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  1. Tranquilo

    Oz Music thread

  2. Tranquilo

    what is it?

    Extra weight.
  3. Tranquilo

    Favourite Boat pic?

    The other boat.....
  4. Tranquilo

    Favourite Boat pic?

  5. Tranquilo

    Songs About Sailing
  6. Tranquilo

    what is it?
  7. Tranquilo

    Help identifying my Perkins Starter
  8. Tranquilo

    what's wrong with this picture

    I think its lit! After all, it made the front page!
  9. Tranquilo

    what is it?

    FarEast 37 R that was going around on FB 3 days ago.
  10. Tranquilo

    Hobie 33 anyone?

  11. Tranquilo

    caption contest

    Land Ho! Stop the pumps, we made it!
  12. Tranquilo

    Aluminum bottom RIBs

    Own two AB, AL 16 and the unpainted one resulted better. Use it for day sail biz. Much lighter than FRP counterpart. Tows better, smaller motor to get it going.
  13. The FP article says maybe, but these guys have other plans
  14. Tranquilo

    what is it?

    Tripp and Morgan had much in common. The Tripp Columbia 43, hull #1 had the Columbia 50 deck on it with that same cabin style. I own hull #4 for the last 40 years. Lots of info on the 43 here: Tripp did some interesting work with Dolf Le Comte back in the days like the ALC 35 MK 2, a lovely boat in my opinion. They build them in the Netherlands and I believe that's where Koopmans got his style from. Tripp's list of designs view_designer.asp
  15. Tranquilo

    Sailboat Sinking in Marblehead/MA

    Aye sir, we still have radar contact