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  1. So Sorry, Fox News Viewers

    She dumped Tebow cuz she wants me. Good luck with that!!!!
  2. Climate news

    8 is gonna be great on these threads
  3. Cleaning up MY act

    She sounds humorless unless you are an overbearing boorish person. Your posts suggest otherwise.
  4. I dont watch sunday morning news but guess there will be more revelations about DOJ and FBI improprioties this AM.
  5. Tax charges,are not collusion.
  6. What clue? 6 months of subphena powers, midnight home invasions (right out of the Get Walker playbook) months of testimony there remains NO clue that the Russian govt. colluded with anyone in the Trump campaign.
  7. Paper charges, tax issues from half a decade ago are not collusion
  8. Have we hit bottom yet?

    Travel ban upheld, win, fuck off.
  9. Have we hit bottom yet?

    Defunded obamacare, yep, win fuck off....
  10. When a special investigation runs amuck due to political idealogy things go bad. Wisconsin saw this with the Walker attacks. Mueller has nothing on the Rssia front. His supheona powers will be challanged soon. Emails from the transition team are not campaign collusion materials. You fucki g lefties cheering from the bleachers are a disgrace. Anything to get Trump is not a healthy attitude. Take a pill.
  11. Have we hit bottom yet?

    Trump is succeeding, the left is rabid and angry. Incoherent rants. Foaming at the mouth anger. Manifacturing news. In the meantime, Mueller has nothing on Russia, and wont. Tax reform/simplification may indeed happen(it might hurt me but I wont complain if it helps the majority). Conservitave judges will be found and seated, therw will always be a few unqualified that slip through(Adelman).
  12. Have we hit bottom yet?

    But, by and large fox (I dont watch News) hasn't AFAIK, hasn't had to issue corrections,apologies,retractions in the last 2 weeks