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    I really like J boats by in large, but just don't see that this can do what the J92 and especially J92s could not achieve. IN the USA though, this could be a good OD - the inboard and kids forepeak for cruising is better than the j80 , all be this with a "dunnhie" which is a bit public.
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    I'm sure it will make a great OD in the US. Does it only have two berths? That is a bit sth-oo-p-hid! UK / EU owners are more likely to get a j97- if they are J customers from before moving up or down - or Johnstone noobs looking for more IRC results and better cruising IMHO. It will Go the way of the 92 and 92s. There are now plenty of designs which are cheaper around 26-31 feet with big sail area, and the 88 is not trailer legal anyway
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    On the rudder- if you can't have a square top, have a square bottom ( there was a big thread on spitfire wing tips - the Mark xx had sqaure which were stiffer in the diving turn, while the curved ones gave more lift and better maneurvrability) We shouldn't drag the nice USA prospective owners of what may well be a great J of the j27 ilk soon into a UK/ EU shit fight... but since Blur in Sweden started it... This is probably what the J80 should have been. For UK sailors it is a shame that the J80 did not get a large class going with several centres around the place, and since you can sleep on it a bit, they would still be being sailed versus the Cork 1720 which are notable by their absence now! Cost wise in the USA I would think that 29 feet with a reasonable draught is maybe going to make up a lot for the high asking price per foot, but our Hamble/ Solent pals will tell you that it is not that much of a saving compared to running a used j109 in a marina. Looking forward to some vid's of her moving though
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    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Very cool flic DF, thanks for putting that up. My guess would be mid-60s or possibly up to early 70s considering there might not be any brand-new boats in the fleet. I saw one reversed transom and some nylon shell jackets that don't look like 1950s stuff. Kinda ruins the fun looking for technical stuff instead of just enjoying the scenes. FB- Doug Thanks, I enjoyed it immensely, glued for the whole hour! did the Tobermory race in the 1990s with a couple of classics left amongst the fleet. I know a couple of the sailors, all in their 70s / 80s now. I think c1966-7 judging by the cars and the nylon jackets. There is no usual BBC MXMXCCC stuff at the end.
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    Apart from Johnson Inc liking drawing new boats, can someone explain to me why the j88 has come into existence when the j92S is a smidgeon bigger and established? Thanks for sharing: It does show the boat off nicely, a bit like a mini j125 IMHO. I hear youse are Danish, hope this wasn't a spy mission for a new mini Xp ;-) Whatever, the boat will be very enjoyable for those who bite and typical of J assy's relatively easy to sail.
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    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Classic angle on Victory!! Now for something a little different- any one know the year ?
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    Overpriced IMHO.
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    Seascape 27

    I like the low-fast performance upwind you guys quote. I think scandinavia at least is ready for a spoetsboat which sleeps its crew and can tackle the classic distance races up to 15ms winds. Alvin expresses are getting to be an old fashioned boat after all!
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    Seascape 27

    The first class 8m was this size and had a screw - winch system: Probably a lot of prangs, and probably the rather over engineered looking set up held while the hull cracked! Not a bad way of doing things and making some more space in the cabin. You have to ask though is this not a regatta racer sleeper and not an off shore proposal ? I've slept on smaller sb's often: crawl in, fall asleep on the bench or the sails. This type of economics is going to become more prominent IMHO, as it was in days gone by with Quarter Tonners and the various day boats which got "lids" like the squib and the H boat, BB10m etc. A lot more people will maybe get a loan on a boat soon, but they are going to be looking at making the monthly payments, sails and insurance rather than hotels and jet flights.
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    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Not been a J like this since the 125! Nice Vid's Dr. Peter Did you never quite grow out of funk though
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    sleep it's crew, planing in 16 knts wind , pop in the back garden, maybe a kettle and a shitter ....doesn't need to have carbon actually.
  12. Actually crewing on a melges against all my principles...

  13. Actually crewing on a melges against all my principles...

  14. Actually crewing on a melges against all my principles...

  15. damp_freddie

    The Megabyte thread

    They blew their shot. Went with C&L who answer their emails at least. Guess that I should have written my note in French. C'est la vie. It never did take off which is a shame for us bigger beer and steak guzzlers. However, it is a good design waiting in the wings! I hear the laser got a big rig from rooster or someone for bigger sailors? I found lasers good enough to move around on: a bigger unstayed rig would need to have a carbon top section to bend off and stop the step well being booogered.
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    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Nice Vid peter. Actually up wind they remind me very much of X35- I guess they are less tender and quicker even relative to waterline up hill , and a better off wind boat I fully expect? Looks like crewing in a Melges24 for me this year, glad to be back in Assy land!
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    The pussification of England continues.....

    I thaawt I thaw a Putthy Cat......I did, I did thee a Putthy cat. Whenever i hear a septic tank going on about Europe being full of pussies, I think of one of the US's all time great exports, Sylvester and Tweety Pie. Any danger they will send them on a Peace mission to Iran?
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    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    What no SPINNAKER PORN!!!! ?????
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    Bacon Anarchy

    Hmmm, hmmm With all that salty bacon around, you are gonna need something sweet. May I suggest something healthy from Scotchlandshire? A thraice of deep-fried-mars-bars ( in batter)
  20. Organising the youth programme and mountain biking this year

  21. damp_freddie

    J35 Anarchist

    Late out..,.. Yeah let's hear it for the J35....I have seen enough of their transoms in my time. When they were really smoking I was no where good enough to dirty their decks.....I am not worthy... I bow to those who are wiser than me... Great boat, and see - it still looks great compared to the tubby euro-js. Does it go higher than the 36? Prefer frac's myself. But the 36 had build quality issues?