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  1. Joke

    Catholic Heart Attack A man suffered a serious heart attack while shopping in a store. The store clerks called 911 when they saw him collapse to the floor. The paramedics rushed the man to the nearest hospital where he had emergency open heart bypass surgery. He awakened from the surgery to find himself in the care of nuns at the Catholic Hospital he was taken to. A nun was seated next to his bed holding a clip board loaded with several forms, and a pen. She asked him how he was going to pay for his treatment. "Do you have health insurance?" she asked. He replied in a raspy voice, "No health insurance." The nun asked, "Do you have money in the bank?" He replied, "No money in the bank." "Do you have a relative who could help you with the payments?" asked the irritated nun. He said, "I only have a spinster sister, and she is a nun." The nun became agitated and announced loudly, "Nuns are not spinsters! Nuns are married to God." The patient replied, "Perfect. Send the bill to my brother-in-law."
  2. Thank You, Donald Trump, Florida is Blue Forever

    Are you a racist? Do you believe all Puerto Ricans are going to vote Democrcat? As that is akin to stupidity, do you believe all Puerto Ricans are stupid? Have you lumped all Puerto Ricans into one small preconcieved box? Not outing you or anything, but, is your first name Richard? What a dick!!!
  3. Tehama County

    I shot the M16 alot in the USMC 40 years ago. But memories do fade. My son's AR 15 felt right at home except for the scope, 4 or 5 years ago. This new to me and brother AR15 seemed "different". Our discussion and my little research learned me a bunch on these variations.
  4. Tehama County

    https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=ar+15+carbine&view=detail&mid=4918EC26638FC79C18AB4918EC26638FC79C18AB&FORM=VIRE This discussion piqued my curiousity. Brother likely has the carbine and/or the M4 lower. See the video. Carbine gas tube is shorter, closer to the chamber, thus higher pressure. M4 lower has even shorter spring, again, thus higher pressure. Both result in harder recoil.
  5. Tehama County

    The standard AR has a 7 -8 inch spring IIRC, this colapsible seems to have only 5-6 inches of space. Both of us noticed the heavier recoil , though we did not have side by side comparison and niether of us shoot more than 200 rnds a year.
  6. Tehama County

    Really dont know or fuckin care!!! Seems the short spring give s a larger kick. Son's AR was smooth as buttered silk compared to this one. This one will leave the safe 2, 3 times a year for grins. It is black , it is scary, we were both trembling.
  7. Tehama County

    ......but a long stick 335 can hit from a long way in a busy construction site.
  8. Tehama County

    Bro just recieved an AR15 for a gift. Made of all replacement parts. Collapsible stock seems to mean short/stiff compression spring. More kick than I expected!!!!
  9. Tehama County

    The problem with you furriners is that California Penal code is available online. Pretty easy to find online, gooogle is your friend. You could research what restrictions apply if you had an interest. Jeff likely is spot on. Little known fact: Catapillar has a universal key. Other equipment makers the same. It has changed over the years but you want to drive a '70s Cat loader, bulldozer, or any other murderous heavy yellow equipment into a school, shopping center, church or youth center, one key gives you access to any of those evil yellow machines(and they are always parked near most construction sites).
  10. Tehama County

    Well, we have gun nutz threads, gun grabber threads, shootings threads, californicator threads. Did you check any of those
  11. oh Craigslist, you don't disappoint

    Given the lack of quality cup holders in those years, the auto (I thought slushbox was the powerglide) will probably prevent spilling beer while shift, steering and feeling up yer first cousin (it's not weird if she's hot).
  12. Climate news

    .. those projection makers have had a stellar record in making projections , haven't they? That was the point though AGCC faithful wouldn't get that .
  13. Climate news

    What is the accuracy of the BOM sensors that generated the data for this graph you keep posting. Is that raw data or has it been "adjusted"?
  14. Climate news

    I dunno, I ve worked in labs a good part of my life. Are you talking about measurements? I measure 12.8 volts at my battery, we all know that my measuring device indicated 12.8 volts but it could be half a volt off either way. I might add the narrative that the battery was 9.6 before I put a charger on it and know we all know there was a relative improvement. We can agree that the improvement was approximately 3 volts because the tenths accuracy is unimportant, the pertinant is 6 cells nearer full charge. When you talk temperature you still have to be mindfull of the accuracy of the measuring instrument. Seems you dont understand that.
  15. Climate news

    Are you laughing about the hiatus that existed right up to about 1 month before the Paris Climate accord when NOAA/NASA changed the data. FACT