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  1. Don't normally quote myself, it's a bit like sailing with just the jib up... just in case you missed it Proa.
  2. The opposite thing happened to me when I found a good deal on 200' of new chain. i had to move the spare anchor and rode and other heavy stuff like the Aries out of the forward compartment to under the cockpit, but the boat is still down a bit at the bow. i like to rationalise that trim evens out when I am at the wheel... at least I can anchor in 100' with 4:1 chain and rode..... the real reason was being able to use all chain in coral when we cruise to Queensland.
  3. This is the pic with a clear shot of antifouling on the rudder
  4. If you look at the previous pic taken at the dock there is around 4" of antifouling showing on the rudder.
  5. Just remember there is a good reason they are selling out ...
  6. They are really set up as a trainer, full width traveller between helm and other sheets and halyards. its hard to steer from behind the cabin top, they were set up as three person racers. If you brought the halyards and jib sheets back to the helm, it would work there is 250kg lead on a bulb five feet down, so they are not as tender as newer sports boats, but crew weight helps in a blow. Balance is fine, helm is light, very large main compared to jib. The only load is on mainsheet and traveller, everything else is very light. My 50kg wife is skipper, I played sheet and forward hand, and got the weight out. it feels a lot like a skiff to sail.
  7. Your local battery guys probably have a tester that can pull a couple of hundred amps out for a few seconds, see how it has held up. IIRC AGM batteries don't sulphate as much as standard batteries for periods of full discharge. If the battery tests OK, you need a trickle charger like a 5 or 10w solar panel on a cheap regulator to keep it in shape.
  8. Strange, but there is a Contessa 26 and a Contessa 32 in our little marina here, south of Hobart. they get around.
  9. Its an ex RYCT ex ex CYCA club boat.
  10. It's fine, it's the one in my avatar
  11. I love potato scallops, particularly with firm potatos like dutch cream ...
  12. Only one thing keeps redheads happy ...
  13. I saw Boomers video on Facebook, saw the trim, and noted there was allowance for a lot of weight in the forward compartment. All the mechanical gear is already fitted aft, none of the stores are forward. But then I had visited the yard, met the owner, seen the boat, talked to the design and build team, and knew the boats intended mission. Do your homework Proa. Gotta say, I would find a launching quite an ordeal if I was the designer... Nothing wrong with too much ballast IMHO, especially in an offshore cruiser. My 36' 6.5 ton boat has half a ton too much ballast, and a 54% ballast ratio, it is amazingly stiff and I actively pursue upwind passages. The builder stuffed up the keel mould and they cast an extra half ton of lead, fine by me, especially in the southern Ocean and Tasman where there is no shortage of wind.
  14. I suspect when that boat is loaded up it will be sitting close to its lines. Not only is there a lot of heavy chain, there is a very big focsle (almost a full hold) up forward, designed to store a lot of gear and supplies. In my 36 footer the bow went up two inches when I moved my spare anchor chain and rode aft. It doesn't take much weight to alter trim if its in the ends. I would be more concerned now if that boat was sitting near its lines.
  15. You would qualify as a boat tester for BS.... i guess it was an icebreaker?