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  1. Now it's clear - you were actually Russell Coutts................
  2. Ex Sanya V70
  3. Wussell certainly seems to have a way with people....
  4. It's no great secret that OR are out for the heads of the jury who banned DDR. It's been going on for some time. Smacks of arrogance and all that is wrong in sport that a competitor can attempt to corrupt a disciplinary process in such a way. Kinda like having Russia running the UN. Wankers!
  5. (*mightier than a sword?) "dang right it is, why don't we try one of those ol' fangled spinnakers?" "Don't worry, we'll just get Dirk to hide some lead in it"
  6. So I hear BG is back at Cooksons on a cradle. Rumour is getting more rocker put in. Anyone know more?
  7. Even going back to Brindabella, Ninety-Seven and Sayonara days they where all skinny upwinds boats for their day. Only really 2-3 exceptions if you look back as far as 1990. Errr, beg to differ. Can't really comment on Brindabella (who seems beamyish) but Sayonara was a round the buoys boat with a configuration more for reaching and downwind such as the transpac. Narrower than some, but lightweight and downwind oriented aka Farr's design philosophy of the time....
  8. The image is deceptive TF. Groupama's boards are near vertical, just a couple of degrees off, and slightly forward angled. Have a look at this set here https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/1395196_653870381319677_1895304158_n.jpg
  9. Groupama's are pretty much vertical. Had an interesting comparison looking at Giacamo and BG last night, pretty much side by side. BG has much more freeboard aft. Will definately be a monster blast reaching/running!
  10. Here she's is. Gotta fat ass! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=657249054325116&set=a.613668218683200.1073741827.228993933817299&type=1&theater
  11. +1 Estar, I do laugh when I hear talk of ETNZ "cheating" by designing a foiling AC72. Nor have the found a "loophole" in the rule. What they have done is designed, perhaps the only "safe" (and I do say this with a grain of salt) AC72, to a design rule the OC, as cup holders have formulated. It's safe, its fast and it was designed within the rules. Now I understand that there is an argument to change the rules to enhance safety and i'm sure there's a number of ways this could be done. However the facts remain the same - ETNZ and LR can foil fast, safely and within the rules, whereas OR have shown some unsteadiness foiling, Artemis have not really shown anything apart from a Cayard size cluster fuck! This is a net result of design choices. Nothing more and nothing less. Why we have to change design rules to suit those that have made poor choices, i'll never know. If they were really serious about safety and perhaps less wing area as Cayard noted, why don't they trim 2m off the top of their existing wings? As far as I can tell, this is totally within existing spar limits, would satisfy the safety aspect they so vocally now need and also negate the need for absurd and unprecedented changes to class rules as the last minute.. The current farce is nuts! I also don't believe for one minute that IM is as independant as everyone makes him out to be.
  12. Like fuck. This will be buried deeper than nuclear waste! You won't hear PC saying, "we'll JK fucked up and the beam broke" or "maybe we should have calculated less load cycles before component failure"
  13. Very possible I'd say given the position and nature of the break in the beam. Dolphin striker still intact and all stays attached so maybe port hull chainplate/terminal failure Not all stays intact. I second that - again extremely reliable AC sources have suggested it was stay failure leading to structure failure. Unfortunately as it seems that AR are the only structural investigators, we may never know....
  14. What a crap report. Way too many errors of fact to list. Second that. Particularly the on the scene reported "these are the biggest boats that have ever been raced" Puhlease!
  15. While people may not have "known" this would happen, all the teams have been expecting and preparing for an upside down event. Given the load, distances and dynamics involved, its always been an extremely high possibility that a serious injury was likely in one of these events. OR and the guys seem to have got lucky when they pitch poled in that the boat stayed in one piece structurally and no one landed on solid objects. Its extremely sad but Artemis will go on, albeit handicaped by a lack of wings and low moral and most likely lack of confidence in their design/engineering/build team (depending on the nature of the failure) Its an unfortunate by product of sailing becoming faster and more exciting. Crashes will happen, boats will break and at higher speeds, more injuries or worse will occur. This is the same with all sports. I just hope we don't see boat on boat collisions and the carbon confetti that would result from this.