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  1. It's my understanding that the stuff will kick at room temp eventually but it takes several days. It needs to be cured in an autoclave for most manufacturing purposes.
  2. These are some good thoughts and I'm sure there is an opportunity here for someone to try this, but I think you'd still run into the issue of too much excess material. Building all sorts of high-tech specialty parts is great, but unless you are producing something that people will buy in bulk, I'm not sure how you'd use all of the resource that is available, thus my friends problem. I'm sure he'd give the stuff away to anyone that wants it, but finding the application that would ultimately take ALL of the scrap every day is the real trick.
  3. I came up with that idea too, but I'm not sure there is enough of a market for large quantities of carbon plate. Is there? You'd have enough of this stuff to build a house.
  4. A friend of mine operates a manufacturing facility constructing large carbon fiber components using pre-preg from 6” rolls. The manufacturing process is efficient, but they end up with a lot of pre-preg carbon scraps left over, and I mean a LOT of scraps. Approximately a dumpster full almost every day. The scraps are a lot of 6” squares and triangles with some larger pieces. They hate to see all of the scraps go to waste, but are having a really hard time figuring out what to do with them. Some is chopped up and used as carbon filler in the manufacturing process. Obviously they can (and do) give some of it away to specialty builders who utilize the material for small projects, but they can’t give away even a fraction of what they produce locally. Being pre-preg it can’t sit out for very long either or be shipped economically. We were discussing this problem but can’t figure out any good uses for this essentially free high-quality material in the quantities they produce. So I’m tossing this idea out to you guys, if you had essentially an unlimited supply of small carbon pre-preg scraps what could you do with it? Remember that you’d need to utilize a dumpster full of the stuff almost every day and it can’t sit around for long. Ideas?
  5. Interesting idea. I can see the benefits. You'd need to change the main sheet setup so you could overtrim the sail a lot. Would be fun to try though.
  6. Agreed. These things work great for high load/low movement applications. The total line movement on the first two cascades of a vang on a dinghy is pretty small. Switch to bearing blocks for later cascades.
  7. Very cool, but IMHO they need to put some suspension on the front float to get more speed out of the boat. It would probably give a much more controllable and comfortable ride too.
  8. +3. This really isn't a big deal. I've been to the top of boats this size a hundred times with no issues. The climber should do most of the work. Your halyards and winches are plenty strong enough. Tie the halyards to the chair, don't use a shackle. Use a second halyard as a safety line.
  9. It's annoying to have all the canting gear in cabin, but at least you can get to most of the parts if something goes wrong. If this thing jammed you'd pretty much be screwed.
  10. When I first started building my moth in 2008, I had never seen a moth before except in pictures and videos. When I launched the boat the first time I was guessing how to rig some of the parts and had just a vague hope that many of the systems I built would actually work. The only thing I took with me on my first sail was the information that I’d gleaned from the internet and the encouragement from the online moth community and SA. I was foiling on my first day (until some parts broke) and attempted a foiling gibe on my second day. When people ask me “is that hard?” I say it’s like riding a bike. If you try to learn how to ride a bike as an adult, it will be tricky and you will fall but you’ll figure it out after a while. Once you feel the balance of the boat it really isn’t difficult (except foiling tacks, those are feaking impossible). Once you fly there is no going back.
  11. I like the way you think Duncan
  12. I race on a 70s era 20 foot keelboat. It isn’t particularly fast, but it has some strong and competitive fleets in my area and I’m generally near the front of the pack. I was a doing a mast inspection at the last regatta and I noticed that the base of my 40 year old spreaders were getting fairly corroded and should probably be replaced. The spreaders on this boat are quite basic, just a 1” round aluminum tube. While I was looking online for replacement material, it occurred to me that I could replace the old round tube with a thinner foil shaped section. I looked in the class rules and didn’t see anything about the required shape of the spreaders, just a minimum length requirement. So here’s the question, would a set of foil-shaped spreaders provide any noticeable performance enhancement on a fairly slow keel boat? Also, since this is supposed to be one-design fleet, would it be a dick move to look for a performance enhancement in the rig aero, even though it’s a fairly simple and obvious improvement and fits within the rules of the class?
  13. What Phil sail. If your boom is at the bottom of the sail you get all foot tension and no leech tension. If you had a crazy wishbone boom that attached to the top of the mast you'd get all leech tension and no foot tension. Put it in the middle and you get a bit of both. Changing the amount of outhaul could pull both the foot and the leech, which may work fairly well.
  14. Ya, I have to agree with that. Dropping some of the strings and the making a less complicated rig it a good idea, but I doubt the boat will be any easier to sail than a Moth. It's a cool boat though, I'd buy one.
  15. Makes me wonder if these sailboat designers have ever actually been on a sailboat.