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  1. sr chief

    Thompson T870 Moulds for sale AUS

    Have many miles on a T870, one of my all time favorites!
  2. sr chief

    Merlin at 75 mph

    Yeah, they do! Would love to see them save their time on the SC 70's!
  3. Hi Doug, I cant wrap my head around this. Totally concur, lack of training possible, junior and less experienced watch standers. The AB class ships have ARPA, SPS 64 SPS 67, and SPY at low power if needed. Plenty of redundancy, the CO should have been on the bridge or if he was incapacitated, the XO or SWO....
  4. sr chief


    Done that, No fun. We have a bail out plan if it is going to be slog up hill in breeze. Boat goes 7 knots upwind in light to moderate breeze low sea state. Absolute stable ripper off the breeze. The pain train for sure and we aren't 20 anymore...
  5. As a plank owner on the USS Arleigh Burke and the first enlisted man to qualify and stand watch as an OOD on the Arleigh Burke Class ships I'll share some of my insight. First after what I have heard this was not an overtaking situation. Crossing for sure. Fitzgerald was give way and the merchant was stand on. Very concerning that the fundamentally clear cut rule of the road and Fitzgerald collided . Colregs was introduced to educe collisions at sea and as we all know from not on ship handling but boat handling and our racing rules that ultimately in extremis both vessels are obligated to avoid risk of collision... Fitzgerald- a SIGNIFICANT failure in situational awareness and total breakdown in internal comms and procedures. The Commanding Officer has standing orders and as the Senior Chief Quartermaster Asst. Nav and an OOD I generally wrote the CO's Night Orders for night time steaming . The Standing Orders require that the OOD has to notify the Captain at 10 yds when the CPA of a vessel is 2 yds or obviously less. A maneuvering recommendation is made based on the situation. Most CO Standing orders will allow the OOD's to maneuver + or - 5 degrees and speed increase/decrease of 3 knots to maintain CPAs greater than 10 k with out CO notification. On USN ships, a CIC watch depending on defense posture will be manned with a CICWO , and 5 OS watch standers strictly watching the surface picture with all available surface search radars and passive sonar. The bridge will have a minimum on a AB class ship 6-12 watch standers. Tragically the cargo ship struck the Fitzgerald where the CO's cabin is located, Weapons berthing , Radio Central and the Repair 2 Battle locker. An immediate decision after the collision would have been to set material condition zebra which clearly isolated the berthing compartments thus not being able to search for injured where if those 7 sailors not immediately killed after impact, drowned in the flooded berthing compartment. Again loss of life 100 Million in repairs to Fitzgerald and 100 % avoidable. Now that region DOES not have a traffic separation scheme and heavy busy sea lanes which requires total vigilance, rested watch standers. My fear is lack of training, crew fatigue and worse EPIC failure in command by the Fitzgerald's CO.
  6. sr chief


    We were first to finish on the Shore cse in 2012. Won 2 of the last 3 Fort Lauderdale KW Races, and have mucho miles offshore on the boat. Actually modified more for offshore sailing/racing...
  7. sr chief


    Will be racing the Cove Island Cse. on the Melges 32. We raced against the Peerless guys 2 years ago in the Lauderdale to KW race. Great group and mucho fun, they appropriately referred to their boat as the Pain Train! After many distance races and miles on the 32, they nailed it!
  8. sr chief

    Removed for His Own Protection, Health, and Safety

    The SAR mission and millions of dollars in fuel alone not to mention the anxiety of the crew, he needed to removed for his own safety...
  9. sr chief

    Key West Dead

    I'll bet a longgg 3 days!!! Fun race for sure, miss it!
  10. sr chief

    Key West Dead

    I'm racing this weekend on my buddy;s Santana 35. Did the Mac on it last summer, had a blast! Nothing like standing head room , a dry bunk, hot coffee. The arm's "racing" on the coasts and Caribbean has tamed the sport and sadly you are correct...c u in November!
  11. sr chief

    Key West Dead

    We won it on Charlie Dole's J-24 in 2001! The wettest I have ever been, slogging 30 miles up wind to Kaneohe Bay with 7 ! The J-35s finally caught us at Makapuu. Second day surfing down the coast with all the fishing gear out , we hook into something HUGE , Big L has like the 5k test shit out we abruptly come off the step and almost pulled the stern rail out of Charlie's boat! Kite , jib and his Cal 20 loose luffed as a an inside stay sail, SNAP the piano wire breaks, back on the step guessing a big tiger shark... That was a FUN year!
  12. sr chief

    Key West Dead

    NINE???? Jeez ,remember when we had 30 plus!? The parties at KYC , Pokai Bay and then WYC were epic fun! Great sailing, and what a cast of characters. Same here the Mills Race in 2 weeks use to have a hundred entries not sure there are even 30 today. The Melges 32s took a 6 SPM hit to 15 SPM... we use to race the boat in 10 -12 races during the season. Now maybe half that and then Lauderdale to KW every year. Doing the Cove Island cse in this years Port Huron to Mackinac, under ORR.
  13. sr chief

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    PHRF LE is at it again with ratings adjustments so 'm curious is there any interest in the competitors on LE interested in racing ORR? The Macs have gone by the way of ORR. The Sportboats are taking a huge hit not sure what is driving that other than culling the fleet. I also understand that a number of Sportboat owners are bailing and moving the boats to another sandbox. Thanks!
  14. Wow! Truly a great read and remarkable!