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  1. Three Decades, Three Boats, One Boat Slip

    The Tohatsu 5 was a two stroke, didn’t weigh much. I left a lifting harness on it and used a block and tackle clipped on to the backstay so my wife could lift it as well. Never left it in the water, it stored quite nicely across the lazarette. used a 3.5 tohatsu on occasion, it was good for 3 to 4 knots in flat water. Don’t like the transom mounts, the motor comes out of the water a lot more in a swell, and they spoil the clean look of the boat.
  2. Three Decades, Three Boats, One Boat Slip

    I much prefer an outboard IF boat, they motor like crap in a choppy sea but sail like no other boat.. Do you have an outboard well, or does it hang off the back? mine had a well, it was easy to lift a 5hp tohatsu in and out of the well when I wanted to use it.
  3. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    What brings you to CA LB? is it true scooter pays you per post?
  4. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Yeah, but she can live without refrigeration, an ideal boat wench...
  5. As an example, the Sense 51 has a beam just under 15’, weighs 15.5 tons and has a ballast ratio of around 25%. Our 36 footer has a beam of 10’, weighs 6.5 tons and has 3.5 tons of ballast. With around 700sq ft of sail it makes a nice fast offshore cruiser. The Sense 51 only has 3.95 tons of ballast, and probably twice our sail area. Form stability helps in flat water, but is a real negative in a big sea as the fat hull just turns into a sea anchor.
  6. Just took a look at the Sense boats, coming from an area where any cruise could end up in 50 knots of wind and big seas, it just doesn’t compute. Calling them Sense shows the marketers have a twisted form of irony... The stories you hear around here about typical euro fat arsed boats in big seas are amazing, it is impossible for autopilots to hold them in a following swell, people being thrown 12’ across a cockpit, or worse a cabin, some boats even having problems holding position upwind let alone going forward. I respect Veegers opinions on pilothouse sailers, share them myself, but would suggest your wife might benefit from some time in a fat arsed charter boat offshore before shelling out for a boat that makes no Sense.. The PNW is a boating Disneyland, it’s not the real world...
  7. VOR Leg 8 Itajaí to Newport

    Sorry, I meant a plus, it is a moving video. i will have a stern word with the iPad and see if I can remedy it.
  8. Help me cure my polynavicular morbus

    I hear Rodney is having a clearing sale ....
  9. What is a Libertarian?

    I’m confused, I thought you were a librarian?
  10. E-Bikes

    WTF is an EUC?
  11. Melbourne Osaka 2018

    CW is still pointed south and hardly moving, hope they are safe.. she was moving north OK, then suddenly slowed down to 1.8 kn at 20.16 soon after, she is heading south at 1kn and has stayed on that course and speed since. wind looks to be from the NE
  12. Help me cure my polynavicular morbus

    Well, if I am that far gone there is no hope of a cure..
  13. E-nav on the cheap

    So... i managed to pick up a 7” Lenovo 16 gig tablet new for silly money. its downloading Navionics maps as I type this, comes with gps and wifi but no cell SIM card. its the WLAN model, but has a slot for micro sd cards i am thinking of just setting up the charts and leaving it on the boat, so no need to take the iPad aboard and I still have an iPhone and a Garmin plotter for backup. the USB charger just runs at 1 amp, so will work fine with a plug in 12v charger. any other things I could use it for?