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  1. jfdubu

    Propeller shaft- What am I seeing?

    For the shaft to be pulling out of the coupling hereby exposing the keyway would mean the propeller is pulling the shaft out. That happens is reverse. In forward the prop pushes the shaft in. Seeing the keyway is not what I would consider unusual. machine shops cut keyways a bit random. Sometimes they follow a drawing if there is one. At the dock rev the engine in forward, then in reverse. If you see the shaft move I would consider getting a new coupling or at least tightening it up.
  2. jfdubu

    Lifeline Stanchions

    Tweakers, didn't think of that. I did consider a reaching strut but most of my racing is beer can stuff so lots of jibs. Wouldn't want to work the crew too hard. Thanks,
  3. jfdubu

    Lifeline Stanchions

    Well I haven't been here in awhile but I'm back, With a new question. I put new lifeline stanchions on my Express 35 in the same location as the old ones. I didn't notice it before but when sailing with spinnaker up and the pole a bit forward the spinnaker guy puts a hugh load on the stanchion, to the point where it is bending. I've tried moving the block attachment forward and back but it still loads the stanchion. My spin pole is about 5" short but even with that at full length the guy would still load the stanchion. I'm guessing my best choice is to make a stronger stanchion. The base attachment to the deck is firm with a G10 backing plate. Any other ideas? Any one else ever see this problem? Thanks, John
  4. It is truly amazing this guy has enough pull to keep his name out of the press for this long, When the final investigations are made public. this will certainly resurface.
  5. jfdubu

    Hard dinks, nesting dinks, and why we like them

    Comment on the PB option; I have an older 10' version (removable transom) and love it. Stowing on deck is a piece of cake on my 35' performance cruiser, folded right inside the rig. Assembles in 10 minutes on deck by myself, 6 minutes with help Planes with a 4hp outboard, never rowed it. Does 10 mph with that 4 hp in a "lumpy" harbor with 2 men aboard The PB is just about indestructible. I don't care what it looks like, it works great and keeps my wife dry when we go to dinner from an anchorage. Don't normally tow but did once from Cuttyhunk, no problem I've had two inflatables, I'll never go back. Yes the seats do take up space below but I usually take it around the Rhode Island and Vineyard sounds so short runs compared to a distance cruiser. I don't use the space below in transit. I'll be selling this one and buying a new one with the folding transom shortly.
  6. jfdubu

    What have you lost overboard?

    Two things; a spinnaker pole. fastened in the chock a really sloppy tack with the lazy sheet around the end. Popped the pole outa the chocks bounces on the deck and under the life line before the foredeck could grab it. We were racing but it floated just long enough for me to spin the boat around and touch it with the boat hook: sunk in 90ft. Second my jib sheets. I coiled them and put on the bow rail for cleaning. Forgot them. came back the next day to go sailing. no sheets; must of left them home; back home, searched; nope, must be on the boat; check every where. WTF where are they? Looked at the bow rail and remembered where I put them, but of course they fell off. Three try's with a dingy anchor hooked them right under the bow. Brought them still nicely coiled. Hats don't count, not enough fingers
  7. Use a halyard knot with a swivel hard shackle. The knot works as a great "stopper" and you can replace the shackle without sacrificing 3' + of line.
  8. jfdubu

    Help us choose an inflatable

    Boarding and standing in a porta bote takes some getting use to but I can go from the water to strapped on the deck in 10-15 minutes and back in the water in less than 10. I throw mine on my shoulder and walk down the dock and most importantly the admiral's butt doesn't get wet when we go from the anchorage to dinner in Newport. I've had three inflatables, all were wet. Funny looking yes, but very functional. Ohh and don't stand on the gunwhale.
  9. jfdubu

    Help us choose an inflatable

    10' porta-bote. plenty of capacity, faster than an inflatable, easier to store, won't care about rocky shores.
  10. jfdubu

    How do you stop a British Seagull?

    When I first read the topic my first guess was to drop a bunch of "chips" in the parking lot. For American seagulls use french-fries. Then I read it was about the engines. I always heard the problem was about starting them not stopping them.
  11. jfdubu

    PFD recommendation - keelboat helmsman

    My 2 cents, I wouldn't wear an inflatable. Too many "ifs" . Works great if maintained correctly, keeps you afloat if it inflates, can't swim or maneuver that well if inflated. I wear a mustang commercial vest with mesh shoulders and pockets. Whistle in the pocket always. Comfortable back when leaning against the life lines. Has not impeded any motion or activity and I never worry about jumping in the water after a sail at anchor to see how it keeps me afloat. no effort at all to float upright , beer in hand. I second the Salus coastal keelboat, that's on my short list regardless of USCG approval. I have enough devices on the boat to pass any inspection. Which BTW an inflatable doesn't pass inspection unless it's being worn.
  12. Sail, I just replace my motor mounts with aftermarket. I have a yanmar 3gm30 and used Bushings Inc Df-2205-2 mounts. I have access to s full machine shop so riser blocks weren't a problem. I've motored from the sling to my slip so I have final alignment to do. These mount were 1/4 of the cost of the OEM.s. I thought the old mounts were bad but it turns out just rusty. Cleaned up painted and ready as spares.
  13. jfdubu

    Butyl Tape

    I've used junk I got from Home depot, junk I got from an RV store and two rolls from Mainsail by far the best. Even in spots I've used the junk It hasn't leaked. Redoing all my stations this year, only using mainsail stuff. Used butly on cleats, jib track, chainplate covers and other stuff I don't remember. I'm starting to win the war on water getting on the wrong side of the hull.
  14. I was at the Chatham bar Inn a few years ago and they had a display about this event. Absolutly amazing. I seem to remember one writing that the coast guard tried to duplicate the rescue by putting 32 men on the boat in calm water at the dock and couldn't figure out how they did it.
  15. jfdubu

    New Stuffing box

    Well, I'm not looking at alternatives, No room to move the engine. A detailed inspection of my lasdrop indicates it is just worn out. So It will either be replaced or I'll build my own seal assembly.