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  1. eliboat

    New Hinckley 53

    I have. They did a nice job finishing her out at BBY. Not really my taste overall, but theres no doubt that it will make for a very comfortable cruising platform. One big gripe is the complete lack of visibility from the helm... that coachroof is yuuuuuge
  2. eliboat

    Classy women sailing

    Tania Aebi
  3. eliboat

    Self-bailer sealant recommendation

    I like 3m 4000, as it works well, but allows things to be removed if you want to. That said, it’s not like you really will ever want to remove your bailer, unless it breaks somehow. So if you are interested in getting it super smooth on the hull surface, the epoxy route would be best. I would use Gflex in this case.
  4. eliboat

    Production racer/cruiser with foiling

    I got in the UFO prototype on the Charles River a while back and I was foiling in light and shifty conditions within minutes. If you are a competent dinghy sailor you can foil in a UFO pretty easily.
  5. eliboat


    The windmill is an excellent contender for a trapeze! It’s a phenomenally uncomfortable boat to crew in, and a trapeze would power it up significantly, in addition to resolving the comfort issue . An A sail would also be amazing, though the performance is remarkable with just the jib.
  6. I love how the boat gets abandoned in a river and sinks and then when she’s finally hauled they use every last available jack stand to prop her up.
  7. eliboat

    Coolboats to admire

    Not by any stretch a replica of Bolero... doesn’t even look like Bolero, and of course she was designed by Alden and was originally a different name. Looks very well cared for, although there are some weird aesthetic aspects to the boat that I personally don’t like.
  8. Fishing also assumes commercial fishing, not recreational.
  9. eliboat

    Shields for sale cheap at auction

    Uhh well, if you live in Newport, then you can race in the very active and competitive Shields fleet.
  10. eliboat

    The Two Best Days...

    I had To pull into Camden unexpectedly yesterday on my annual delivery south back to Portsmouth, and I saw your old boat tied to one of the floating docks. She looked great and I recognized her from your posts.
  11. eliboat

    Mobile Boom Boxes

    Funny, when I saw the thread I thought hmmm a boom box for transporting your boom? I haven’t heard the term Boom Box used in a long while, probably not since I was visiting some of my Canadian relatives. In the vein of the thread though, I’ve found myself enjoying super shitty music being blasted by some boats as they pass by my mooring which is next to the channel in my harbor. Not sure why that’s the case, but is suppose being downeast you see some folks really enjoying the short summer that they have available.
  12. eliboat

    Coolboats to admire

    Canty is one of my favorites. Henry Scheel was a genius.
  13. eliboat

    Craigslist Finds

    The 110 rewards thoughtful sailors. As a result I have friends racing boats only slightly different than @BobBill‘S that are blazing fast and hard to beat. It doesn’t matter how many strings you have if you don’t know how the rig should be set up at any given time.