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  1. I am not a Trump hater. What irritates the left and sometimes the right is that Trump acts with out a left/right mindset. He may be a pramaticist, ignoring paths that have failed before.
  2. From MSN.com For now, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. wrote for the court, there was no good reason to think the plaintiffs had suffered that sort of harm. For instance, the lead plaintiff, the chief justice wrote, lived in what is “under any plausible circumstances, a heavily Democratic district.” Whether you like it or not , Dems live in concentrated enclaves all across the nation. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2012/11/red-state-blue-city-how-the-urban-rural-divide-is-splitting-america/265686/
  3. Explain? Leftie commie pricks all live near each other in bigger cities where benefits, handouts and academia thrive. They largely exist where people don't actually make things, just buy them. They are so afraid of guns that they live shoulder to shoulder with teachers, public employees and vagrants in the morass we call "Urban"? Because the lefty faggots all huddle together, they all end up in 1 or 2 or 3 heavily lefty districts while be surrounded by 5 or 6 producing righty districts. Meanwhile, producers choose to live away from the fetid stench of urban leftyism. smaller towns where things are made and neighbors know eachother.
  4. Partially they do it to keep incumbants in safe seats. But interestingly you mention citizens united. Answer me ONE question. Should citizens united be over turned and NO ONE: unions, papers, broadcast be able to express a political opinion?
  5. Explain how this is extreme gerrymander, then examine a shortest line method. Nothing would change.
  6. No,,,,,, the scotus said the appellants(?) had no standing. There was no one person or group of people who could show they had been harmed. Read the case, SCOTUSBLOG.com Geerymandering remains illegal to discriminate against race. If the scotus were to rule against gerrymandering in all cases, the most pragmatic result would be the "shortest line" method of district line drawing. That would result in essentiall y the same divisions we have now. Look upthread for the explnations.
  7. No..... But let us celebrate the rule of WI law being upheld thus far in this matter. The laws as written were followed. Change the law if it is unpalatable just like the SCPA managed to do from the bench. Makes you proud I am sure.
  8. It had been opined that the scotus rejected PA because they had an R (Gill) case and a similar D(Benisek) case balancing. Granting Cert to PA might have been seen to be lopsided.
  9. PA was an R drawn map. SCPA erred in writing words into the constitution in a challenge from Ds.
  10. I would think that now a decision has come down there might be grounds on standing.Was
  11. In light of Gill v Whitford I would assume the that SCPA decision is right now being challenged. The challenged Maryland redistricting case , Benshek v Maryland Elections Board revolved around Gill also.
  12. Now they only need to apply a Supreme Court decision https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/17pdf/16-1161_dc8f.pdf
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    That is a "Tracker" style, think smooth dirt ovals!.
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    B32s may be the best value for beer can racing and course racing. They rock.