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  1. Tronner

    West Michigan Thread

    I know how painful that must have been.
  2. Tronner

    Chicago Area III

    Menominee is Michigan.
  3. Tronner

    Chicago Area III

    How many sailboats total would you reckon would occupy the whole 'Chicago Harbor' during a 'normal' year?
  4. Tronner

    West Michigan Thread

    Here is a link to follow for registration if you're interested. The more the merrier!
  5. Tronner

    West Michigan Thread

    Quantum Sails will be participating in two seminar events during the month of April at Macatawa Bay Yacht Club. Both events will take place on a Wednesday evening. On April 12, Quantum’s Farley Fontenot will share many of his experiences, with a general topic of ‘Maximizing your boats performance, through the tools of sail control.’ On April 26, Quantum’s Dave Gerber will facilitate 'A sailors round table’. All sailors, including cruisers, racers and juniors…please attend this seminar where we will discuss sailing on the Great Lakes. Bring your questions, your pictures, your thoughts and even your concerns. This should provide for an enjoyable evening and camaraderie.’ Additionally, there will be several Quantum subject matter experts available to discuss almost any sailing topic that interests you. Both events are targeted to all sailors including cruising and racing enthusiasts, along with junior sailors. The events are open to anyone in the area that would like to attend. Quantum will have some door prizes and other giveaways too. The events will run from 6:00-9:00pm and MBYC will also be open for food and beverages. We look forward to a great turnout and a great sharing of educational information. Thanks in advance for ‘passing the word.’ We look forward to seeing you there!