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  1. PHRF LE is at it again with ratings adjustments so 'm curious is there any interest in the competitors on LE interested in racing ORR? The Macs have gone by the way of ORR. The Sportboats are taking a huge hit not sure what is driving that other than culling the fleet. I also understand that a number of Sportboat owners are bailing and moving the boats to another sandbox. Thanks!
  2. Wow! Truly a great read and remarkable!
  3. Yet another example of a significant elementary navigation error. At the very least if the Captain is solely going to rely on a chart plotter, there should be a small scale chart taped down or accessible to the crew with the boats intended track as a reference to shoal water, navigation hazards aids to navigation, reefs. The navigator and Captain have a much better idea with a simple DR track to plan and prepare any shoal water or hazards to navigation if the chart plotter is going to zoomed or worse as in the Vesta's incident , the Navigator forgets.
  4. Slag this troll as you see fit, but lets leave the Garter out of this nastiness. Some of us quite enjoy the interaction with eastern European culture. "You buy drink, yes?" After peeling through through a couple of stacks at the Garter couple weeks ago , and being refused later at the GP, we were making our way back to the Hotel only find the "Eastern Euro Trash Girls', in a bar next to the Bottle Cap. Pretty funnny like 50 of them! Partied like rock stars with them till like 4 , then took a bunch out to Denny's for breakfast. We did scale the monument this year with out getting arrested or like last year a "courtesy ride" to he hotel.
  5. "What the fuck are you doing racing in the middle of our harbour?" Zactly!
  6. Not a thruster. he is backing at full power on the port shaft . 100% pitch and max shaft RPM. Thrusters donts produce that amout of screw wash. Those ships are equipped with the Azipod drive units.
  7. Thanks Senior Chief. I only did 4 but they were critical in my development. You got it bro! Thanks!
  8. Our Navy is steep in tradition. As an initiated Chief Petty Officer (91), and retired Senior Chief, I saw this video of our CPO Selectees, I was reminded of how significant it is that we honor those of the Greatest Generation, Korea, Vietnam Era, and the Global war on terrorism veterans. Our community of Chief Petty Officer's has evolved in the month long "selectee" training and ultimately pinning on every September 16th. While the actual hell night and day long intiation has been passed over with new politically correct "training", this video reflects all that is great about our community , honoring a fellow Chief Petty Officer. These selectees will never forget that day. I'll never forget mine! I drank more truth serum than was humanly possible! According to our Doc. Scot has always been great with our Navy and other service veterans here . Thanks for putting this up. Its a great Navy Day!
  9. Any pics or intel on the mods to WO from you guys in Sydney?
  10. Shit, I was on a fucking J-24 that capsized in the wind alone, and it sank! I know a lot of the M 24 guys racing, trust me, cumulatively , they have more experience and miles than some of the divisions combined. The kids will be awright.
  11. Whatever your flavor du jour, or comfort level is, the Sportboats are wayyy more fun than any other boat I have sailed on. We raced Badfish a Melges 32 in the 2013 BYC MAC race, finished first on the shore cse, lost to perhaps the most UNSAFE boat on the lakes. In fact its comical listening to the critics wrt the Melges 24 s ... personally I have many offshore miles in salt and fresh water on the M32 and I cant wrap my head around the argument! I sailed last week on the Mills, we finished behind the other M32, ironically like 30 boats retired , one dismasted, 3 broken rudders, and sadly 1 guy killed, all on 4 KSBs... you guys know, its experience and boat condition. Our top speed last Friday night was high teens, code zero, jib, surfing! F-U-N- ! sustained mid to high teens, I'll take it over, over a fucking hot meal, PERIOD. Come check us out in Chicago , racing the Chi-MAC, I'll show you our boat setup, the safety gear, and the carbon rum locker. Its fucking big!
  12. I spent a lot of time in GITMO, during my Navy career. The sailing in and around Gitmo, is what you would expect , primo Caribbean conditions ! Saw the largest schools of hammerhead sharks just off the entrance to GITMO scary cool! Politics aside, its clear the embargo has largely done more harm to the average Cuban citizen...the Cuban's are great people, Sol and his merry band of southern Florida sailing enthusiasts have some exciting ideas. Hopefully the good folks at SORC can organize something like a few proposals I have heard. An Islands in the stream is one of the proposals. Unfortunately its still a sensitive and prickly issue in South Florida... A big boat race to Hemingway's nirvana, will be huge. Hopefully it happens, I'm not missing it!
  13. Having sailed under SOCAL PHRF, Hawaii PHRF, SF PHRF, CSA, and Carolina PHRF, and then there is --------LE PHRF------ where the fuck do I start! Really not worth the argument.. I'm truly convinced LE phrf exists for the slow, status quo and has done more harm to penalize anything newer than 20 years old thus really discouraging any new or newer purchases and participation. I have seen it in my short time here. That being said, one of the local boats I sail on (Melges 32- Badfish), spends more time out of the state . We did race the 2013 BYC-MAC, (not the most comfi ride), raced the Shore CSE., much fun did real well , lost to a 100 year old boat with no lifelines, motor, bulkeheads, and shitter, but it did have really cool Gucci rags... Doing the Chi-MAC on the M32 this year after a very win in the Lauderdale to KW race this past January. Looking forward to drag racing the modified and fast Melges 30 Peerless, who by the way are great guys and mucho fun to drink with! The J29 guy is the epitome of the local PHRF committee..
  14. Carter 37 Caviar, beautiful black hull. When I was a kid we spent our summers cruising the USVI/BVI. Overnight sail from Puerto Rico, hit Avery's Boathouse in Charlotte Amalie , we'd hit the dock and take off after a punishing uphill slow slog on the family Pearson 39, and look for Caviar which we all believed could make the sail in half the time.
  15. Awesome pics and thanks for sharing your program! Bad ass boat, looking forward to watching your reports.