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  1. Fair price for a J92?

    Age matters. $40k for a brand new well rounded 30fter, sign me up. $40k for 25yr old one....not so much.
  2. Fair price for a J92?

    Great in light air, reasonable performance when the wind is up, able to sail 2up, and weekend cruising capability. What else you got in mind? Open to suggestions.
  3. Fair price for a J92?

    Found that old T870 ad too, would have been a great boat. FYI, Not looking to ship to AUS, I want the boat for Vancouver.
  4. Fair price for a J92?

    Great info guys, thanks! Just need to find one now, preferably in the PNW!
  5. SR Max 21 (sportboat or not)?

    Sailed SR21s years ago, fun boats, but definately not a sportsboat. You will get killed in a fleet of real sporties. FWIW - I have seen them turtle, but that was with a very inexperienced crew in 20+ with breaking waves. Was surprised to see it to be honest as the boat always seemed stable.
  6. Fair price for a J92?

    I see guys asking just under $40k US for older ones, but that seems excessive for a 20+ year old boat with several year old sails and rigging. Are they actually selling at this price? Any insight into what these are actually being bought and sold for?
  7. Fair price for a J92?

    I know guys are asking just under $40k for the older model ones, but this just seems very high for a 20+year old boat, with reasonable but certainly not new sails and rigging. Any insight what they actually sell for?
  8. Great pics, and Commanche looks the weapon for sure, but does anyone actually beleive that you can just splash a cutting edge 100ft super maxi a few weeks before a major offshore race, and beat WOXI? The WOXI crew knows that boat inside and out. The Commanche boys will need one hell of a steep learning curve to be competitive. Even the top professional programs need time to learn the boat.
  9. When did Spoffo confirm it was Rod and his son? I saw a photo that was sent supposedly to a forum member. I read how typing on a phone is so difficult. I see different spelling and punctuation errors. Some that should NEVER come up if a phone is being used to write stuff to the forum. How is it that there is no space after a period. How is it that the autocorrect is not kicking in? I am still a doubter. Although.. I must congratulate the person who sent the photo.. Pretty damn good. Easy to fake EXIF etc... and the background is so damn good. But the language and the errors that appear and are NOT consistent... quite a problem... Excellent attempt... but.. let us stop the BS. (for spelling errors, a good example is dont and don't. Both forms appear...) Go back and read - HR quoted a conversation he and Spoffo had, Spoffo confirmed it. He's real.
  10. Fuck nice work!!! we got the real deal here! Any more naysayers????
  11. 1 pic of yourself on the FH is all you need to shut up all your naysayers.....seems you arent who you claim....darn, was hoping the real deal would post here.
  12. Where's the self pic? If you are legit, should be easy to get one.
  13. Your problem is fundamental design flaws. If you fix and make stronger what broke this time, the next weakest part will break - you will be chasing this forever. You need to get someone on board that can help you work with what you have - but basically redesign the thing.
  14. So what is your plan? Are you trying to beach it to do repairs? Or? And are you still planning on sailing across the ocean, or you looking at more of a more "local" plan B?
  15. I just spoke with a mate of mine in SF - the FH, HR, grandma and his fake Harley are all fine. The FH has been purchased by Team Artemis to replace their current boat - they will be adding 7 ft of sugar scopes and their foils....should be good to go against the kiwis in a week or so.