 2500 miles away but it didn't work out. I would much rather have bought one and spend the two years worth of weekends sailing not building. Just nothing available. I was pretty excited to see this boat hit the water. And originally at $35k it was at the top of my realistic budget but still in the range I might have been a buyer. At $50k+ it's just not realistic for me. The reason I am as focused on price is that this market is saturated with $100k beach toys, yet the beach is full of $10k Getaways. About every year for the past 10+ years there's another amazing small trimaran that ends up in the six figure range, sells between zero and 5 boats, and is a market failure. I'd really like to see a market success. This is basically the sub-compact market. Ferrari doesn't sell a sub-compact for a reason. And that's basically why I'm concerned about the price point. Having a great boat that sells 5 or even 20 copies isn't going to be available very long. It doesn't matter how good the design is if they can't sell em. That said - we know what the price is so we can probably quit talking about it. It will be curious to see how this does being $20k more than a Multi 23 and $35k more than a Astus 16.5, which IMO are its two closest competitors. I hope it sells well. It's a great looking boat. I agree with most of your post. I was ready to demo one in FL and to get in when the advertised price was ~33K. When it went to >$50K I was quickly out. I disagree with the statement "That said - we know what the price is so we can probably quit talking about it" We should talk about it!!!!! I seen to many times where the initial promised price is reasonable and the final price is way more. I do not know if the P600 price is because of cost of manufacturing or search for large profits. We should continue to talk about it as if it is because of profits, maybe they will run a 20% off sale that may make it attractive to a bigger segment of the market. Cheers, +1000
  13. zzarganas

    Corsair Pulse 600

    i don't argue with idiots. BYE
  14. zzarganas

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Greg i'm sure you have fun at the videos. But this boat is a 50.000 $ mistake. I"m sorry but this is my opinion.