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  1. olaf hart

    Anchor Geekdom

    I think people assume a kellet will correct for a short scope, it may with light winds, but not when you need it most...
  2. olaf hart

    Hidden Hinge/Mortise and Cheap Drill Press

    Like those so much I have a spare..
  3. olaf hart

    American Dumbass

    I have had a few papers published, and one rejected after a negative review by the state government employee responsible for the problem. But the really sensitive one was blocked from publication by a federal government department! There is a lot of weird stuff going on out there, it’s not the level playing field. Agree with your rant Ajax, I think we had an outbreak of Moronavirus long before we got Coronavirus...
  4. olaf hart

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    My impression is this guy has a professional background in film or video, he certainly has the knack...
  5. olaf hart

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I suspect if the lightning hit the mast, you wouldn’t be telling the story. There is a very active electromagnetic field around the area of a lightning strike, it’s not just like electricity in a wire. A while ago we had a direct strike on a tree in our backyard in Sydney, it was about 10 meters from the house. We all felt a jolt from the strike, it took down all our computers, and took out everything electrical in our neighbours house, just fried the wiring, switches and controllers. So my understanding is we will get a decent shock if we are close to an earthed lightning bolt, but it is orders of magnitude less than if the strike flows to ground through our bodies..
  6. olaf hart

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    I have been contemplating panels on the V40 soft dodger, it has two tilting 100 watt panels on the side rails which handle maintenance needs, the extra dodger panels are for cruising demand. My plan is to use flexible panels, and make them removable. Each has its own controller, as it is likely one or the other will be shaded. Storing them below when not needed should improve their lifespan, as there will be little UV damage. Anyway, that is the plan.
  7. olaf hart

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    No, it’s an instructional video for Mumbai cold callers...
  8. olaf hart

    best mag for sailing binos

    Just another tack, have you thought about a spotting scope? We have one at home on a tripod, it’s amazing for wildlife and checking boats on the Channel. I have heard some of them have attachments for cameras, would make a good cheap telephoto for bird watching.. Boat binocs are 7x50, if you get one with a compass make sure it is on the side of your best eye if you have any visual discrepancies... Most have the compass on the left, which I cant see well. Eventually found a Russian one with the compass on the right.
  9. olaf hart

    My season just ended, and...

    It has been done I hear...
  10. olaf hart

    My season just ended, and...

    You just need another boat down here, summer is just starting... Or maybe take the boat to Bermuda for the winter.
  11. olaf hart

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Just spotted your anchor winch, we have the same one on our Adams 36, if it’s working you will learn to love it.
  12. We have a late model manual CRV, will probably keep it until our first electric car, it’s the last CRV Honda made with a stick shift. Also have an Isuzu ute, diesel manual, pre DPF... They are both going to go until they die, not worth thinking about autos or diesel particulate filters. My wife and I have always driven manuals, taught the boys to drive manuals, I like the sense of control over the drive wheels, an auto is like going downhill in neutral, no engine braking effect. The gearbox on our CRV is a thing of beauty, six speed, clutch and shift are light as a feather, and with a VVT engine it’s quiet at low revs and a screamer over 3500.
  13. olaf hart

    Anchor Geekdom

    That’s a great video Steve, we have a 44lb Rocna on the V40, can’t wait for you to try it with holes in the blade.
  14. olaf hart

    Maritime crisis in Ireland

    Now they can sell dolphin watching tickets to the tourists for the next ten years to try and find him .... I suspect there have been a few Fungie’s over the years, he is a big industry in Dingle...