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  1. Grey Dawn

    Tampa - Sarasota Racing This Week?

    MC Scow Melges 14 at SSS:
  2. Grey Dawn

    Fast production boat under 35 ft, prior to 2005

    Elan 310?
  3. Grey Dawn

    Show your boat not sailing

    What pretty lines and delicious details. Do you know the designer?
  4. Grey Dawn

    Show your boat sailing thread

    That's a beauty, beer. Tell us more.
  5. Grey Dawn

    Stupid Human Trick...

    I don't doubt you, Rasper. My point is the rule of thumb (fist?) needs adjustment for season and latitude.
  6. Grey Dawn

    Stupid Human Trick...

    That trick wouldn't work at higher latitudes because the sun doesn't go perpendicularly to the horizon but slants on a longer arc. Above the arctic circle in summer, the sun doesn't go down at all.
  7. One unexpected benefit from sailing at MIT is that you can still use the facilities decades later. I showed up at the sailing pavilion some years back and asked if it were possible to take out a boat. They asked if I was an alum and actually found my old 3 by 5 card filled in by my younger self in pencil still in the small wooden library filing cabinet. I had a pleasantly nostalgic sail and a great memory.
  8. Thanks, MP! I learned to sail on Tech Dinghys at MIT. They were built by Herreshoff but designed by an MIT prof in the 1930s. First collegiate sailing boat. It's worth going to the MIT sailing pavilion on the Charles to see how that design has been updated from wood to the current carbon. The dock is about five times the size of the one I remember and populated with the more typical collegiate racers and some interesting higher tech boats.
  9. Grey Dawn

    James Cook - 250th Pacific Voyage Anniversary Calendar

    The analogy to Columbus is not bad, IMHO. He is celebrated in the USA with his own annual holiday but, like Cook, is a lightning rod for criticism by Native Americans who feel displaced. One advantage Cook had because of better knowledge, cartography, and technology is that he knew he was in an uncharted land when he got there and didn't call the natives by a spurious name such as Indians.
  10. Grey Dawn

    Beneteau dropped the First line?

    The Seascapes are cleverly designed which, presumably, will not be altered. They sail fast and stably and plane easily. The interior touches and engine stowage are cleverly done on both the 27 and 24. Beneteau has made a smart move, IMHO. Hopefully, higher volume construction for lowering prices would be the only change.
  11. Grey Dawn

    James Cook - 250th Pacific Voyage Anniversary Calendar

    The Endeavour was apparently just found in Newport, RI off Goat Island. See Like Columbus, Captain Cook left a deep impression on the lands he explored, with towns, islands, mountains, rivers and a university named for him. (There is even a Cook Crater on the moon, even though, of course, his expeditions never took him there.) But also like Columbus, his legacy has been the subject of reappraisal and controversy. Statues of him have been vandalized, and some activists contend that his exploration factored into the dispossession of Indigenous Australians. Disagreements over Captain Cook’s legacy were revived over plans to spend nearly $50 million on celebrations tied to the anniversary of his arrival in Botany Bay, in Sydney, in 1770.
  12. Grey Dawn

    Information Re Bareboat Chartering in Croatia

    Hmm. Looks like Google photos eventually removes the link trick I used to get around their coding. I'll try this again but might need some advice on how to post from Google photos. Cocktail Tower: Sipan:
  13. Grey Dawn

    Information Re Bareboat Chartering in Croatia

    We recently toured the Dalmatian coast on a small cruise ship stopping at most of the ports mentioned. Korcula is certainly worth lingering for a few days. The cocktail tower is pictured below. I loved the low-key stop at Sipan not far from Dubrovnik. Great cruising grounds!
  14. Grey Dawn

    First Caribbean charter, looking for advice

    The Bahamas are also friendly for sailing especially in April. We chartered there last year. Try Cruise Abaco. It's shallow water and the winds aren't as consistent as the BVI but it's a great place as well with good infrastructure.
  15. Grey Dawn

    First Caribbean charter, looking for advice

    No-brainer. Go to Disneyland for sailors - BVI. I hear it's fine for charters now after the devastation of the hurricanes. Moorings/Sunsail or Horizon are reliable.