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  1. "I'd rather sail than varnish!", who says that?

    Mensch is good. English translation: Stand-up guy.
  2. Hoyt Jib Boom

    That boat looks like it's all about fun in the sun. Do you pull forward to the beach and lower the stairs? Reminds me of the ferries along Tasman park in New Zealand.
  3. Hoyt Jib Boom

    Got it. A traveler on the house roof might be the way to go. People on the foredeck would still have to duck. Not to mention that everyone would demand to be back on the sunny tack.
  4. Hoyt Jib Boom

    So a groove or some other mechanical arrangement restricts the height of the boom? If it's low when close-hauled wouldn't that still mess up the foredeck lounge area?
  5. Hoyt Jib Boom

    If it lifts up when boomed out, what keeps the boom from flying up too far when sailing downwind? A stiff vang arrangement below at the pivot?
  6. Buying a boat without a broker?

    Looks like another satisfied customer. What is the boat? Any pics from off the boat?
  7. Hoyt Jib Boom

    There is an active H20 fleet in Annapolis and some mods for racing. Haven't seen spinnakers here but heard they are used on the west coast. Seems to complicate the simple poled-out downwind setup of the original boat but also sounds like fun.
  8. Bitez Moi

    A plumber came by to fix a boiler. He spent 10 minutes adjusting valves and settings and presented the customer with a bill for $3000. The customer told him "What! I'm a brain surgeon and I don't make that kind of money!" The plumber replied "Neither did I when I was a brain surgeon."
  9. what kind of boat is that?

    A hobby horse, perhaps.
  10. Hoyt Jib Boom

    For a 50 foot cat, you won't be able to push out the boom by hand so some kind of additional boom control would be needed like inhaul/outhaul. Probably best to forget that feature. Wouldn't the jib boom screw up the nice foredeck space on a cat?
  11. Hoyt Jib Boom

    I think the outhaul runs on top of the boom and is visible. All lines are lead aft to the console under the deck. Yes, the bridle/sheet can be adjusted from either end so you can run out of line if you're not paying attention. A stopper knot is a good idea. Since the jib tacks itself, you would have to push out the boom by hand to backwind it.
  12. Hoyt Jib Boom

    It's a small learning curve for a charterer who is used to a standard jib. The H20 has the double-ended bridle sheet and an outhaul and furler. So there are four cleats to deal with when launching the jib. I can imagine some confusion when trying to furl and forgetting to release the outhaul. I think it's a great system for short or single handing once you've made all the necessary mistakes. Love the way it automatically poles out the jib downwind. Wing and wing is a piece of cake. What boat would it be on?
  13. Hoyt Jib Boom

    Just had another experience today. Lovely sail on a Harbor 20 with the Hoyt boom. I like it.
  14. Fails

    These are great. Thanks.