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  1. I've heard people don't tan. They rust.
  2. The Liberté is based in Spa Creek in Annapolis and can be chartered. See http://www.theliberte.com/
  3. Sad news. Here's a photo of PPALU at Shell Beach, St. Barts just before it was holed and sank in Sint Maarten.
  4. I know someone who got the hull cleaned in the water last Friday on the same creek as Port Annapolis. Did something change over the weekend?
  5. Excellent summary.
  6. I do lock it down. Otherwise it lifts at lower windspeeds. The rudder linkage still has enough play to lift. If the lockdown were at the rudder, there would probably be enough leverage to hold it down. Gets complicated.
  7. The AI is all about fun. The drive works great for tacking help and getting places without wind. The paddle is essential for beaching it where I do where it is too weedy for the drive. It is also essential for holding the boat on port tack as an extra rudder when the twist-and-stow rudder gets overpowered and lifts out above 10 knots. The newer AIs went back to traditional on-center rudders.
  8. Love your handsome and clever boat, DDW. I am not so interested in how you tie up but what do you do with the main and mizzen sails when you fly an asym?
  9. Don't forget the yellow dock line.
  10. Rimas is immortal. This thread will never die. Hollywood will memorialize him. Robert Redford will star.
  11. The Seascape 27 and Pogo 30 may be a bit short of 6 foot headroom but the sailing performance more than compensates.
  12. Catalina 275 Sport is one.
  13. Some folks think that 18 feet is the right length for a 27 foot boat. Bowsprit and boomkin should double the LOD.
  14. Beautiful and true. Sailing is just too much trouble. Also true of women, children, education, skiing, and golf.
  15. Not an ice-cream boat but a real picnic boat joining the float party.
  16. So, you like to sail and like to get naked. Yep, someone from Buffalo put it all together. See https://www.buffalorising.com/2017/07/the-inaugural-world-naked-sailing-day-buffalo-ny/
  17. And it's a fresh-water boat!
  18. Last summer we cruised over to St. Michaels and stayed at a marina filled mostly with big motorboats. Sitting around the pool, one motorboater from Annapolis asked me how long it took me to get there. I said 6 hours. He said 45 minutes. I believe the trip cost him several hundred dollars in fuel but I'm sure that he didn't care.
  19. There are enough H 12 1/2 s in Annapolis for OD races. One I know lives upstream of the Spa Creek bridge and the owner drops the gaff momentarily to sail under it without waiting for the bridge to open. Beautiful boats!
  20. I don't think I have any pictures of the one I raced on but found a similar boat for sale at http://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/26105. The boat sails a lot better than its PHRF rating, I think.
  21. I sometimes race on a Morgan 36 with lifting keel. It's a sweet sailing racer-cruiser and a Nelson-Marek design.
  22. What time was this? We were out on the bay later in the afternoon and the weather seemed fine.
  23. Fascinating story! Rimas could easily fit in as one of the Floating Neutrinos but they probably wouldn't have him. I think the first floating neutrino is a wooden Tech Dinghy still at the MIT sailing pavilion.