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  1. Ive actually caught Stripers right at that spot and also tucked up close to that house in the picture and the island at the head of the harbor. That picture doesn't to the cantilevered deck of that house any justice... it's impressive!
  2. Never heard of it. A bit fugly. Reminds me of the C&C mega in a way.
  3. eliboat

    Waquiez Gladiator

    If you pull out your boat and your zinc looks perfect, then you have problems. You want your zinc to look like it’s ready to be replaced....otherwise it isn’t working.
  4. Right from the vantage of that last picture I lost my anchor a few years back. I love that spot too. Muscungous bay is one of this great places few people ever venture off too.
  5. eliboat

    E Sailing World Championship ?

    Agreed. It’s fine for what it is, but far too flawed to be treated as something official.
  6. eliboat

    junior thug life

  7. eliboat

    North-up or Course-up, which is better?

    I prefer North up generally because I think it’s important to have a mental understanding of orientation, which can get jumbled with course up. I also prefer North up as it relates to the wind and course plotting. That said, there are times in narrow channels, perhaps at night that course up is pretty handy. The other thing that’s annoying about course up for me is that the whole map constantly rotates.
  8. eliboat

    Dinghy repair help - fatty knees 8

    I agree with this . Most of what you have is a sand and paint. On the keel, some epoxy and glass is needed. If you wanted to address your use case a bit better, you could actually add either a sacrificial rub strip to your keel made of wood plastic or metal. It wouldn’t affect performance of the boat, but would certainly protect against the (pretty typical) damage that you’re seeing.
  9. eliboat

    Superyacht A mast issues....

    It’s fitting to have Rebecca in the background just as an example of the exact opposite of A when it comes to Aesthetics and taste.
  10. eliboat


    Although that aft cabin patio looks like an awesome place to film a porno.
  11. eliboat

    Superyacht A mast issues....

    right, so you think they just sketched this out on a napkin?
  12. eliboat

    Superyacht A mast issues....

    Guess this is the ultimate super rich person problem
  13. eliboat

    Doug From SV Seeker Fakes Head Injury

    Yeah. Fuck that guy.
  14. eliboat

    Doug From SV Seeker Fakes Head Injury

    Well he’s lost about 10k subscribers in the past couple of days, I suspect that number will increase as Doug digs his heels into this insulting line of logic that good people who were actually worried about him are somehow not “real” supporters of his.
  15. eliboat

    Doug From SV Seeker Fakes Head Injury

    I’ve been watching since the beginning. Doug is definitely clever in a lot of ways and does a lot of thinking and research in trying to get this thing built. That said, there is a fair amount of hubris on display as he goes along. The fact that he has made it as far as he has, and is in some sense a celebrity, seems to cause him to take a “I know better” approach which often flies in the face of centuries of accumulated knowledge. He has a disdain for anything considered yachty, so any suggestions that have a whiff of yacht, he figures is BS. I emailed him a while back about all of the spiky steel dragons that he has at head height down below. These are the creation of a guy who has never ever been offshore or even in a boat for any real length of time. I think we can all figure out what is going to happen with his Home Depot pilot house windows. The weight issue was mentioned above, and this is another glaring example of his hubris. On the one hand Doug is happy to run a bunch of insightful experiments to sort out a way forward, but he’s then also happy to just wing it when it comes to weight and stability. At this point, that old bus motor of his is probably half as large as as it needs to be....he’ll he using that a lot more than the uhh sails! The most impressive thing about Doug and Seeker is how it will basically get completed with free labor. Once he got a divorce and worked out the free labor model, all of a sudden the boat started to looking it might actually get finished. This is the one thing I truly admire about Doug....he’s a modern day marine cult leader. As far as that prank goes, I think it was in poor taste. Hopefully he won’t be calling any fake MayDays once he gets on the water. He’ll definitely get a bump in views for those videos though.