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  1. You have stepped into it this time LB.
  2. And don't forget to pick up some Tasmanian dollars before you come. they are like the other ones, but there is a head on both sides ... And when you are here make sure you donate to the genetic pool, it can take all the help it can get.
  3. The Dashew books are good, a bit dated http://www.setsail.com/free-books/ just remember it's a participation sport, not a spectator sport...
  4. We are around Kettering too with spare moorings, but the biggest is rated for 12 meters. Let me know if you want a berth at the RYCT, or a use of their yard and slipway. The RYCT still uses cradles rather than a travel lift, we use their yard and leave the boat on a berth when we are away. the cruise guides here are a bit primitive and not sure if they are available on the mainland, sort of passed down from father to son. I have one if FKT can't find one. You might want to try Boatbooks at Crows Nest in Sydney, they may have some https://www.boatbooks-aust.com.au/product_info.php?products_id=18688
  5. But can you run the grille at the same time?
  6. Have you ever sailed a J24?
  7. AAAA is the American Association for the Abolition of Acronyms .....
  8. ? Stabiliser arm?
  9. Did her father own a pub as well?
  10. Surface area of side of hull x sin a (wind pressure ) where a is 0 degrees at bow and stern and 90 degrees beam on ..... P=.00256 V squared pounds per square foot, where V is wind speed in miler per hour so, SA hull x sin a (.00256 V squared) pounds
  11. The game was the winner ....
  12. Don't normally quote myself, it's a bit like sailing with just the jib up... just in case you missed it Proa.
  13. The opposite thing happened to me when I found a good deal on 200' of new chain. i had to move the spare anchor and rode and other heavy stuff like the Aries out of the forward compartment to under the cockpit, but the boat is still down a bit at the bow. i like to rationalise that trim evens out when I am at the wheel... at least I can anchor in 100' with 4:1 chain and rode..... the real reason was being able to use all chain in coral when we cruise to Queensland.
  14. This is the pic with a clear shot of antifouling on the rudder
  15. If you look at the previous pic taken at the dock there is around 4" of antifouling showing on the rudder.