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  1. warbird


    You got that change when Trump was elected and have been whining ever since......
  2. Most people don't buy 50 mpg vehicles. If your 50 mpg vehicle is a hybrid or a deisel your footprint is likely worse than most 18mpg trucks....
  3. delusion and ranDumd are synonomous...
  4. ranDUMBERthamamtdroppings, people in the US so not want 50 mpg car, nor will they buy them in any appreciable numbers.18 mpg trucks and 23 mpg SUVs are what is selling. Ever since there was an CAFE exemption the tricks have outsold everything else.
  5. warbird

    Stoopid garbage disposal install mistake

    I have never had a problem I did not create. The best way to get rid of potatoes skins, carrot peelings etc is the disposal. I don't want those rotting in the garbage and I have no reason to compost. What goes down the drain becomes solids at the waste treatment plant and used as fertilizer or fill.
  6. warbird

    China moves on US car tariff cut

    Uhhmmm… no connection between EU moving to ease tariffs andChina moving to ease tariffs? Just asking for a friend.
  7. A cartoon is never what was actually said.....
  8. warbird

    Gene study unravels redheads mystery

    Always wild, right up to the explosion.
  9. warbird

    License To Swill

  10. warbird

    China moves on US car tariff cut

    We won't hear the "echo chamber" finally admitting Trump might know what he is doing. ...
  11. warbird


    A pianist was hired to play background music for a movie. When it was completed he asked when and where he could see the picture. The producer sheepishly confessed that it was actually a porn film and it was due out in a month. A month later, the musician went to a porn theatre to see the adult movie. With his collar up and dark glasses on, he took a seat in the back row of the adult cinema, next to a couple who also seemed to be in disguise. The movie was even raunchier than he had feared, featuring group sex, S/M, bondage and even a dog. After a while watching the adult movie, the embarrassed pianist turned to the couple and said, "I'm only here to listen to the music." "Yeah?" replied the man. "We're only here to see our dog."
  12. warbird

    License To Swill

    That's a meeting....
  13. …...and what exactly seemed "dumb" to you????????/ Specifically please.
  14. You are kind of a fuckwad and a racist. Do you think for just a moment, a second really, that a caravan from Guetemala will be Nordic or Scandanavian? To pretend that gang invaders from central America would have any thing but browner skin is idiocy (common from the left). Ignoring reality is a forte of the left. ….but, carry on...….