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  1. Some of us just blocked BS, some even blocked you and Proa. Time to let it go and move on ....
  2. Agree on all the wind comments. The PNW has also developed a wierd multi layer power boat scene, they look like wedding cakes with an oxygen tent on top. No way you could dock these things down here, the windage would even overpower the thrusters,
  3. Sorry we weren't around to help out ... not a lot of wind there Kim.
  4. And yet most of it worked ... Talking today to a friend who recently bought a 50yo timber boat from its original owners and builders, has an original Ford diesel with Lucas electrics. He was having all sorts of problems sorting out the motor wiring, till he figured out the motor was originally positive earth and had been changed to negative earth. But they didn't change over the wiring, so his red wires are negative and the black ones are positive ... Maybe we should start a wiring anarchy thread .....
  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antisocial_personality_disorder
  6. I would use the central fuse and switch panel to fuse the bus. Is this what you are concerned about?
  7. If I was wiring a boat from scratch I would use these and a single 12v bus around the boat, with a small central fuse and switch panel. https://www.bluesea.com/products/5025/ST_Blade_Fuse_Block_-_6_Circuits_with_Negative_Bus_and_Cover
  8. A few had mid engines under the galley sink, good access there especially if you can remove the sink unit. I once had a boat with a V drive, never again.
  9. Many of the most strenuous opponents of BS are experienced NA / yacht designers, pointing out his designs constitute fraudulent misrepresentation about strength and performance. I get that. As a doctor I feel the same way about antivaxxers and feel a professional obligation to engage them publicly in the interests of the average viewer.
  10. Speak for yourself ...
  11. A yacht is a boat with a hanging locker for blazers ...
  12. I am always greatful for early adopters .....
  13. Saw Mclaren on the plane home to Oz. an Enzed documentary by the same guy who did The Last Indian. great flick if you like motor racing and are of a certain age...
  14. Port Townsend is a short ferry ride from Whidbey. Langley is a neat place if you want to live on the island ....