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  1. eliboat

    8 Bells Geoff Ewenson

    Wow. Very very sad. Sailed along side his sister in HS and inherited his crew the year after he graduated. What an amazing talent he was.
  2. eliboat

    Anchor Geekdom

    While there is no question that most yachtsmen used CQRs up until relatively recently, they are are also without question inferior to modern anchors or even authentic Bruce anchors. I have certainly dragged with CQRs on several occasions, a few times quite dramatically with 7:1 scope. While that’s certainly an issue, my main gripe with CQR’s is that anchoring with them is almost never as precise as you would want or need it to be. What I like about modern types (and even the Bruce in mud/sand) is that they they set where want them to, mostly the first time. This makes anchoring in tight areas possible. With a CQR the anchor usually never sets where you really want it to, and that’s just too much of a compromise for me.
  3. eliboat

    Coolboats to admire

    I’ve been on this boat a bunch... it’s just about perfect.
  4. That W deck was/is original, as the refit didn’t include a new deck. They did sand the crap out of it though.
  5. Malagueña is mostly out on Nantucket now. I’ve done a couple of deliveries on her, and that is one comfy boat.
  6. eliboat

    Anchor comparison opinions.

    There is actually a summary video of sorts at one point. In it Steve has a bunch of anchors on the bench where he points out differences in geometry, construction and design strategy. In that video he says he has a preference for the Spade and the Sarca Excel, while not endorsing any particular product.
  7. eliboat

    identify this boat ? from a long time ago

    There’s one in Portland Maine with olive green decks. Not a bad line on that boat, absolutely gorgeous. The owner sails with his dog, also gorgeous and has the great name haphazard.
  8. eliboat

    Anchor Geekdom

    Only issues I’ve had with the fortress have been with resetting sometimes and the geometry+light weight making the anchor drop slower than I’m used to. As far as initial set and overall holding power, I’ve always been impressed with the fortress.
  9. eliboat

    Star Boat article from the "front page"

    Balbi Dronero. I had one of those.
  10. eliboat

    How To: med mooring anarchy

    This is very true. I witnessed this and more the last time I cruised through Greece. Anchoring/med mooring every afternoon was blood sport. By the looks of it, the above videos took place early in the day, as there is only one row of boats on the cay. By late afternoon there are usually four or five (sometimes more in a smaller harbor like Hydra). Absolute chaos with anchor lines criss crossed and everyone yelling in different languages. Fantastic cocktail hour entertainment....unless your boat is involved
  11. eliboat

    In Production: Spirit 111

    I find the spirit boats, including this one to all be off. All kinds of details, such as the shape of port lights, the choices of wood for their bright finished joinery, shape of their hulls, running rigging etc etc are all either off or clumsy. Are their boats nice looking next to a Bavaria... sure, but if one has the money and desire to build a cold molded SOT boat, there are far better options...more than a handful in Maine alone.
  12. eliboat

    Sailing to Maine. Outside Route

    They were parked just upwind if the starting line for the Opera House cup on Sunday. Expensive obstruction.
  13. eliboat

    Sailing Dinghy Recommendations

    Dyer Dhow is the gold standard. Awesome boat in all respects, except like the others mentioned, a lot less stable than an inflatable
  14. eliboat

    I.C. Down wind question

    Sometimes they are the only thing going, and in the case of the U.K., widespread use of yardstick handicapping has proven very successful at getting good numbers of dinghy sailors out racing against one another every weekend. Certainly beats staying at home because your particular fleet has dwindled down to a couple of boats.
  15. eliboat

    I.C. Down wind question

    IC may be hard to sail but no other boat offers the same dopamine rush. For me, being extended out on the seat powered up and cooking is like the original feeling I had sailing for the first time as a kid, but on steroids. I’m with Steve on his assessment of sailing an IC vs a melges 17. The only tough thing about ICs is waiting around and not racing.... that part is particularly unpleasant, and can be even more so when racing with an RC that doesn’t understand the bicycle like nature of the IC.