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  1. olaf hart

    American Dumbass

    No, I stayed out off the pubs, one thing you learnt playing Rugby in Oz is to avoid drunk Maoris...
  2. olaf hart

    American Dumbass

    We did the same thing in 75...
  3. olaf hart

    diy cooler?

    Had one years ago, worked well but the case tends to rust..
  4. olaf hart

    diy cooler?

    this guy is boring as batshit, but you get the idea...
  5. olaf hart

    V-berth anarchy

    We had to fit our V berth into an old race boat that had a false floor and nothing else, just sail storage. So two big storage bins with a central vertical partition, hinged tops that fold out and hold the mattresses against the hull sides. Nothing lost with the berth, we always had the central panel in place when we slept in previous boats.
  6. olaf hart

    American Dumbass

    In 1918 Spanish Flu killed around 8000 Samoans and 2000 Tongans. it was brought to the islands by a boat from NZ these guys have long memories, and play rugby...
  7. olaf hart

    American Dumbass

    Watched Zatara once, quit half way through, they seemed to be trying to export their entitled, self obsessed, consumerist meme wherever they went. They also joined the queue of folks pimping their families, and in particular their children, on YouTube. There is eventually going to be a new form of child abuse, selling out your children’s anonymity online. With any luck they will be bounced all over the Pacific for months, as they find their way back to Hawaii....
  8. olaf hart

    Random PicThread

    Probably trying to look at an old CRT display in bright sunlight
  9. olaf hart

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    So, a five day lockdown, government will provide food and daily needs. Will the police deliver their drugs as well? The security guards knew where to buy them...
  10. You could ask the person who is really running your country to step up, but he is having his own problems in Russia...
  11. olaf hart

    Help me out with some MORC History

    Tartan 30...
  12. olaf hart

    The Future of Propulsion

    The Oceanvolt motor and drive they used was donated by the owner of a big all electric cat who took out two of the four drives to instal two diesel saildrives.
  13. Never met Patrick but corresponded online, mostly about V40 stuff, and sent him some dyneema bits I made. A true gentleman, Watching Rebecca really cut me up, but on the plus side Patrick was a lucky man to be loved so much by a woman like her... And I suspect the alternative, if he survived, would have truly tortured him. I have told my wife I don’t want to go on a ventilator if I get this evil thing...
  14. olaf hart

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    The bad news is he admitted rigging testing rates to keep the numbers down. What happened to the checks and balances?