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  1. olaf hart

    Becoming Michelle Obama

    You rang?
  2. olaf hart

    Fuel polishing in Van Isle

    Anyone using a day tank?
  3. olaf hart

    Need a new vehicle

    I heard Porsche are moving out of diesels..
  4. olaf hart

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Glad you could find a use for it Bob, I couldn’t put it in the skip with the other 1 1/2 tons of treasure we found on the boat...
  5. olaf hart

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Does that make Whitecap a distant relative of Francis Lee?
  6. olaf hart

    Coolboats to admire

    Mate, if you have an opinion just say it once and move on...
  7. olaf hart

    Thread to Divert J6,Panoramix and poor ProA

    Try some bait, V40 no 101, the game changer...
  8. olaf hart

    Coolboats to admire

    Wow, a like from Ish, my work is done. You can have it if you want Ish....
  9. olaf hart

    Coolboats to admire

    An ignoranus....
  10. olaf hart

    Stolen Boat. Culatra, Portugal

    What is Rod up to these days?
  11. olaf hart

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    So, even if they don’t broach going down a wave, if they go fast enough the hole gets so big it swallows the bow and they pitchpole. interesting comments about drogues and warps, it sounds like streaming warps in heavy seas is a necessity for these full keeled boats to stay safe in the southern ocean.
  12. olaf hart

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    The main problem with IOR boats as cruisers is the size of the fore triangle, and uselessly small mainsails, jibs are a bear to handle. Like most things, there are good and bad hulls.
  13. olaf hart

    Help: Friend's Dad is Lost at Sea

    Common things occur commonly. Most common form of recent onset of delirium is systemic infection, often from urinary tract infection, as in its chronic form the symptoms are often not recognised. in this case could be anything, including tropical diseases picked up in Central America.
  14. olaf hart

    Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania

    Lovely bloke, his dodgers were forms of art...