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  1. surf nazi

    The Spirit of Sailing - Elvstrom

    Ainslie only approaches him as far as olympic finn sailing. Ainslie hasn't won the star worlds, 505 worlds and other championships in snipe, 1/2 ton, soling, 5.5 and FD to name a few like Elvstrom did.
  2. surf nazi

    Why I still love New Orleans..

    The early parades are the best. While in school, we would always get out early to look for the tchoupitoulas indians and Pete Fountains half fast marching band followed by the Zulu parade. Never got a coconut though.
  3. surf nazi

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    Exactly what everyone should be doing. Help grow the sport. hint, not done by "I'm too cool for these hats ". another hint : if you think that, you're not. " What's cool is giving stuff to people who appreciate it. Just gave away a hat last weekend. Saw the guy wearing it all week. Made him happy, made me happy.
  4. surf nazi

    Foam deck

    Good question. Answer, I don't know and it depends on usage, heat, whether covered, etc.I sold the boat that I first used it on. I have some on some paddleboards that stay outside that are still good after 5 years. The molded diamond pattern seems to hold up better and is definitely grippier than the other sheets which are grooved sheets ( although they do come in pretty colors and the molded diamond only comes in grey and black.)
  5. surf nazi

    Are Mount Gay Rum Hats Cool?

    Well said, sir ( or ma'm ). I like to give mine away to newbies who really like and appreciate them.
  6. surf nazi

    Foam deck

    Hydro turf is definitely the way to go. The molded diamond pattern is best and order it with the 3M peel n stick backing so you don't have to do the contact cement route. Make a pattern with some cardboard or whatever, cut it with scissors or knife and set it and forget it. Best product ever !! Been using it in finns for about 7 years and started putting it on other boats both power and sail . Plus the folks at hydroturf are very nice. You can use your search function and see that people have been raving about hydroturf for years .
  7. surf nazi

    College Football 2018

    The reporter, Maria Taylor, said that Saban called her immediately after the incident while she was in her car and apologized. She noted that the apology was BEFORE all the negative press. Doesn't sound arrogant to me.
  8. surf nazi

    Looking for Megabyte

    get a finn
  9. surf nazi

    College Football 2018

    Please give one example of arrogance. Getting pissed off about being asked the same question for 8 months is not arrogance. He has said all along that one qb would win the job. that's what happened. everyone saw it. Stop asking the question. Hint : arrogance is everything out of Urban Myers mouth.
  10. surf nazi

    Finn sailing

  11. surf nazi

    Finn sailing

    While the cockpit is larger , the boom is lower. I sailed my finn with my daughter when she was little . It's doable as long as you're not tacking/ jibing a lot but it's a one person boat really.
  12. surf nazi

    Settle a tie

    What ? In the immortal word of John McEnroe, "you cannot be serious !! " Racing is a competition, a competition must have rules. Otherwise , it there would be anarchy which has been proven to be bad.
  13. surf nazi

    Settle a tie

    So instead he looks like an idiot by seeking rules verification on this forum.
  14. these work and are what i use most often but tight fitting shirt works best although harder to put on/ take off.
  15. surf nazi

    Settle a tie

    So you want confirmation from this group of the plain language of the rules ? what's next, asking for confirmation about port stbd rule ?