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  1. eliboat

    Coolboats to admire

    Because that’s what they want! The owner of that boat is the designer, and he knows what he wants obviously. I was having a nice bomb down Penobscot bay a month back doing 7.5 kts, wing on wing, and Toroa blasted by me doing 15 kts according to AIS. Looked like a lot of fun!
  2. eliboat

    Morris 454

    I’m sure you could get one if you ordered one, although I’m sure you he profit margins on their daysailors are much better! They built a bunch of these, the first being Reindeer. Some were a little bigger, one really ugly one has a center cockpit.
  3. eliboat

    Reliability B&G vs NKE

    Sailmon also makes some very nice displays that are a good option if you’re trying to avoid the B&g displays. The Garmin displays are quite nice too. I second the connectivity concerns about the NKE. Very solid gear, but there is really no excuse for the lack of connectivity. The H5000 is easy to set up, calibrate and integrate with other systems onboard.
  4. eliboat

    Boston Visitor

    Isn’t that the boat that Peter Blake was murdered aboard ?
  5. eliboat

    Show your boat not sailing

    I could be wrong but I think I anchored next to you in Pepperell cove (entrance to Portsmouth) a few years back.
  6. eliboat

    Cool fairing tool

    Cabosil = thixsotropic. Micro balloons are not thixotropic, so a mix of pure MB will always sag, no matter how thick it is. A tiny amount of cabosil can make a fairing compound not sag at the expense of slightly harder sanding.
  7. eliboat

    Steel yacht repair yards - East Coast USA?

    Well...it is, in fact, it was mentioned as the #1 known possibility by Zonker; he was looking for additional options. As far as getting to Maine is concerned, Zonker's post lists yards along the entire East coast from FL all the way to Nova Scotia. I know Front Street has been steadily increasing its exposure to steel yachts, and it is in fact part of their overall strategic position being a yard that is capable of handling refit and rebuild slots that normally go to mega yacht refit yards down in FL, GA and NC. Here is a video from a couple of years back on the refit of Berilda: https://frontstreetshipyard.com/berilda-refit-update-winter-2016/ The other thing about Front Steet that may be appealing is that they are co owned by Steve White of Brooklin Boatyard. As a result, they have a good working relationship where one yard may subcontract work for the other where it makes sense for scheduling and or quality purposes. French and Webb is also in town, and they are well known for doing some of the finest joinerwork in the world, having cut their teeth doing subcontract joinery for Hodgdon Yachts when the built Antonisia and Scherezade (now Asolare) which was recently refit by Front Street. Billings Marine would also be a great choice, although they are in fact a little harder to get to, being on Deer Isle (although there is a bridge). They have a long history of executing fine work and working on all manner of craft, a lot of them steel. Before LM, Front Street and others grew into handling larger yachts, Billings was THE place in Maine to go, and they are still and excellent yard, just not as flashy as the other yards. As far as LM goes and Cabot Lyman not wanting to do steel back in 2003, certainly may have been the case. Back in '03 they had a lot more in the way of new builds in the pipeline and were expanding along those lines with them working almost exclusively in composite. Things are very different now. They haven't built a whole lot relatively speaking in the last bunch of years, and have expanded by purchasing Wayfarer in Camden in an effort to garner more refit and service business. Their stance on steel may well have changed in that time, as they are trying to compe directly with Front street. That said, they wouldn't be my first choice if I was getting steel work done, although they certainly have a capable joinery shop. The reality is though that Maine happens to have an incredible population of highly skilled artisans and joiners that allow for virtually all of the yards that you can think of offering a superb level of craftsmanship.
  8. eliboat

    Steel yacht repair yards - East Coast USA?

    Billings marine, stonington, ME front street shipyard, Belfast, ME portland yacht service, Portland, ME
  9. eliboat

    Spinnakers - How big is too big?

    Get it cut. No big deal
  10. eliboat

    Older well known IOR Boats

    That’s actually a different boat, her predecessor.
  11. eliboat

    Older well known IOR Boats

    Yeah she has been mentioned a couple of times here over the years. It will be cool to see her get fixed up and back racing again.
  12. eliboat

    Older well known IOR Boats

    Bingo! Finally. I’m amazed it took this long.
  13. eliboat

    Found the Worst Boat Ever?

    Great find! Truly a study in an absence of craftsmanship.
  14. eliboat

    Older well known IOR Boats

    You’re getting warmer