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  1. eliboat

    Dyer Dhow Rehab

    I did this repair a couple of years back on mine. I was able to save a fair amount of the railing, but of course it was pooched around the bow. I had some ash on hand so I built a form with the same shape (a little more curve actually) and then steam bent a length of ash around that. I then just scarfed that into place after I cut scarfs in the remaining rail. Worked well. I ended up just bonding the new rail section to the hull with epoxy and skipped the rivets.
  2. eliboat

    Coolboats to admire

    I love the NH dinghy. I always enjoy catching a race in action as I head for the thoroughfare.
  3. eliboat

    Coolboats to admire

    12-1/2, doughdish, foxeye, haven.... they’re all wicked slow.
  4. eliboat

    Tasteful, low-windage solar panel installations

    I’m similar. I have 130 watts and have been quite pleased with it as far as not having to run the engine to charge while cruising. My fridge is belt driven, so I do have to run that every now and again, but I also have AC reefer plates that I can run through my inverter, and I can do that without too much worry in the midday sun. While 130 watts had been fine and has largely changed my life as far as cruising is concerned, I’m going to get a second panel. With that I’ll be laughing.
  5. eliboat

    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    Sure... but it’s a class and some builders certainly have built 10s of thousands. Open bic? Not doubtful. So no.
  6. eliboat

    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    Optimist? Open bic?
  7. eliboat

    IOR landfills?

    Damn.... when I was a kid I used to lust after her as she was always parked down at the docks in town in the spring and fall.
  8. eliboat

    Daysailer for old people

    While I disagree (burgess vs hereshoff) I do agree that Ginger is an odd duck. I’m even less enthused about her performance, which is borderline embarrassing. It’s unfortunate that her designer can only muster to approximate high performance. The keel, rudder and rig on ginger make me cringe whenever I see them.
  9. eliboat

    New Reddit page for moths

    While I hate to promote anything Facebook related, I'm sure that any Moth related Facebook groups are going to be better than anything on Reddit. They already exist, and have plenty of interaction between actual Moth sailors.
  10. eliboat

    Older well known IOR Boats

    It really is incredibly ugly. I feel like it’s probably nice in use though on that boat.
  11. eliboat

    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    It is definitely reminiscent of the old Rube Goldberg laser rigging. Funny it took laser so many years to just improve the running rigging. When I was 9 or 10 I looked up Bruce Kirby via 411 and called him up. We became friends and used to talk and exchange letters for a time. I remember asking him about what he thought about Ed Baird’s vang adjustment method in his Laser Racing book from the 80’s (as a kid I thought it was pretty badass to be leg pressing the end of the boom down while pulling the slack from the vang). He told me then that it was stupid and that he really didn’t understand why the Laser was still rigged more or less in it’s original state, and he said that he had gotten so many things wrong that needed to be changed. The sunfish is an odd duck though, and the jens rig, pseudo vang and other workarounds seem fine with me given the boat’s dual use as play boat and racer.
  12. eliboat

    New Reddit page for moths

    Good luck with that. You’re going to get endless communication with people who know exactly nothing.
  13. eliboat

    Maritime Art Anarchy

    Looks like a tancook schooner
  14. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has Asails already, jut not on a sprit. Agree with the hard dodger. It looks fine on that boat, and the naysayers can enjoy huddling under whatever flap of canvas they have available.