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  1. Michelle Obama

    How do you envision a person that ruined school lunchess?
  2. 2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    After Ft Bliss I went on to MCAS Yuma. There a Marine was getting an overnite transfer out ( enlisted fucking a female officer). He had a Chevelle SS 396, 1969. Crager Chrome 5 spokes, Candy Apple red, white (dirty as hell) interior,4 speed, airshocks and big Firestones in back, skinnies up front. Ramp style hood scoop, headers and glass packs; every nineteen year old's dream. Car reportedly didnt run, had no reverse. A $250 offer was accepted. I scrounged a battery, ran some sandpaper over the points and it started but ran like shit. I drove it home off base and played. 1/2 a day cleaning the interior to near perfect condition.5 spark plugs had no gap. It ran better. Set the timing, better yet. Fiddled with air mixture and idle screws on the Q-jet and it purred. Reverse problem was a linkage adjustment issue, the new Hurst shifter had never been adjusted Awesome fast car!
  3. 2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    First car ever was a 65 HiPo GT convertible (thats what ONE front fender emblem said) purchased from a fellow Marine as he transfered on. Lots of hours spent learning while getting the car road worthy. Radiator, motor mounts, clutch. How geen was ??? I pulled the motor to replace the clutch disc and pressure plate. All was goodtimes at the Fort Bliss TX base autoshop.
  4. 2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    They build them! They lift it a little and call it a "CrossOver".
  5. 2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    Remember, it started here, my 66 example. Heavy steering, sways like a london bus, stops on a dime if that dime is a mile ahead.
  6. TIGER Flop At FIU

    Was Gaytor there?
  7. Next up - McCabe?

    If you were a school teacher, 3 days shy of retirement and found guilty of fucking coeds, how exactly would you think your pension could be salvaged?
  8. National Debt Hits $21 Trillion

    Oboy syarted at 7t, ended at 20t, orangeboy has 12t to go and only 7 years to get there.....
  9. Climate news

    Human used to live 50 years, now its almost double, getting there.....
  10. Falcon Heavy....just amazing.

    I was afraid he would wander into the "FA18 down" thread.
  11. Thick as Pigshit

    No credit needed. My friends and neighbors see the beautiful young people that are my daughters, what more could I want??? (Except)
  12. Thick as Pigshit

    Never seen a mirror?
  13. Thick as Pigshit

    Meth, heroine, coke, barbituates. 30-35 days premie. 4 weeks in intensive care (neonatal, whatever, clear plastic bucket) , withdrawel convulsions for months afterwards. I am not a rightwing asshole, just asshole is adequate.....
  14. Falcon Heavy....just amazing.

    ranDumberthandogshit does that.
  15. Thick as Pigshit

    Drug babies, both.... ... The tox screen on the youngest at birth was not nice......