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  1. Tunnel Rat


    Agreed - all in the timing...…..
  2. Tunnel Rat

    Towing Operation Flow Chart

    A cage over the prop, similar to safety boats, may help reduce the risk of wrapping lines in the prop, but has other issues with reduced power output etc. If towing a long distance, consider chafe, from someone who was under tow for 22hrs in condition gusting to 40kts - an educational experience!
  3. Tunnel Rat

    R2AK 2020

    There was an extended discussion on pedal drive here, I think it was in the 2019 R2AK thread, maybe the 2018 thread, I can't remember. I seem to remember that @Alex W was one of the guys with a vast and detailed knowledge of the subject. Huge amounts of valuable information there.
  4. Tunnel Rat

    Lake Michigan waves

    Try NW Scotland......
  5. Tunnel Rat

    R2AK 2020

    How large is the prop? How heavy is the boat? How much wetted area? Is there any gearing in the boxes, or is it a direct drive from pedals to prop? Questions from people who know this stuff may follow...…..
  6. Tunnel Rat


    Condolences for your loss. I hope the darkness fades.
  7. When I am the Race Officer I do not announce OCS boats until 1 minute after the start - I do not think they should be given that information immediately, if they choose to come back quickly on their own decision, they get a minimal penalty. If they gamble and wait until an announcement is made, then they get a larger penalty. My ha'pennies worth.
  8. Tunnel Rat

    Favorite Good Causes?

    I do a lot of work with these guys - https://pages.donately.com/hotosm/campaigns/ They (we) map areas where natural or humanitarian disasters are occurring to help target rescue and relief efforts.
  9. Tunnel Rat

    Francis Joyon IDEC Asian tour

    This is going to be a brutal leg.
  10. Tunnel Rat

    Motorsport videos that don't suck

    Warning - motion sickness alert....... but it is worth it to listen to his analysis of each minute section of the course.
  11. I find that assumption extremely offensive....
  12. Tunnel Rat

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Gents, It looks like Astro is a new sock for Randumb - same posting habits. I suggest everyone puts him on ignore, if you must reply to him, please don't quote him. Thanks!
  13. Do you mean there aren't palm trees in Plymouth? There must be palms in Cherbourg - it's almost tropical.......
  14. Tunnel Rat

    Demographics of your local Race Committee

    Maybe it is a gate, but crankcall treated it as an offset and wondered why he got shouted at....
  15. Tunnel Rat

    The Gold Coast, Queensland

    It says that the boat was adrift for 10 minutes......... what the hell were they doing for the other 8.5 minutes after they finished sex?