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  1. When to gybe

    generally speaking your masthead fly is pointing to your jibe angle
  2. Growing a fleet with realistic goals

    You are correct, sir. I've done this alone and have also had other members of the fleet chip in to buy the loaner. Also, need to have some sails to give away or sell cheap. Then you must take the time to help the newbies.I share my tuning numbers and then coach a bit on the water. Let them take your boat sometime and you take the old loaner. Also encourage other members to do likewise. There always has to be a fleet ramrod. Someone to send out the emails to every person possibly interested in your fleet. I set up weekly practices and encourage anyone without a boat to come down and take out a loaner. This must be done continuously and consistently. It is a lot of work and does take time but you won't have a fleet for long if you don't do it. Also bring beer and or rum drinks for the after sail debrief . It's fun and other people at your club will see this group of folks going sailing and then hanging out having fun and they will want to join. Another thing is to try to get a major class championship to your club. We just had a major championship at a club near us and three people bought boats in order to compete. Social media is easy but doesn't do the job. It's done through people talking to people and a lot of hard work. It is totally worth it.
  3. Dinghy Boots

    definitely. Joe is awesome. Looking forward to seeing him in a couple of days at the nationals.
  4. Dinghy Boots

    why did you choose that over the tension boot ? They both look like what I need after the next time I slip in my boots and I throw them away
  5. Finn Masters El Balis

    I wish I was. three of my US friends will be there, including super henry. All three are coming to the finn nationals next week in Fairhope alabama. We already have 30 registered which is a very good turnout for the US. I'm stoked.
  6. Dinghy Boots

    right forum. I can't tell you what to get but i can tell you what not to get. My venerable aigles also finally gave up last year . Found out that aigle doesn't make the boots anymore but that another company Neil Pryde was making the new version which basically looks the same. The problem was that they were hard to get in the US at least in my size ( they are listed on the interweb but when you check on delivery, they are back ordered ) but after talking with every supplier I found one pair of 13's ( which is what you need for size 12 feet in this boot) . i was so happy and felt so lucky. This feeling was shortlived. When I got the boot, I saw that the sole was a different pattern and didn't look very grippy. Boy, was I right . Tried to sail on a boat with regular nonskid and I could not even stand without slipping. They work on my finn as it has hydroturf ( very grippy eva foam ) but when i get out of the boat and onto a ramp to pull the boat out , I slip and fall down. They are the worst boots ever !!!
  7. Needing good shoes

    go away and never return
  8. Needing good shoes

    Really ? All the pros on 52's, maxi 72's and supermaxi's are wearing $30 running shoes ? Unbelievable...and by that I mean I don't believe you. And if your feet are telling you that running shoes are better than zhiks, then yes, they are lying to you.
  9. Needing good shoes

    wrong. running shoes do not have good traction on wet fiberglass nor are they made with side loads in mind. Court shoes ( tennis, basketball,)work but not as well as a good boat shoe. I have been using the zhik shoes that look like vans for a few years and I've been very happy. they are a neoprene material so work well in the wet and are the grippiest shoe I have ever worn.
  10. downwind boat speed

    You guessed it. By having the rig forward of vertical, it allows the wind to flow up and over the sail rather than being a barn door.
  11. College Football 2017

    What ? the refs missed some calls ? Guess what, refs miss calls every game. Holding could be called on every play. Calls even out. During the regular season, alabama's opponents were the least penalized teams in college football. In all the playoff games, the refs did a good job in letting the players decide the game rather than the refs. I'd rather they missed some calls rather than make too many. The best team won. The loss is not on the georgia coaches. it was an incredibly close game between two very similar teams (except that alabama doesn't have a kicker). While they may win the east next year, Georgia loses i think 31 seniors as well as their best player Roquan Smith leaving only 3 starters on D. Offense looks good but defense will be much weaker without that #3 dude. He was the best player on the field monday night. The tide with a good quarterback instead of a game manager is going to be pretty scary.
  12. College Football 2017

    You're still giving credence to the transitive property argument. It doesn't matter who beat auburn. UGA doesn't need to counter any UCF argument. The system isn't designed based on who has an undefeated season. the system tries to put the 4 best teams in a playoff. No one honestly believes that UCF was a top 4 team or even top 8 team . I am not sympathic to an undefeated team who didn't play any top teams and then wants to claim a national championship. Let them schedule auburn( or LSU or Clemson or Georgia or alabama or ohio state) in a kick off classic . Then they can start talking.
  13. College Football 2017

    Sorry but the transitive property doesn't work for college football championships and it's silly to even suggest it. Using your argument, since LSU also beat auburn, and troy beat LSU and South Alabama beat Troy, then South Alabama is a better team than Auburn and therefore better than both alabama and georgia. UCF needs to quit whining and schedule some games against the big boys during the regular season . Bowl games that don't count, don't count.
  14. Arm Fatigue

    you can just say Laser sailor
  15. Finn sailing

    There is such a thing as white paint. that appears to be a willets round carbon mast. the newer masts since around 2000 are wing shaped carbon. That's not a bad beginner boat worth more like 3,500-5,000.