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    Hidden Hinge/Mortise and Cheap Drill Press

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    Random PicThread

    Interesting points of two great races on that chart. Notice the Magnetic Declination. 1972 it was -1.66 degrees, currently -4.25degrees.
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    Random PicThread

    "You meet the nicest people on a Honda"
  4. warbird

    Hidden Hinge/Mortise and Cheap Drill Press

    In the 1600s, people with poor diet, no education, annual baths, no dentistry, and crusty underwear managed much more than that, man up!
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    Random PicThread

    They have a look...
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    Jerry Jeff Walker --- DTS

    Divorced in 82 or 83. Ex got that album in the property split. She had better taste in music than I back then
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    Random PicThread

    PT Barnum..... never underestimate....
  8. How many racers missed a shift then blamed the car, motor, transmission? Doesn't happen any more Dual clutch trans are amazing, evidently, I miight experience one in 8 or 10 year on the used car market
  9. A knob that turns? A rotary dial thingy?
  10. And yes a clutch and manual valve body actuation can be configured. Drag racers did the clutched automatics in the 70s(?) I am only vaguely aware of autos, gears in gears in a ring with teeth inside, planetary gearset. Lock one shaft or the other using hydraulic pressure. Manuals are easy, main shaft and lay shaft (s?) with shift forks sliding real actual gears in and out of engagement. Old THM400s took about 50 horsepower pumping loss at 4500 rpm (as explained to me by an old hotrodder) THM350 only about 25hp and powerglides 18hp.
  11. The torque converter took all the power? That explains the Mopar drag racers adding a clutch (Clutch Flight). I had really thought that was for the hole shot but now makes sense, silly me.Thanks.
  12. Old automatics, Turbo Hydramatics, Torque Fliights etc used a lot of power for their internal hydraulic pumps and were thus less efficient. Modern 6,7,8 (and more) speed automatics seem to overcome this. What changed?
  13. warbird

    Random PicThread

    Not a single RADAR display......