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  1. downwind boat speed

    You guessed it. By having the rig forward of vertical, it allows the wind to flow up and over the sail rather than being a barn door.
  2. College Football 2017

    What ? the refs missed some calls ? Guess what, refs miss calls every game. Holding could be called on every play. Calls even out. During the regular season, alabama's opponents were the least penalized teams in college football. In all the playoff games, the refs did a good job in letting the players decide the game rather than the refs. I'd rather they missed some calls rather than make too many. The best team won. The loss is not on the georgia coaches. it was an incredibly close game between two very similar teams (except that alabama doesn't have a kicker). While they may win the east next year, Georgia loses i think 31 seniors as well as their best player Roquan Smith leaving only 3 starters on D. Offense looks good but defense will be much weaker without that #3 dude. He was the best player on the field monday night. The tide with a good quarterback instead of a game manager is going to be pretty scary.
  3. College Football 2017

    You're still giving credence to the transitive property argument. It doesn't matter who beat auburn. UGA doesn't need to counter any UCF argument. The system isn't designed based on who has an undefeated season. the system tries to put the 4 best teams in a playoff. No one honestly believes that UCF was a top 4 team or even top 8 team . I am not sympathic to an undefeated team who didn't play any top teams and then wants to claim a national championship. Let them schedule auburn( or LSU or Clemson or Georgia or alabama or ohio state) in a kick off classic . Then they can start talking.
  4. College Football 2017

    Sorry but the transitive property doesn't work for college football championships and it's silly to even suggest it. Using your argument, since LSU also beat auburn, and troy beat LSU and South Alabama beat Troy, then South Alabama is a better team than Auburn and therefore better than both alabama and georgia. UCF needs to quit whining and schedule some games against the big boys during the regular season . Bowl games that don't count, don't count.
  5. Arm Fatigue

    you can just say Laser sailor
  6. Finn sailing

    There is such a thing as white paint. that appears to be a willets round carbon mast. the newer masts since around 2000 are wing shaped carbon. That's not a bad beginner boat worth more like 3,500-5,000.
  7. Non-Skid

    As mentioned above Hydroturf is the best. I prefer the molded diamond pattern for best grip. Been using it for about 7 or 8 years in finns and a number of sportboats as well as my powerboat. I like the 3m peel and stick backing but you can use contact cement if you prefer ( saves a few bucks ).
  8. Finn sailing

    I've seen a few people go the pick up truck route. First, it must be on a devoti style dolly/ trolley ( sturdy galvanized, not a seittech ). You can tilt the boat up so the forward part is on the roof of the cab ( with proper padding/ support ), or you can go with part hanging off so long as the dolly is completely on the truck with a way to secure it down. I have also seen some people make a wooden rack on the back of truck to support it. Interesting to note is that all of the these people were canadians. what year/ manufacturer ? where is it coming from/ going to ? Hope to see you out racing soon. We have a regatta the next two weekends in the gulf coast ( Mobile, Pass christian ) and nationals are in Fairhope next year early april.
  9. Finn sailing

    since this thread is back up, just wanted to mention that we had a nice 22 boat turnout for the north american finn masters championship at north cape yacht club on beautiful algea filled lake erie a week or so ago. There are fleets popping up in the Detroit area as well as Colorado. We had an 84 year old, Gus Miller, super legend out there beating up on some of the young whippersnappers. The GYA championship is oct 7,8 at buccaneer yacht club in Mobile al followed by the Jack Dane memorial regatta the following weekend in pass christian , Ms. The north americans are dec 8,9.10 in west palm beach , fl ( if it's still there after this weekend ). Be a man, get a finn.
  10. J/105 Jib Sheets

    Woooeeee, I do get folks stirred up. Thanks for the responses except for that last one about settting from the bag...that was a lot blow. I don't even know what a lazy jack is but I'm guessing it's something sexual that 105 people do by themselves and must involve the primaries in some way. Glad to know about all your wins and podium finishes, Keep up the good work.
  11. J/105 Jib Sheets

    Wow, just wow. It never ceases to amaze me how much bad sailing is going on and how these same people don't even know how bad they are. Almost all of the above info is terrible. First, no one who has ever raced successfully or even competently would ever use the primaries for jib trim ( except for the last tack before set as mentioned by one person above who apparently does know something about sailing ) . Here's sailing 101, you must be able to trim and ease the jib from the high side. Main too, in case you're wondering. Oh, and you should drive from the high side also. Next, whoever came up with the bs " we're worried about jib profile " so we tie up a cabin top winch with the halyard is mentally deficient and has been listening to too much bar talk. More sailing 101 ,you should be adjusting the sheet a whole lot more than the halyard. The halyard gets adjusted during tacks when unloaded. It doesn't need to stay on a winch. In answer to the original question, I think it's better going straight from the lead to get the clew a bit more inboard and if you go through a cheek block it's just one more place for the sheet to get tangled.
  12. j105 class health?

    Had 22 for the naptown noods with teams from canada and bermuda. Looked pretty healthy to me.
  13. Annapolis NOOD

    Looks like we have some nice breeze forecast. Who else besides me is going ?
  14. YRALIS PHRF minutes

    Enough already. If you want to sail phrf, fine. I think I speak for all OD sailors when I say that no OD sailor cares what you sail. What we hate is that you PHRFers continually bitch about your ratings. If you're unhappy with your rating, go do something about it. Hint : bitching on a sailing website doesn't qualify. Have you tried to get on your local PHRF committee ? Have you tried anything else other than whining ? I understand that bitching about ratings is the biggest part of PHRF sailing. I have no problem with that. However, i think it should be limited to your local yacht club bar. That way you can get all drunked up and hopefully can get in a slap fight with your local phrf committee member or another phrf sailor whom you believe has a gift rating due to certain unnatural acts performed by said gift rating dude on local phrf committee member ( note double entendre ). But please stop whining to the world, no one cares. Hey Nazi, in case you didn't notice the title of the thread, it contains the words PHRF. Since you're so happy in your OD world, wtf are you doing here? I forgot how perfect OD sailing is, what with disguised carbon rudders, mis-placed delrins, corrector weights missing or in the wrong place, painting bottoms so you can fair them in... carrying enough "drinking" water to lengthen a waterline by a few inches, hidden lead in the sumps.... Yeah.. OD is totally where it's at but thank god nobody bitches on a sailing website about that shit. Oh wait: http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=90176 http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=160240 http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=82661 I particularly like this quote: but whatever, man. of course you know best. p.s. in case you weren't paying attention, this thread isn't really about bad ratings, it's about bad rating practices, closed boards and processes, and lack of transparency that passes for fairness. And thank you for the instructive method of how we should deal with it - your opinion matters! so have you tried to get on the phrf committee to work on solving these issues ? Also, I've never said od is perfect or anything like that. Competition can bring out the worst in some people ( sorry if that hits close to home ) and the best in others. I prefer od sailing but I don't worry about what other people do, I try to sail each race the best i can and then let the results happen. Anyway, good luck with whining, you are sailing in the right fleet.