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  1. What's the Latest on Firefly Oasis Batteries?

    I replaced my 3 8d lifelines with 5 firefly Oasis batteries two years ago, and I love them. Now of course, I put a 130 watt solar panel on as well, and I never really discharged these batteries beyond 70% SOC for the most part, and they were regularly topped off. Over last winter parasitic loads depleted the bank to about 20% SOC, and I had no issues getting back to 100%. With the setup I have, these batteries should last almost indefinitely, as 3000 or so cycles (at the rate that I regularly discharge them) is an awful lot of cycles. As Moonduster points out, I cant' give you anything more than to say that I know I'm getting 100% SOC. I have a traditional EMON from Ample power, as well as a Balmar smartguage. Voltage at 100% resting is about 12.84V for these batteries. Hopefully they get supply issues sorted. I'm looking to get a few more batteries for other boats that I have.
  2. Show your boat sailing thread

    For many years my boat was moored right in Maplejuice cove with pretty much the exact view depicted in Christina's World. That's one of the great little harbors in Maine than most folks just pass by on their way down east.
  3. Spirit-33' s&s

    The 110 has a far greater claim to the first "sportboat" than Spirit does.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I will check out those spots! I used to race Saturdays down in Dorset when I lived there 15 years ago. Great portsmouth racing there in Lyme. As far as what I sail...almost anything. IC canoes, International 110, Cape cod Frosty, Lasers, 505, Windmills, VX, j70, j80, International 14, Tech Dinghies etc etc. I'm a competent racer.
  5. Due to some poor planning, I have a trip to France coming up that was planned and scheduled after a prior trip planned for the UK and Scotland. From Nov 5-8 I am free before I have to meet up with my wife in London. I would love to do some racing in the meantime if there is any going on, preferably in dinghies, but I'm open to other suggestions. It would be awesome to find some decent local fleet that has a boat to spare so that I could mix it up with the locals. If anyone knows of anything, let me know. Like I said, I'm loose until Nov 8, so I can arrange to be somewhere within reason.
  6. Coolboats to admire

    If I remember correctly, I think it's in the neighborhood of $825k... I'm waiting on a text for confirmation, but whatever the price is at now, she is far more expensive than a Concordia. As far as her care goes, I know the owner that had the Hinckley job done took good care of her before selling her. I think the next owner made the mistake of leaving her in St Barths without the best supervision sadly. This was compounded by the owner having a new 90' or so cold molded boat built, which I think he was more into focusing on. Not sure what the deal is with the boat being in Rockport, other than the fact that Nantucket really has no ability on the island to handle boats of any size much beyond 40'. There are some exceptions, but even if you do manage to get the boat hauled, solid indoor storage and maintenance facilities are nonexistent. I've delivered several boats to and from Nantucket to Rockport or Brooklin, and most cases that's just for storage, as it's easy enough to obtain up that way vs down south. Some boats go to Newport and places on the Cape, but a surprising number of the wood boats make the trek downeast.
  7. Coolboats to admire

    Pierra fresh back from her second total rebuild in 18 years or so! Was completely rebuilt by Hinckley in the late 90s. Sold and then taken to St barths by the current owner. Captain left her in one orientation forever so she dried out on side. Eventually got worms and was shipped back to New England where she was rebuilt again. Boat is for sale if anyone is interested. Price will take your breath away! She has been a Nantucket boat for ever, so maybe someone will buy her for near what they're asking.
  8. Ross and Rodger are still around... both are easy to contact.
  9. Raymarine Axiom, reviews?

    I played around with it the other day, and it's ok, but still not as good as Furuno Tztouch in my estimation. My now old original TZT is still better than everything out there, with the exception of the new Furuno Tzt2. User interface is superior, speed is far better...no lag when panning, zooming or choosing funcions. Good for Raymarine for finally ditching buttons and just going with a touchscreen. New Furuno digital radar is spectacular as well. https://www.panbo.com/archives/2016/08/testing_furuno_drs4d-nxt_solid-state_doppler_radome_radar_redefined_most_definitely.html
  10. Ajax, Your assessment above basically applies to the actively posting cruising forum members sadly. Lots of good information and people in CA, but still essentially a circle jerk. The original question is on is still a good one. I personally think it's a little more interesting to peg your max at $10-$15k. It's amazing what can be had for that price.
  11. Hood sails sold to Quantum

    Hmmm. I mean Rob is co owner of the quantum Newport loft, so it was already a quasi quantum operation.
  12. Forces on Mast Step

    The main force your mast step is handling is the compression loads coming from the rig. If you calculate what the righting moment of your boat at various angles of heel, that is more or less the load your step is seeing. If your step is built properly to handle this, it can handle the other loads you're wondering about with ease.
  13. I have a Furuno tztouch mfd and digital radar, which is 5 years old now, and it still has the best user interface on the market. Excellent product, but more expensive than most of the others. I am tempted to get another b&g plotter for downstairs. We have one on the boat I race on, a Zeus I think (whichever is their top of the line) and it is an excellent unit. The UI is almost as good as the furuno, and of course it has fantastic sailing functions. If you're calling tactics, this is a phenomenal unit, and it's priced attractively. The Garmin still misses the mark in my opinion. I tested one out the other day and was still mystified by how clunky it was. Ultimately you want something that is FAST and anyone can figure out quickly. The Furuno wins in this regard hands down because it has one knob and two buttons. That knob and the two buttons get you to any menu you want, and the knob scrolls through things and zooms in and out. The rest of the operation mimics what you would expect from an iPad, and anything you do had little to no lag. Nmea 2000 makes interfacing amongst manufacturers much much easier these days than in the past, with the only exception being radar I have b&g triton displays and aws/depth/speed/temp I like these too, and they aren't crazy expensive either. Some of the new ray marine stuff actually looks decent, but I haven't had a chance to mess with it, so I can't offer anything beyond what I've read on Panbo
  14. Lehr Outboards

    Complete piece of shit. Bought one, suffered through a month of shoulder pain from trying to start it, ditched it. Green canister good for 2 round trips to and from the boat from the mooring/anchor. That's for an average 1/4 mile or less trip. Anything more and you are pushing it. That's if you can start the thing. I found myself a sweet 2 stroke Yamaha 9.9 on Craigslist and I haven't looked back. While I feel bad about the pollution, this is the only motor that I have absolute confidence in. My mercury 9.9 4 stroke (a tohatsu) may have been a bigger piece of shit than the Lehr. Completely unable to handle modern fuels. The only motor that I had to fucking clean the carb more than once in a day...and that happened more than once. The ultimate solution here is to stop converting food crops to fuel, as the green benefit is nonexistent, and big agribusiness has come to love the corporate welfare.
  15. Coolboats to admire

    Restless, a Rhodes reliant won the 2000 Bermuda race. Second by a hair was the 1930 Rhodes custom, Bangalore, a very special boat that also makes clear Rhodes' ability as a designer.