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  1. i want one ...

    Ther was a thread in cruising anarchy about mini tugs.
  2. Net Neutrality - gone.....

    You dont think the market will take care of that. Uverse slows down, I 'll switch. As will everyone else. Verizon, Comcast et al win customers with speed and service/coverage.
  3. Climate news

    WarBird pists on a GalaxyS with big thumbs. If you can figure out Snags, I am pretty readable. How about all thos3 dire predictions?
  4. Motorcycle Threads

    A nymber of possibilities. Traction, it seems a really smooth(slick) surface. Wieght or power handicapping. Single gear ratio?
  5. Motorcycle Threads

    Speedway derivitave?
  6. Climate news

    I was wondering when we would get to graphs.
  7. Trump Judicial Picks Dropping Like Flies

    Inches and feet, none of those silly millmetres
  8. Retracted is bullshit. The story was what the reporter wanted to be true. Caught and called out, then retracted. That is bigtime lie, not a a mistake.
  9. Are those 262 journalists from abc, nbc, cbs, cnn? Maybe should be, 3 stories false in one week?
  10. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    The butt hurt is strong because McCain just got a little more leverage., Painful that he may throttle back real progress.
  11. Climate news

    Scientists predicred Long Island underwater by 2015 to!
  12. 1% ?, 2%? Fucking awesume!!!
  13. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    I just might... It is early still. The left has gleefully supported so many deffective candidates over the years that a mid thirties acting like a teenager candidate (but stopping short of force) hardly bothers me. It certainly never bothered the left with Bobby, Ted, Billy or all the others.....
  14. Sorry, later after the AL elections. 3% gdp growth 3 quartes in a row?????