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  1. sr chief

    J 80 Bow Sprit End Cap

    Looking for a spare J80 bow sprit end cap, if anyone has one for sale or a spare , please PM me. many thanks!
  2. Matt Schaedler 419-467-1625, 2 J80s for sale after CRW. All the best, Tom

    1. Lightningflash


      Appreciate it!  Thanks

  3. sr chief


    We are taking two to CRW. Both will be available for sail after. Just spent yesterday installing all new rigging, foil, furler and halyards on one of them . PM and I will get you in touch with the owner.
  4. Well sir, I recall one hot batch of truth serum was so , that we had to remove it from the courtroom ( barn), as the farm animals, judge, jury and a few spectators , as per their request. To this day the sight and odor of Balut will send me running!
  5. sr chief

    ROOM !!!

    Uhhh no, blue boat BOOM, white boat collateral damage.
  6. Clearly Singer is not the only fish in the pond. For the Justice Dept. and FBI to make this case so public and sensationalize it. My guess is that there is more to come. The negative attention that this is bringing upon the big Uni s , and thousands that were denied admission are going to make mucho Law firms richer and many families wealthier. Overnight. The national crime bizz must be slow? Avennati will be all over this like white on rice and every media attention gabbing lawyer, by tonight's 1830 national news broadcast. On the flip side what this case has done is to have re-enlightened to masses the outrageous cost of an under graduate degree and all sides of the talking heads, 24/7 cable cabal are talking about it and turning this story into a much bigger story, which obviously has been going on for decades... as for the AD of Stanford not knowing??? Yo, the sailing department is negative revenue drain on any athletic department , so when your guy is bringing you large six figure checks and telling you not to ask? Back in the day I'm sure it was a long weekend in Vegas, hookers and blow... and for the record, saw the Tailgate thread a while back. Ha! That event was children playing in a park with hovering over protective parents at arms reach compared to some of the initiations I prosecuted!
  7. I was a prosecutor in many Chief Petty Officer initiations. I can vouch for a 100% prosecution rate! That was a few years back when they were REAL, of course... thus my comment of it being 2019...
  8. In light of the huge litigation involving a slice of the daily media wrt to the HS kid in Kin-tucky land, I'm sure the consiglieres advising the Universities will be watching the court of public opionion and recommending to quietly settle , like quick...
  9. Its 2019...and this case was filed in the Northern Dist. of California... I'm from a legal mind, If I was representing them thats the part of the country where I would start. Pretty sure this is just the beginning?
  10. Shocked it took this long for the lawsuits to start flying.
  11. sr chief

    RIP Paul Bishop

    I was here at the beginning , he would attempt to moderate a bit too much. And thats why we came here to NOT have to listen to that.
  12. The Porter collided with a super tanker in the Aribian Gulf in 12? Anyways she was giveway in a crossing situation and turned LEFT and attempted to cross the bow at 20 knots... not Princeton but USS Antietam ran aground after dragging anchor. Bridge waited to long to identify ship was not inside her drag circle and was outside of the swing circle when discovered. Put the screws up onto a reef near Tokyo Harbor, destroying the CRPs , main shafts, and leaking hundreds of gallons of CRP hydraulic fluid into the Tokyo Bay... Navy Senior leadership have been quietly blaming a lack of training dollars as a result of the Sequester passed by congress... non sense, the US Navy's fleet has drwan down in the last ten years but increased in days away from home port. This is significant but not to the extent of the recent spate of mishaps. Its purely a cultural change in the newer caliber of sailors and junior officers. One recommendation and has been looked at reviewed, and re-reviewed is for all forward deployed ships to adopt the same crew rotation as that on merchant ships and USN ballistic subs. the problem is simple math. More bodies and thats expensive. The simple solution is that CO's on their command tour need more experience at sea and there are many former CO's here at SA who may not agree but looking back on my 14 years of sea duty on 5 ships I can tell you that are community is great at eating our young and the meat grinder at schedule on these highly sophisticated ships require the brightest minds, a lot of COMMON SENSE and more importantly $$$. With out that there will be more mishaps... ultimately the responsibility is that of the CO.
  13. As a retired Navy Senior Quartermaster, I was fortunate to commission USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51). My assigned duties were as the QMC, underway OOD and LCPO of Nav/Admin dept. Our underway schedule was arduous with the first deployment in Mar 0f 93. as an OOD on three ships and thousands of miles mainly in the Atlantic, Med, Red Sea, Aribian Gulf, Eastern Pacific and as a boat captain on a 110' TWR in the Pearl hbr. want to share some insight and my personal thoughts on the Porter mishap in the AG, the Princeton grounding in Japan and then the Fitz/McCain collisions . Command climate. Training , Ships OPTEMPO, schedule, material condition of ships and support from ISIC, ( immediate superior in charge) for "downtime" to rest the crew especially in the Seventh Fleet. There is more but this enough. Command Climate- it appears and I'm not surprised that both CO's on Fitz/McCain did not have favorable CC's. I was privy to an initial mishap investigation report, and that is where the navy investigation begins. Bad culture=unhappy crew and generally less trained, poorer material condition of readiness / with an intense underway schedule is fast approaching disaster. Both Ships . Training- when the navy abandoned Refresher Training ( REFTRA) in GTMO and San Diego and adopted Integrated Self Training and self assessments , we in essence abandoned the true sense of training. We prepared for months, had the Navy's finest instructors/Inspectors in an environment far from home port and you either passed or failed. The training was 2-6 weeks depending on how the ships crew was performing and the overall material condition of the crew. IT worked but was EXPENSIVE. Navy abandoned Self assessment training is good if you have a good command climate and an experienced wardroom/ CPO mess. Elimination of the SWOS Training Pipeline for JOs in Newport placed greater need for experienced CO's XO's, department heads . Which leads me to this... with the innovation of technology and the greater need to attract more talent in the Surface Warfare Community, these basic standards were eliminated which has created a degradation in the pipeline. Here we are today... Now, after reading the entire mishap reports we now know, there was a complete breakdown in the surface picture on both ships. Inadequate level of training and inexperienced OODs. The OOD on both ships failed to , maintain a proper lookout , DID not use the Combat Information Center Watch Officer, the surface detector tracker console operator on the bridge, NOT broadcasting AIS( ship was not in EMCON), was not communicating via VHF, and most glaringly DID NOT CONTACT the CO when CPA's deviated inside the CO's night orders and standing orders. Ineffective use of ARPA and not employing more watchstanders IAW the CO's Standing Orders, Colregs and OPNAVINST 3120.32D. Failures of nothing other than the CO's command climate. Sadly both CO's MUST be prosecuted for the loss of life. If the ship is not working and crew fatigue is that intense failure of the CO to notify his boss, DESRON Commodore , and i can tell you I had several CO's that would go to bat for the crew and get our scheduled adjusted for no other reason than in port repairs and crew rest without seriously jeopardizing their career path, 2 of those made Flag! Having command of a US navy warship is the ultimate accountability and responsibility for the crew and ship. Its their ship. the failure of judgement on both CO's are cause for their disciplinary proceedings and the navy will learn tragically as we did after the Kennedy/Belknap mishap. My last ship was the USS Yorktown, we were the test platform for Integrated Bridge System(IBS) and Voyage Management system) VMS. The precursor to ECDIS . The navy was 20 years behind in integration of ECDIS with the emphasis placed more on development combat weapons systems, and engineering updates rather than ships control and navigation. Today I am the lead instructor for Sea School Great Lakes and spend most of the calendar teaching unlicensed and licensed credentialed mariners and administer USCG exams. When not doing this I get to deliver boats , sail and power and put that great training you all afforded me to practical and safe use. Last week i taught the USCG 5 day radar unlimited radar cse and administered the exam to a class of seven who are assenting from AB to mates the entire course is maneuvering board and hand plotting CPAs , understanding the basic concept of relative motion. I certainly hope the navy adopts more of a merchant marine approach to training and watch keeping standards that are required of licensed deck officers, mates and masters .
  14. sr chief

    Who killed MR. CLEAN?

    Ha! Good for you bro! I'll see you in Chucktown!
  15. sr chief

    Hey any Annapolis area sailors

    Thanks Christian!!!! No, a 2018 Bavaria 37.