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  1. zzarganas

    Homemade small tri

    tr 3 bags you did a remarcable work. You must be proud of it. I have no doubt that you achieve this speed, but i really don't give a s***t if is 19 or 17 knt. The boat is fast and fun and this is what finally counts.
  2. zzarganas

    Homemade small tri

    the latest video of this awesome litle homemade tri achieving 19 knots and smoking other boats.
  3. zzarganas

    Astus 20.5 new VPLP trimaran

    A new video from Düsseldorf boat show. A more detailed review from ahoy- boats.
  4. zzarganas

    Astus 20.5 new VPLP trimaran

    Tom is the official astus expert.
  5. zzarganas

    SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    My biggest concern is about crew safety. Hope that everything is gonna be ok.
  6. zzarganas

    SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    Am i the only one who thinks that this project seems unfinished and all this are a bit to early and premature???
  7. zzarganas

    Astus 20.5 new VPLP trimaran

    Tom in fact this is a stretched 16.5 with a small cabin. The akas slides as 16.5 does and the whole package looks pretty simple and cost effective but also practical and easy to use. The price though will be the critical point for future sales.
  8. Astus presents the big brother of 16.5, the all new 20.5 trimaran. This is the replacement of the old 20.2. The design is also by VPLP and it looks awesome. There is a link for more informations http://www.astusboats.com/astus-20-5-100.html ......and a teaser video
  9. zzarganas

    Homemade small tri

    Thanx m8. Nice vids of an awesome boat.
  10. zzarganas

    Homemade small tri

    Three bags you made an excellent work with this boat. Looks fantastic and most of all it gives you the pleasure of creativity. Respect.
  11. zzarganas

    Nacra 5.0 easily smokes an Astus 16.5 Sport.

    What a retarded and childish post is this. Get a life and enjoy sailing not drag racing.
  12. zzarganas

    Homemade small tri

    O.K. you obviously suffered a brain stroke cause i can't explain how the hell you could make this idiotic comment.
  13. zzarganas

    Homemade small tri

    I find this today and i really like it. It's a neat small tri that looks fast and fun to sail and camping. There are 2 videos one of the build and ine of the sailing. Enjoy.
  14. zzarganas

    SeaRail 19 Folds

    Sk78 is ancient history. SK99 Is the present days tech.