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  1. olaf hart

    Dyer Dhow Rehab

  2. olaf hart

    Dyer Dhow Rehab

    I have tried that a few times, it’s generally not successful. Anyone have any tips for success?
  3. olaf hart

    Re-entry after sabbatical

    That dodger went to Antarctica and back...
  4. olaf hart


    The USA needs to spend lot more on mental health care.....
  5. olaf hart

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    It’s not like you had helicopter gun ships cruising down the Falls Rd at 3am at rooftop height or anything like that...
  6. olaf hart

    Re-entry after sabbatical

    We are in the same boat as FKT, for different reasons. Life seems to have cast us as carers, throughout our professional lives, then for parents, and now for a child. So we push the envelope as much as we can, managed to do a reasonable amount of overseas travel, owned a boat on the other side of the planet for a few summers cruising, and now concentrating on the Oz east coast and down here in Tassie. We and FKT live in a coastal village where lot of long term cruisers have eventually settled back on land. It makes sense to keep your land base if you want to head off, even if you don’t come back to it you remain in the market for a place where you want to settle. Ten years ago we decided cruising was really just a state of mind, haven’t regretted a day since then...
  7. olaf hart

    Here we go...

    Sounds like the time in Airlie Beach I ordered a half dozen Racor filters online, but ended up with the 1000 elements, not the 500 elements I wanted. Dropped into the Yanmar dealer and he did me a straight swap ...
  8. olaf hart

    Low tech ocean cruisers

    When I raced skiffs in the sixties, all the battens were bamboo. We shaped them to set the sail camber, just trial and error. They never broke, and believe me they had a hard life...
  9. olaf hart

    Low tech ocean cruisers

    So so, why can’t you make a junk sail using battens that take an aerofoil shape? seems to me a junk sail is just a big battened lug rig
  10. olaf hart

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    The rule of thumb is it takes as much carbon to build an ICE car as it outputs in the first 100,000 miles...
  11. olaf hart

    Day tanks - who’s got one, how did you set it up?

    Thanks for that, the bead is a great idea, I will look out for one. Just checked my sight tube last week, the tank was almost full and it was very difficult to spot the level, even with a backlight.
  12. olaf hart

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    The Uma people noted, after their system was sorted, a disappointingly low regeneration capacity as well. I suspect the longer term solution will be electric motors and seperate water generators.
  13. olaf hart

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    Umas electric drive was a gift from a cat that replaced it with a diesel ...
  14. olaf hart

    Camona Island - Utsalady Mooring Buoys

    Dont you already have the upvote record Ish? BTW, don’t moor on the inside of the LaConnor dock, it’s a bitch getting back out in the wrong current...
  15. olaf hart

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    More interesting, useful stuff