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  1. eliboat

    Penetrating fluids

    That guy that does the tests thinks he is being scientific with his test design, and often presents his results with commentary that is nothing more than his guess at what is going on. I watched one the other day on his test of 5 minute epoxies, and he pretty much tested them all in peel... which is a pretty lame way to test a glue. I guess I learned what 5 minute epoxy sucks slightly less badly in peel than others, but certainly nothing more. Even shitty 5 minute epoxies list the tensile and compression strength of their product, and this is based on lab testing. At any rate, if I’m fixing something that’s going to be pulling away from something else, I’m going to use fasteners, not glue. As far as the penetrating oils is concerned, I’m a big fan of ATF and acetone.
  2. eliboat

    Every kid needs one.

    Looks like it would be a lot of fun to race.
  3. eliboat

    B&G h3000 autopilot woes

    If you have a hydraulic ram and a pump driving it, you can replace just the head and brain and use the ram, pump, rudder angle indicator and possibly the compass too. I just did this replacing my Simrad AP20 with a b&g triton 2 control and NAC3 ap unit.
  4. eliboat

    Desperately Seeking B&G Depth Transducer

    for an obsolete part that you have to have... $400 is not bad at all.
  5. eliboat

    Sail Number Glue

    Super 77 Should work well. Just be sure to give it a minute or so to outgas and get tacky. If you do that part right, it should stick just fine.
  6. eliboat

    Want to do a new design 30 square meter build

    My aesthetic leanings are quite varied and well informed. Being a long time 110 sailor and Hunt enthusiast, I obviously like his 10 boats, although I am partial to the plumb stemmed 110 and 225 over the 210. The 510 looks great as originally envisioned. I second your thinking about any of these types as being faster than a sq meter boat, but the aesthetics are quite a bit different in the end. The Waterwich boat isn't terrible looking, and certainly the best looking thing I think Sponberg ever drew. That said, I would put my money on Fastyacht, Rodger Martin, YM Tanton or Jim Taylor coming up with something nicer and faster.
  7. eliboat

    Want to do a new design 30 square meter build

    Not for nothing Amati, but Sponberg would be the last guy I would contact to draw me a nice looking boat, especially a 20 sq meter. The two designers chosen, Riemers and LFH both designed some gorgeous boats and are probably the best starting reference point. Uffa Fox designed some sq meter boats too.
  8. eliboat

    Which Chartplotter? B&G, Garmin....

    The B&G is really nice with great sailing features integrated. The processor speed is pretty good. Garmin and Raymarine are both still a bit off with their user interfaces. I can't figure out why these guys just cant seem to get it right (at least from my perspective). The best IMO is the Furuno TZTouch series. While it doesn't have the sailing related stuff that the Zues and Vulcan have, it is a fabulous MFD. I got mine 5 years ago now, and I still can't find anything on the market that is better, short of the brand new TZTouch, which is even slicker, and has a thinner depth, which is helpful with mounting (The B&G is quite slim, which is nice). What I like about the Furuno is that it functions exactly the same way an ipad does. Two finger zoom, finger panning, double tap for waypoint etc etc. The UI is the simplest by far, and whatever you want to configure or get to is basically where you would think it is, and it doesn't take a whole lot of button presses and sub menus to get there. There is a power button, another general menu button and then the knob which can also be pressed to select items. 99% of the time you can do find something by pressing the knob and then turning to find the item you need press.. done. All of this happens as fast as any computer/tablet/iphone user in the modern age would expect things to happen. While the other manufacturers are getting better in this respect, they STILL aren't where my now 5 year old Furuno us at. On the radar side of things, the B&G HD Radar is awesome. The new Furuno radar is balls out awesome too! You can't go wrong with either one. I give the edge to the current Furuno, but not by much. I have the prior generation Furuno digital radar, and it's fantastic. I could upgrade to get a few new features... but I can't see why I would need to. It's funny, most sailors don't use Furuno for their MFD's. It's too bad really, because they really are terrific these days. I suppose a lot of folks only see what they encounter at West Marine and on other folks' boats... and if everyone has a Garmin... they go that route too.
  9. eliboat

    Bavaria in administration

    While I have never been a fan of Bavaria yachts (especially since they had some keels falling off in the early 2000's), I'm not going to cheer on the demise of another boat builder and the loss of jobs related to it. Hopefully they will restructure and come out better off with better products.
  10. eliboat

    Cheap, Fast Dinghy

    I think the OD 14 options are really the best for you. Some context, I started sailing them back when they were actually a thing when I was just a little bit older than you... though not by much. I likely had a lot more experience than you did, and I certainly knew what a 505, I14, Cherub, Flying 15 etc etc etc was before I ever sailed a 14. That said, these boats are selling for short money! $900 for a One Design 14 (which measures in as an I14...though woefully slow these days compared to modern designs) is some very good value. If you think a C420 seems like it's fast, than you will have brown stains in your wetsuit after sailing an OD 14 in some breeze. These boats go fast, and they have a Asymmetric spinnaker that is easy to handle. Coach Gents 14, which comes with both Standard and GP rigs is a great deal for $1500. At 74 lbs, you'll appreciate the standard rig, which is still plenty fast over the full sized GP rig.
  11. eliboat

    Craigslist Finds

    110's plane rather easily. I think modern sailcloth and running rigging makes this more of a reality these days than when you were sailing them. I've planed DDW with just the main and jib. With an Asymmetric spinnaker the boat takes off, especially with the masthead setup that we have for non class racing. The 110 is a special boat.
  12. eliboat

    Does your dinghy have a name?

    cold sweat shine box Great Success! Screaming Pelican Spit on it
  13. eliboat

    Solar panel system, where to buy?

    I haven't checked prices since we started a war on imported solar... but I have been happy with Aliexpress solar panels. So long as you ensure you are getting SunPower cells, these panels can be bought for $1.00/watt or less. I have had great success going this route and saved at least 3x over Solbian, which uses the same cells. I've measured my output, and I am getting what I should be getting. I'm using a custom Genasun charge controller that is made to suit my Firefly oasis house bank. While I like the Genasun controller, I sort of wish I got a Victron charge controller, as it comes with a nice control interface, which the Genasun lacks. For that I installed a monitoring system that works well enough but isn't nearly as pretty as the victron panel.
  14. eliboat

    New Hinckley 53

    Well, hopefully they'll do a better job with this boat on the build side of things than they did with the 50. Whether you like the aesthetics or not, Hinckley screwed the pooch with the two 50's that they built. Good on them for getting back on the horse I suppose. Boat building is a tough proposition, especially sailboats!
  15. eliboat

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Bears more than a passing resemblance to Cy Hamlin's Amphicon and controversy Ketch which would have preceded it. Of course the Amphibicon was really the first trailerable pocket cruiser and to this day represents a great little boat for cruising around a coast like Maine's. Sadly Cy passed away this last summer; I think he was 99 or 100. One of the greats.